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Sights & Sounds at Disney Parks: Do Visions of Muppets Dance in Your Head?

They do in my head! When Walt Disney Pictures released “The Muppets” last Thanksgiving, there were lots of reasons for fans like us to celebrate. After all, most of us have watched “The Muppet Show” for decades, have seen the movies and experienced the marvelous madness of Muppet*Vision 3-D at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (which is as much a loving tribute to the original TV show as the recent movie).

Walt Disney Pictures' 'The Muppets'

Now that “The Muppets” is available on Blu-ray and DVD, we’ve gained one more reason to cheer: last month, the Academy Award for Best Song was awarded to “Man or Muppet” from Walt Disney Pictures’ “The Muppets.” And if you haven’t been keeping a list, this was the very first Oscar awarded to a Muppet project, ever!

It was also the first Oscar for New Zealand-born lyricist/composer Bret McKenzie, who found it an amazing thrill to be part of a distinguished Muppet music legacy, which has earned numerous Grammy and Gold Record awards over the decades. “I wanted to make sure the songs sounded like Muppet songs,” he told us. “So I took on the job of producing them, to make them feel cohesive and to help the film itself hold together sonically.”

You can hear “Man or Muppet” and the other great songs in the new multi-disc “Wocka Wocka” Edition that combines a Blu-ray, DVD, movie download and soundtrack album download in one package.

Muppet*Vision 3-D at Disney's Hollywood Studios

As a fan of both Muppets and music, I particularly enjoy those relaxing, reflective moments, sitting outside the Muppet*Vision 3-D theater—near the towering, porcine majesty of the Miss Piggy fountain—listening to instrumentals from “The Muppet Show” and various Muppet films. How many songs can you name?


  • Yes! Muppet Show revival!!

    Viva Los Muppets!!

  • My disabled son loves the Muppets and so does my daughter. They are always watching the first three seasons of the Muppets that we purchased. We are crossing our fingers that Season 4 will finally be released on dvd this year as time goes slow when one is only seven years old and waiting for the next release. Can’t wait to go back someday to California Adventure and see the Muppet 3-D show again. Hopefully they still sell the Animal drumsticks. My son wore his out.

  • Huge congrats to Disney, The Muppets, and Bret McKenzie on their Oscar win! I hope that the parks can find more ways to incorporate The Muppets. Muppet mobile labs?

  • please bring back meet and greet muppets! they were so cool as a kid.

  • It would be awesome if Disney Imagineering updated Muppet Vision 3D (on both coasts)

    Also, it would be awesome if there was a Muppets ride. (I really hope that one will come to California Adventure, perhaps for phase two of the expansion)

  • …ohh Disney please bring back the Muppet Show! We need more muppets in our lives and less Gossip and Reality TV! I have a time slot for ya… ABC 7:30 Sundays… a chance for the family to get together like we did in the 70’s!

  • I would love to see a stageshow whit the muppets live at the studios together with a new 4D movie. That would be awesome!

  • Any chance of The Muppets in 3D at Hollywood Studios getting an updated movie? We love the Muppets but the character “the spirit of 3D” and the film is getting a little old. 3D technology has grown so much since it has opened… we will still go… and love the muppets… just a thought!

  • Will we see an updated version of Muppetvision? As much as I love the current one( and that’s a lot) a version without that pesky “Waldo” would be perfect. OR even a whole new Muppet attraction!

  • Let’s see…

    From the Muppet Area:

    “Muppet Show Theme”
    “Mahna Mahna”
    “Right Where We Belong”
    “It’s Not Easy Being Green”
    “Happiness Hotel”
    “Steppin’ Out With A Star”
    “I’m Going To Always Love You”
    “The Rainbow Connection”
    “I Hope That Something Better Comes Along”
    “Movin’ Right Along”
    “Hey! A Movie”
    “Together Again”

    I think that’s all of them.

    • Excellent, Shawn! Large cheer!

  • I love the Muppets!

    I’m so glad that the new movie did so well, and I’m glad they included so many of the classic obscure characters.

    • Agreed — I think I even spotted “Splurge” from TV special, “Hey, Cinderella.” And I was especially delighted with the reference to another special, “The Frog Prince:” when Tex Richman kept ordering his minions to do a “maniacal laugh,” it was a nod to Featherstone asking for a “large cheer” for King Rupert.

  • For me and my friends, any trip to Hollywood Studios is a trip to see Jim Henson’d Muppets 3D.

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