Special Guests and Merchandise Coming to Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort for SIGNin’ in the Street

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Some very exciting events are taking place this month in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort, so here’s the inside scoop on a few things I suggest you keep on your radar.

As Betsy announced in February, SIGNin’ in the Street, an event celebrating creativity in the deaf community – in the arts, in technology and in society – will be March 17-18, at the Downtown Disney District. A close friend has given me some exposure to the beautiful language of signing, and I am truly inspired and amazed. It will be wonderful to bring awareness to a culture and a language with such a rich and interesting history, with so much to offer. I’m truly looking forward to this special weekend!

American Sign Language (ASL) ‘I Love Mickey’ Tee Shirt Coming to the Downtown Disney District

I am especially excited about the American Sign Language (ASL) “I Love Mickey” tee – going to have to get one of those!

American Sign Language (ASL) and Mickey Print Coming to the Downtown Disney District

A couple other things to watch out for… Academy Award-winning actress and author Marlee Matlin will be available to sign copies of her memoir, “I’ll Scream Later,” on March 18, from 1:45-2:45 p.m. We will also have Disney Consumer Products artist Mary Rappazzo on hand to sign a special deluxe print featuring Mickey Mouse and ASL, March 17, from 1-3 p.m. and March 18, from 2:30-4 p.m. Both of these events will take place near the merchandise kiosk located adjacent to ESPN Zone.

Details on this event are still being finalized, so be sure to check out ArtofDisneyParks.com for information. Hope to see you out there!


  • Please post when you can on the online ordering availability of the ASL-related merchandise for those of us who wish we could be there but can’t!
    I’d love to see a Mickey-glove “ILY” pin in open-stock Pin Trading. Every single Deaf and ASL-studying person would covet that pin!

    • Kathryn, I have great news for you! You’ll actually be able to order the t-shirts (both Adult and Youth) as well as the deluxe print online via http://www.DisneyParks.com/Store, March 17th – March 24th. Hope that helps! Sorry you won’t be able to join us. It’s going to be a fantastic event.

  • Several years ago there was a Mickey sign language shirt I liked a lot better. It was dark green with Mickey’s gloves figerspelling his name. Haven’t been able to find it since and I’d really like a replacement. My current one is well loved

  • So happy our vacation to DL just happens to be that weekend!

  • #3 – We’re really looking forward to this event! We were planning to come on Saturday, but now that you announced that Marlee will be signing her book on Sunday, we may have to change our plans to Sunday instead!! Or, Saturday AND Sunday, if there are enough different things going on both days! 😀

    Any idea of the schedule for the 2 days, so we can plan our time wisely in advance, Michelle?

    Thanks in advance for any info you can give us on this!!

    • Hey Karen! I think you should come down to the Resort both days. There’s already so much to enjoy and now adding in this great event, I know you don’t want to miss it. Here’s a link to a few of the other things taking place as part of the SIGNin’ in the Street event. Hope it helps!http://disneyland.disney.go.com/events/signin-in-the-street/

  • we are comming to disney on march 18, staying for a week.. we will see everything… can’t wait

  • Would love to see an event like this in Orlando, im a ASL interpreter student and Disney Season passholder. 2 of my passions in one event. Anaheim gets all the good stuff.

  • What day and time will Deaf West Theater be performing? I love everything they do!!

  • Hello

    How do I get tickets for Switched at Birth PLEASE Let me know

    thank u<3

    • Hi Dessirae! I don’t have those details on hand, but please keep watching the Disney Parks Blog as I know they’ll be posting additional details on tickets, event happenings, etc… shortly.

  • Michelle, thanks for all the great info.

    I am a photographer and wonder if you know who I can contact for a Press Pass? I will be taking photos for the deaf community in the SF Bay Area.

    Thank you,

  • I am wondering about order T-shirts online will it be there ? or wait until March 17 to 24 to order ?? Please let me know … Wish could go there but another time will do …



    • Hi there! The t-shirts will be available to purchase at the event, but will also go online that same day (March 17) via DisneyParks.com/Store. Both the shirt and the deluxe print will be available to order online from March 17 – 24. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Michelle!

    I am wondering if you have any information on trading pins for this event. I am hoping to find a ILY pin. I am hoping they will be available for online purchase. I live about 8 hrs away and Im willing to drive down BUT would prefer to save on gas. My daughter just became a state certified interpretur (sp) for the deaf and I would love to surprise her with a sign language disney pin.


    • Kathy, unfortunately I don’t know of any I Love You ASL pins that were created for this event.

  • Hi Michelle,

    I’ve tried many places, many searches for the last two weeks to find out where to buy/receive tickets for the “Switched at Birth” screenings. For some reason, I’m running in circles, and kept getting sent to the other Disney blog that for some reason, hasn’t been updated with details. Perhaps I’m going to the wrong place, yet again? 😉

    (I stumbled on your blog just now, and I see that it is more recent, but alas, still no tickets. I see that you mention a site to go to, but which? 🙂

    Would you be so kind to provide a ‘live’ link to be able to do this, as this event is only a week away? 🙂

    Thanks ever so much for your help! I’m sure others would appreciate this information too!

    Take care.

    Warmly, Gigi 🙂

  • Will all the performances be held rain or shine?

  • Are the only special merchandise the shirt and the print? Or will there also be some other items. I’m really wanting to go down, but have to work! Hoping to get the items online, but if there’s stuff only going to be at the event might have to figure out how to get down there. Any updates on where things will be located with the rain on the forecast?

  • I plan to go this Sat BUT am worried about the weather as it’s suppose to rain. IF RAIN… then will it move to indoor? Please let me know.
    Thank you.

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