Spring Merchandise is a ‘Scream’ at Disneyland Park

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Getting the opportunity to see some of the new merchandise before it hits store shelves is a dream, but in this particular case, it’s more of a “nightmare”…not literally, of course.

Luckily, Product Developer Summer Bloomfield gave me the inside scoop and a look at some of the “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas” art that you can expect to see on a variety of apparel, headwear and accessories this spring.

‘Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Merchandise Coming to the Disneyland Resort this Spring

“We all know that Jack Skellington loves his dark side – black of course being one of his favorite colors,” says Summer. “But he also has a bright, humorous side that I don’t think everyone gets to see all of the time. So for this collection, it was kind of fun to show this side of Jack. We infused fun hues like purples and blues, and added new treatments and embellishments to the merchandise that really makes it stand out, of course all the while keeping it cool and edgy.”

Now that you’re in the know, be sure to check out some of these new offerings at Le Bat en Rouge in New Orleans Square and at World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District.

And of course, let me know what you think!


  • The Jack merchandise is wonderful, but – I am an avid Haunted Mansion collector from the epic attraction. When can we HM Collectors expect to see HM merchandise in the parks again? There have been great pieces in the past (blankets, towels, bobble heads, action figures, doom buggies, Hitchhiking Ghosts, Hat box ghost, etc). Hitchhiking Ghost merchandise is what I will buy, and also Hat Box Ghost anything available. Disneyland seems to have Jack merchandise all year long and very few Haunted Mansion items anymore. When can we expect to see some attraction merchandise again? Thank you.

  • I saw the smokey Jack (in the bottom corner) shirt just the other day, and without knowing it was brand new thought it was a pretty awesome shirt!

  • I LOVE the lace-covered ears that rolled out last week. I think you’re going to want a lot of those available in May!

  • Super cool stuff. I guess I’ll be doing some holiday shopping really early this year. Thanks for the great info, Michelle!

  • Love the Blog! Thanks for all of your work. The new Jack merchandise looks cool. My only wish is that it truly was available at “Le Bat en Rouge in New Orleans Square and at World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District” and not in practically every other store in across the Disneyland Resort.

  • OMG i love it i want now =-( this is so cool. how much is the shirts ? when will it be out ? i canty wait =-)

    • Hey Brett! I’m so glad you like it. I thought it was a fun way to show all of the art that will appear on different apparel items, etc. You’ll be able to find shirts with some of the art shown above in Le Bat en Rouge and in World of Disney. Of course, prices vary.

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