• Isn’t it called the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel? King Arthur’s sword is right next to the carrousel though! 🙂

  • Mickeys Car in Toon Town!

  • King Arthur’s Carousel. It’s an the lead Horse, Jingles, I believe, also known as Julie Andrews’ horse.

  • It’s Timothy Mouse’s hat on the Dumbo ride.

  • Definitely King Arthurs Carousel!

  • King Arthur’s Carrousel

  • I was going to guess the Carrousel, and from the detailed answer of “Baby” I’m guessing I was right, but the point goes to Arianna if she’d right about which horse!

  • I agree with the King Arthur carrousel guess!

  • Is it on Jingles?

  • on the Toontown Trolley?

  • King Arthur Carrousel is my best guess.

  • On Baby on the King Arthur Carousel!!

  • on the 50th anniversary horse on King Arthur’s Carousel 🙂

  • My inital thought was Dumbo. But after thinking for a few minutes I am pretty sure it is on Casey Jr. Same movie right?

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