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All the Fun at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, Comes Together in Waikolohe Valley

I know I’ve already told you a lot about the Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa experience, but I wanted to share this great video that underlines how much fun everyone in the family can have at the resort.

The video also demonstrates – just in case you had any doubt – that no Aulani vacation can be fully enjoyed if you don’t get really, really wet.

Slide into the darkness of the Volcanic Vertical and, after you land in the pool at the bottom, wait in a corner so you can hear the screams of the next person to slide down (I love the point-of-view shots in this video). Sail down Tubestone Curl and into the drifting Waikolohe Stream, where you can spot Menehune-in-hiding without too much trouble. Recently I even stood under the Menehune Bridge (although I was clearly the oldest guy on the playground) just long enough for the magically refilling bowl to turn over and drench me.

Speaking of the Menehune, another family fun highlight shown in the video is the Menehune Adventure Trail, a high-tech scavenger hunt that leads you through Waikolohe Valley as you solve riddles, search for hidden statues and discover surprises left by the Menehune, with special effects involving fire, water, light and animation…all part of the magic of Aulani.

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  • Looks like such fun for keiki. Just the prescription for a hot Hawaiian day!

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