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Bon Anniversaire, Disneyland Paris!

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Earlier today, Disneyland Resort Paris opened its gates to mark 20 years of making magic for guests.

The day began with Philippe Gas, CEO, welcoming visitors and thanking them for playing a part in the park’s success. The speech was followed by a massive flash mob performed by 2,000 Disneyland Paris cast members, the finale of which featured the French Air Force Aerobatic Team flying in to trace a number “20” in the sky above the park’s castle.

See for yourself:

Disney Characters Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Opening of Disneyland Resort ParisGuests Enter Disneyland Paris on the 20th Anniversary of the Park's OpeningThe French Air Force Aerobatic Team Traces the Number 20 in the Sky in Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Opening of Disneyland Resort Paris

Other special treats planned for the day include a speech by Walt Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter, who worked on building the park, plus additional entertainment and meet-and-greet experiences with Disney characters.


  • Nice to see Tony just walking around “incognito” and enjoying what he called the most beautiful of all the parks. The castle is certainly the most beautiful.. The flash mob was great to see on these youtube videos as it was too crowded to see when we entered and our Disneyana group was the first let in but we didn’t know where to stand…and folks just mobbed the place where the talk was. The jets were amazing.

  • Bon Anniversaire to one of my favorite places in the world! I wouldn’t change a thing about this jewel of a park and hope to be back soon<3

  • Just to let you know, the resort’s official name is now ‘Disneyland Paris’, not ‘Disneyland Resort Paris’.

  • Bon Anniversaire mes amis!!! to my favorite park!!! Wow 20 years!!! I was 12 years old when it opened and I visited it each and every year, sometimes even 4 times in one year. What a history it has been!!! I had already visited most of the Disneyparks by age 12 so I kinda knew what was coming. From day one I was amazed by how Unique Disneyland Paris was in comparison to the others. I fell in love with Big Thunder Mountain (I still think its one of Disney’s best). And later in 1995 the addition of Space Mountain still the very best of the best!!! So If you haven’t been to Disneyland Paris come and visit (oh and it’s near to Paris which is kinda nice too ;-))

  • cant wait to go celebrate the 20 anniversary in less than a month! first time to paris and first time to another park besides dland anaheim! disney dreams is overwhelming me with excitement!

  • We can’t wait! We will celebrate our first ever ‘just us’ vacation at the Paris Anniversary party in October!

  • It was an incredible day !! I had a blast !
    The flashmob and the entrance was awesome , some intrigued guests asked , is it that way every day ??? …
    The different happenings, each land had it’s own celebration , should happen every day 🙂 So much energy, so many great feelings …
    The masterclass with Tony Baxter was indeed interresting , it seems that some of the parts of the Mary Blair Mural from Tommorowland in California are in Paris …

    Happy Anniversary DLP !

  • Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris!! This park holds my heart as we celebrated our 20th anniversary here. See ya real soon!

  • Congradulation Disneyland Paris and only 30 more years to go…

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