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Historic Orange Bird Returns to Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

UPDATE: New Orange Bird images have emerged from this morning’s announcement. Check out the new images below!

Well, isn’t this a surprise?

Early this morning, D23 representatives announced the return of the historic Orange Bird character live in Adventureland before a small group of D23 members.

In case you aren’t familiar, Orange Bird was a character who was developed specifically for Magic Kingdom Park in the 1970s. This cheerful bird originally greeted families at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland, where guests could also enjoy citrus drinks and buy Orange Bird gifts. At one time, the character even had his own record, which was released in 1971 to feature “The Orange Bird Song” – a tune penned by the Sherman Brothers (composers of the songs in “Mary Poppins” and “The Jungle Book”).

Beginning today, Orange Bird will return to Sunshine Tree Terrace signage and quirky drink cups, and a new line of Orange Bird merchandise has already appeared on the shelves! Also, an Orange Bird statue that was on display at Sunshine Tree Terrace in the 1970s was retrieved from the WDI Sculpture Studio in California, and is now on display.

We’ll have photos to share from the announcement shortly, but in the meantime, here’s a brand-new desktop wallpaper by Jason “Tiki” Tackett for you to enjoy!

Desktop Wallpaper Featuring Orange Bird, Returning Today to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort

Orange Bird Returns to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort Today Orange Bird Returns to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort Today Orange Bird Returns to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort Today Orange Bird Returns to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort Today
Orange Bird Returns to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort Today Orange Bird Returns to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort Today Orange Bird Returns to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort Today Orange Bird Returns to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort Today

Be sure to check out the terms of use about using the wallpaper before you download it.

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  • Hi. I contacted Disney Merchandise and all of the Orange Bird items are unavailable. Does anyone know if they will be getting the items back in stock or if it was just a very small, limited run?

  • Ugh, just missed it. Was there April 4-11. LOVED the Citrus Swirl. If they are back I will start planning my next trip!!!

  • What is the price of the green shirt and how much is shipping? Thanks!

  • How about and Orange Bird Limited Edition Vinylmation….I’d get a bunch!

  • So happy he is back! I use to get me one of these cute little cups every time I went and loved drinking the orange juice. I have a picture of me and my brother with Orange Bird. I’m sure I will have to get me some Orange Bird merchandise soon.

  • Lovin the mouse ears!

  • I am excited that the “little” Little Orange Bird is back, but they definitely need to bring back the “big” Little Orange Bird walk-around character, especially since the Sunshine Tree Terrace now has an attraction poster of its own.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love that he has a presence behind the register, but I don’t think this warrants “attraction poster” status. Being able to meet him in person certainly would make meeting LOB more attraction-level worthy.

  • I have fond memories of the Orange Bird in Adventure Land on our many trips to WDW while growing up in the 70’s. I’m glad to see its return. Now I can share it with my kids when we return again this year!

    • Excellent!

  • Love it, thanks for bringing him back. Can’t wait to buy my son one of the cups similiar to what I had when I was a kid.

  • This is great, and have already purchased my pin, Tshirt, and Sippy cup!!!

    To continue the synergy, have you reached out to your peers in Entertainment about returning the Orange Bird character on at least a semi-regular basis?


  • Great to hear! I can’t wait to try that ice cream thing.

  • I love that some of the old classics are getting attention. This is a step in the right direction.

  • Had to pull out a silver bracelet from when I was a kid. My first visit to WDW was in April 1972. I have an Orange Bird charm on the bracelet from that trip! May have to make it into a pendant so I can sport the Orange Bird when we visit WDW in the fall 🙂

  • There IS a Horizons reference in the last picture!

    Look at the sticker on the orange crate. In the top right hand side of the sticker, it says “Look for our Loranges”. The Loranges were the fruit harvested in the desert farm scene in Horizons!


    • You have a great eye for detail, Greg. 🙂

  • Around April Fools I jokingly said, “Where’s Orange Bird? Now THAT is the rare character I wanna see out and about.” Glad to see my Disney-ESP is slightly working!!! Can’t wait to get a citrus swirl!!!! And a few Orange Bird things. =)

    • Amazing!

  • OK that’s decided it, I’m going to WDW instead of Disneyland Paris this year (I live in the UK)! I’ve always wanted to see the Orange Bird and try a Citrus Swirl, so this news is a dream come true.

    • Wow, you must be one of Orange Bird’s biggest fans!

  • Yes, would love to see Orange Bird back as a M&G character. Is that in the works or is it just the signage and merchandising?

  • I’m curious as well, will the walk-around Orange Bird be returning to Sunshine Tree Terrace?

  • Jennifer, do you have the item code for the Orange Bird Mickey ears hat? Are any of these items limited edition? Thanks!

    • The ear hat won’t be released until the first week of June. As for your second question, I’ve been told it’s better to buy this merch sooner than later.

  • How much is the Deluxe Print?

    • $39.95. It comes matted (no frame) and is very cute.

  • Little Orange Bird, in the Sunshine Tree…
    Won’t you think of something sunny just for me?
    Think funny thoughts, or sunny words…
    That will make me happy, Little Orange Bird.

    • …and now the song is back in my head. 😛

  • Just confirmed that you can purchase Orange Bird items by contacting our Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or send an email to:

    Reference these item numbers (based on what you want) to make your order:

    Green Shirt
    Small – 400006540010
    Medium – 400006540027
    Large – 400006540034
    X-Large – 400006540041
    2X-Large – 400006540058

    Yellow Shirt
    Small – 400006540065
    Medium – 400006540072
    Large – 400006540089
    X-Large – 400006540096
    2X-Large – 400006540102

    Pin – 400000479095

    Deluxe Print – 400006726476

  • I’m Glad the Orange Bird is coming back! I remember the Orange Bird when I was little and I still have the Picture of me and the the Orange Bird!

  • This brings such a smile to my heart. It is nice seeing a piece of MK (and Florida) history brought back to such prominence. I can’t wait to drink out of a little Orange Bird juice cup when I visit this December! I am so happy to see Disney bringing back classic icons, including the original WDW logo. How about we do the same thing with Dreamfinder too? Keep up the great work!

    • What great feedback from everyone, thank you!

  • Looks great. There is nothing better than a nice cold cup of Orange Juice. Can’t wait to visit on my next trip.


    Countdown To D23

  • It seems silly that I’m almost giddy about seeing the Orange Bird on my next trip to WDW. OJ has never tastes as good as when I drank it out of those little orange balls, way back when!

  • Glad see the Orange Bird back Aboard! Ashore! Whereever we are!!!

    Fond memories of him and most especially the sippy cup!

    Will be at the MK Saturday so will definitely be sipping some orange juice!

    Thanks Disney!

    • Enjoy, Robert. I bought a cup for my son. Can’t wait to give it to him tonight!

  • Finally, my kids get to see the Orange Bird at the Sunshine Tree Terrace. Looks like another trip this fall after all! Good show!

  • Are they bringing the Character back for Meet and Greets? I’m too young to have met him before.

  • YES! I love The Orange Bird! The Orange Bird “Hidden Mickey” pin collection was so hard to collect during my College Program this past fall but I did manage to get them all! I want the shirts!

  • AWESOME news! and awesome desktop art, too! 😀

    • Thanks! Jason will love to hear that.

  • Way to go Disney!!! This makes me smile. I am so glad to see things returning to Disney that I have such vivid childhood memories of. I think the next time I’m in Magic Kingdom I will spend my entire trip at the Sunshine Tree Terrace just soaking up that nostalgia! (and eating citrus swirls).

    • Sounds like a great plan, Craig!

  • Will any of the new merchandise be available on DisneyStore?

    • I’m not sure. I’ll look into it, Gary.

  • This is great news, I love seeing the classics return! This is such a nice nod to the hardcore fans of the parks.

    • Thanks! I agree.

  • So excited about this…however, my next trip is to DL. Any clue if they’ll be online..or do I need one of my Florida based agents to pick up some goodies for me?

    • Let me check with my friends in Merchandise to see if anything will be sold online.

  • I agree with Pamela! An Orange Bird antenna topper would be awesome!

  • 3 words: Citrus Swirl T-shirt. Much better than the Dole Whip (IMHO)

  • So glad to see the “old” coming back. Really enjoy the Orange Bird ! I remeber drinking out of the orange cup !! Hope to see him soon !

  • This is one of the best pieces of news I’ve seen in a long time.

    • That’s great to hear, Kelly!

  • Purchased an Orange Bird vinalmation figure several months ago at the West End shop.

    • I have one, too. What do you think of the new pieces of Orange Bird merch? I already grabbed myself a poster. 🙂

  • Any chance on seeing an Orange Bird character walking around the parks again?

  • Wow, I remember this character from my youth as well. I also remember that the OJ in WDW tasted better then anywhere else!

  • This is great! I have one of the original Orange Bird banks still in the package.

    • Wow! I have one I purchased online, but it’s used and a bit faded. I still love it anyway!

  • I’d love to have an Orange Bird antenna topper!

  • I love Orange Bird!! I cant wait till my next trip to see him! This gives us hope to see other lost favorites :–) Thanks for the awesome news!

    • You’re very welcome!

  • Being a born and raised Orlando girl I have found memories of Orange Bird (although I am a child of the 80’s). I loved seeing the Orange Bird shirts and bags pop up about a year or two ago. It is nice to know that the nostalgic things of WDW past are not always gone forever. Here’s hoping in some way, shape, or form that Horizons will someday return. (I know, I know it’s stretch).

    • I loved Horizons, too!

  • This is great. There are a lot of times where the history of the parks seem to being buried by “new! Interactive! Fresh! Hot! Now!” and it is nice to see that designers realize that “everything old can be new again”. Orange Bird is a great little quirky character with a lot of appeal.

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