Cars Land at Night Through a Photographer’s Lens at Disney California Adventure Park

When night falls in Cars Land, all I can say is “get your camera ready!” For years, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering all the different photographs to be had at the Disneyland Resort once the sun goes down, so having the opportunity to explore all the new photo possibilities in Cars Land at night has been a real treat.



When you enter Cars Land at night, you’re going to want to walk down Route 66 and take in the spectacular lights and neon signs of Radiator Springs.


This photo was taken just outside Radiator Springs Racers. You can really see the shape of the front of a car come into view in the rockwork with the way it is lit at night (the grill to the left, hood ornament on top, and even a wheel well on the right). Be on the look out for more surprises in the rockwork, some things are easy to find and some are a little harder.


This photo is one of my favorites so far. The cars are close and you have great view of the mountain range. It was taken just after sunset and I used a slow shutter speed to show motion.

Check back soon as I will be sharing more photos from inside Cars Land. I’m thinking of sharing some pictures highlighting some of the amazing (and fun) detail you’ll see throughout Radiator Springs.


  • Breathtaking!!! My favorite part of the movie is Crusin’ thru the Neon Lights. I don’t think I have ever seen anything that would immerse you in the film as this will.

  • Talk about jaw dropping! I can’t wait to bring my camera there! I won’t bring a tripod but I’ll try my best to capture my favorite views!

    Immersion into the world of Cars… Just like a certain wizard, this I think this is the future of Theme Parks.

  • Absolutely fab♪
    I would like to fly there immediately.

  • Great shots, Paul.
    Keep them coming!

  • The lights make it so pretty!!

  • As a hobby photographer, I will say, “These are some AMAZING night shots!” Thank you for sharing!

  • This is so cool. We got a chance to check out the neons when we were there last week. It looks exact to the movie and will be amazing when it gets done.

  • This should be spectacular!About what time will the lights turn on because next time i go i do not want to miss this!!!

  • *I meant movie not moving*

  • It would be sooooo cool to have the Cars cruising down “Route 66” in a short parade to “Sh-Boom” AT NIGHT!. Talk about the moving coming to life. The background is their via the expansion of the park, McQueen and Mater already exist, only thing would be more characters brought to life.

  • Absolutely amazing! The park looks just like the movie. I can’t wait to go. Exciting!

  • I’ve been waited to see pictures of these! It’s even more beautiful than I imagined. Watching the presentation about Cars Land at the D23 expo this summer, I got pretty excited for this new addition to California Adventure. Every idea was better than the next. But when I heard that at light, this land was going to light up with neon signs– that blew me away. The icing on the cake. I always get goosebumps at the part where the town lights up in the movie. I can’t imagine what it will be like to experience this in person.

    I’m excited for the rides, esctastic for the scenery and details, but I am completely, anxiously unable to wait to see this neon signs.

  • OMG WOW i cant wait to walk down the streets of route 66 this will be cool. will it have sha boom song from the movie and were will get our fast pass for the big e ticket ride RSR?

  • So beautiful! It looks just like the movie.

    I cannot wait to explore Radiator Springs!

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