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Creating Dreams that Stretch Your Imagination at Walt Disney World Resort

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I love sharing ideas to create magical moments for you! And we’re talking about the one-of-a-kind experiences that light you up and provide you with a dream-come-true memory you’ll talk about for years to come. Well, here, at the Walt Disney World Resort, that’s exactly what we do everyday!

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So, how would you like to become royalty at your very own fairy tale ball – with Disney princesses and princes?

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What do you think about becoming part of a story where Mickey Mouse and the gang visit your Walt Disney World Resort room for a surprise personalized celebration?


You can even be transported into a sci-fi story for a creative “out-of-this-world” meeting.

So whether your dream is as personal as an In-Room Celebration or Disney Fine Art Photography shoot, or as elaborate as a Disney Signature Dream or an onstage Disney Youth Performance, we want to make it come true!

Making dreams come true and creating storybook moments is what we do everyday at the Disney Event Group and it’s what I love to do! Now let me ask you, if you could create any storybook moment for yourself or make any dream come true what would it be? Let us know in the comments below or on our new Disney Event Group Facebook page. Go check it out.


  • I got goosebumps reading through those. <3

    Actually, this may seem silly, but…my big dream is to make other peoples' dreams come true like this. To wield that magic myself someday. That is my biggest dream.

  • Hi! Which celebration is it that has the Mickey door covering to your resort room? I LOVE that but I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

  • Very, very interesting. Please tell us more, and share Disney!

  • I would love the opportunity to propose to my girlfriend in a moment just like the floating light festival from Tangled at Disneyworld.

    That’s our new favorite movie to watch together, and we are going to Disneyland and Disney World this Summer, and looks like we will be making annual trips there.

  • Thanks for focusing on a little known piece of the magic. I recognize many of the photos in this article. Disney Event Group is an important part of incorporating the latest in technology with event production. PSAV is a key partner in providing the resources and executing these special events. Inside the Disney resorts you will find a dedicated PSAV team working along side cast members to create unforgettable experiences.

  • These are some extraordinary events, and in the past I have had the opportunity to attend some of them to see what Disney can deliver when tasked with making magic.

    I had the opportunity to attend the Parks blog tweet up last year and the planets circling the forest moon of Endor along with a few dozen Star Wars characters available for meet and greet and ride alongs on Star Tours made for a night I will never forget.

    While merchandise special events puts these types of events on infrequently, I would gladly plan trips around such events on a regular basis and pay $250, $500, and upwards for the opportunity to attend. Rare characters, after hours parties in the parks, and delectible food and beverage prepared by the Disney Events Group chefs are something many of us Disney fans would love to participate in, but have no way to. Please make these types of events available to all – thanks!

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