Did You Know? Fast Facts from the Disneyland Resort, Part Eight

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

Happy Earth Month!

You may remember our Did You Know? video series – wherein cast members share fun facts about various aspects of the Disneyland Resort. In this installment, you’ll meet Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel housekeeper Apo Susa, who will tell you how he and other housekeepers give partially used bathroom amenities a second life by collecting them for impoverished people around the world.


  • I too bring home unused portions of soap, shampoo ect. so it doesn’t go to waste. Now I don’t feel bad to leave it. Yea for Disney!

  • I, too, am continually amazed at the many wonderful ways Disney finds to be a part of the global community! Keep up the good work, guys!

  • We always take home anything we opened and use it up at home so it doesn’t go to waste.
    But it is good to know that Disney is Recycling. Awesome. 🙂

  • This made me smile =] I am so glad that Disney dose so much to help so many!

  • This is pretty cool – and I remember an earlier post about Disney doing something similar with left over food from their parks, donating it to local groups. I think it is awesome that they do this kind of thing. I’ve often wonder what happens to all of the partially used stuff left behind when I stay at Disney Resorts, and any hotel in general.

  • So at first I was thinking that the soap part might be kind of icky. Shampoo not a preblem. But after learning that the soap is taken care of to still be clean I think that it is great! kudos!

  • What an AWESOME thing to do!! Disney never ceases to amaze me how they help people. Way to GO!!

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