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Feet Will Flip Over New Shoes at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs


I believe it is a requirement to own a pair of flip flops if either living in or visiting the states of Florida or California (I currently have four pairs in my closet). When I see a pair, I think of warm, endless, sun-filled days while enjoying the great outdoors. The softlines team at Disney Theme Park Merchandise recently introduced an entire new collection of flip flops for Disney Parks. I spoke with Associate Developer Tina David about the creation of these colorful new shoes.

“This may be the first time we’ve ever introduced this many flip flops at one time,” explained Tina. “From a historical perspective, we knew flip flops are popular at Disney Parks. We also saw that [flip flops] were a hot trend in the marketplace. We used these two factors when deciding to introduce this new line.”


Tina worked with Disney Design Group artist Susan Foy who “had the freedom to create what she wanted.” One thing that stands out to me is Susan’s deliberate use of bright colors, which she confirmed was a conscious choice.

“We wanted to infuse as much color as possible to the flip flops,” continued Susan. “I used a combination of original designs and ones inspired by other items such as bags or apparel. Of the designs I created, I like the navy blue pair with interlocking Mickey Mouse outlines the best. Overall, I wanted the new collection to be bright, fun and something our guests would enjoy wearing during vacation.”


You will find a “Flip Flop” logo designed by Susan as an attachment on each pair of shoes. Susan has already purchased the black and white and bright pink Mickey Mouse styles for her feet. Personally, I love the designs that feature the retro-inspired logos for Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

Then again, I would probably wear any of them as long as my next destination is the beach.


  • Hi Steven.
    Is there any way you can purchase these flip flops online? It’s hard to get to WDW as often as you like when you live in the UK! Our next trip isn’t until next summer, and I guess the designs will have changed by then.
    Thank you

  • i love them!!! BUT, any talks of having some with cloth thong pieces and not the plastic?

  • Ohhh, I wish I could wear flip flops!!! These are adorable and I would want several. Unfortunately, I have bad feet and cannot tolerate flat shoes of any kind. Maybe just wearing them to the pool…Hummm.

  • The top photo would make a very cute Facebook Timeline cover.

  • Will these be available online in the Disney Store anytime soon? We sure hope so, my husbad and I can’t make it back down to WDW for the next few years. We are both on disability so it’s going to take alot of saving.. :/

  • Not to be “That guy”, but just a suggestion. My feet always hurt with the rubber connector in between my toe, so maybe some cloth connectors in the next batch would be wonderful!

  • Very cute! But I am sad that Disney is no longer carrying the Disney Fit Flops 🙁 They were my favorite. Prefer them over the Crocs they are now carrying any day.

  • My favorite flip flops were ones that were orange with black stripes and a Tigger face by the thong. They broke and although I repaired them a few times they broke for good about 3 years ago. At that point I had them for about 10 years! (we only need them for about 4 mos a year up here in upstate NY) I can’t find another pair anywhere – Oh how I wish they would be made again!!!

  • Love all these shoes! Going to be hard not to buy all of them.

  • All of those are so cute, I am going to have a hard time deciding which pair to get!!

    Do they come in kids sizes as well?? Would love to get them for my 2 small daughters too!!

  • Hi Steve! Love them all!I wish I could purchase these online before our trip!

  • Hi Steven: Adorable, Disney has been really coming out with some awesome merchandise!!! By any chance can you help us out on the following question: 1) Will WDW see any of the Mad T Party items on the East Coast? and 2) Do we have any new information regarding the Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom – from packs being sold to guests to other merchandise – like Disney Card Binders? Guest Sorcerers imaginations are running through the Kingdom 🙂 Thank you as always!!!! Dana – FL

  • I hope these come to the Disney Store website too. I love the old WDW logo

  • Hooray! I love them all. Can’t wait to pick up a pair later this month.

  • Love it. They’d work very well down here in Brazil. We use flip flops all day every day. Sometimes even when it’s raining… 😉

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