Joey Lawrence Celebrates his Birthday with his Brothers at the Disneyland Resort

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Joey Lawrence, co-star of the hit ABC Family comedy, “Melissa & Joey,” got a special birthday present from his wife last week; a surprise visit to Disneyland! In addition to Joey’s wife, daughters and mom, he was joined by his brothers (and fellow actors) Matt and Andy.


To mark the special occasion, I thought it would be fun to recreate a publicity photo of the brothers taken 17 years ago at the Haunted Mansion during a Halloween event at Disneyland park.

Jason Lawrence and his Brothers, Matt and Andy, Recreate a Publicity Photo from 1995 Jason Lawrence and his Brothers, Matt and Andy, Recreate a Publicity Photo from 1995

Like any family looking through old photos, they found a lot to laugh about. Joey said that Andy looked like a serious “baby Dracula,” while Matt instantly recognized his favorite 90s sweater.

We agreed to meet back at the Haunted Mansion in 2029 to look back again and have some laughs.


  • We also have several spots where we like to take group shots and recreate them years later to compare the photos or even frame them all together: 1.) With ESMARELDA the mechanical fortune teller at the Main St. Arcade. 2.) With the Cigar Store Indian at the Trading Post in Adventurland. 3.) With Monstro the whale in Fantasyland. 4.) At the Alley Staircase in New Orleans Square 5.) The Mary Blair Mural in Tomorrowland. 6) Seated in the half-moon sets on the drawbridge of Sleeping Beauty Castle. 7.) At the loading station to the Mark Twain in Frontierland. The wooden Indian is my favorite, because we always put a pair of our sunglasses on the statue. It is one of our most beloved traditions to take these photos in the areas that mean so very much to us. We cherish a whole lifetime of treasured Disney magic.

  • Love the family reunion, it’s something I do with my family also. And may I say to Joey, nice hair!

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