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Moms Panel Monday: Staying Fit and Healthy at Disney Parks and Resorts

If you’re trying to slim down for swimsuit season or need help thinking of new ways to get the kids excited about exercise, Walt Disney World Moms Panelist Carrie Burrows is just the one to ask.


As the owner of a health and fitness company in her hometown of Georgetown, Ontario, Carrie helps men and women reach their dreams every day. But while Carrie is away at her favorite vacation destination, Walt Disney World Resort, she makes sure that her family doesn’t forget that good health is important even while on vacation!

Here are Carrie’s top five tips for staying fit and healthy on your next Disney Parks vacation:

  • Make time to play at the resort pools or Typhoon Lagoon. “My kids love swimming and it’s a total body exercise,” Carrie says.
  • Rent a tandem bike at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. “Canadian winters make biking tough, so it’s always a treat for us to take a bike ride in March when we typically visit.”
  • Stroll or run along the walking paths at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside. “The pathway there is such a great thing. My family will race the boat as it goes along the water near the path and see who can get there first!”
  • Opt for veggies instead of French fries. “There are so many healthy options at Disney; you’re not going to blow your diet. Most meals at Disney come with great fruit or veggie options, so eating healthy here doesn’t have to be bland or boring.”
  • Sneak fitness in wherever you can. “It may sound funny, but we’ll run from pavilions on one side of Epcot to the other, or play a round of mini golf at Fantasia Gardens, and that is burning calories while you’re not even thinking about working out.”

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  • And another great tip is to notify Disney Dining of your dietary choices in advance. I LOVE rice ice cream and it’s a special but healthy treat I look forward to after a nice meal at one of Disney Parks finer restaurants!


  • Dear Ms. Spencer,

    It was a pleasure to read about your Disney Moms Panelist Carrie, who is a fellow Ontarian. I enjoyed your article and found it very informative as a person who is on a recent mission to become healthier and stick to my habits while at Disney.

    After eighteen trips to WDW,DL and eight DCL cruises it has been extremely difficult to stick to my dietary plans while visiting. I mean, who can resist an extra heaping on Banana Bread Pudding at ‘Ohana’s?

    With this blog in mind, I’m a little more motivated to try!!

    Thank you for sharing and congratulations to Carrie!!


  • As young children grow up with Disney, every parent has to make the decision as to when the time is right to ditch the stroller. If I recall correctly we still had the stroller with us when we had a 4.5 year old, but went without once she had turned six. I was a little worried mostly for myself and all of the gear. We put everyone in charge of their own stuff and liberated ourselves from the stoller. No more stroller parking! She did great. She did not even mention it the whole 8 day trip. I still packed in our lunches, but carried them in a sack that folds down to almost nothing. Everyone makes the decision at some point to go stoller free and once you do I hope it works out as well for you! Enjoy the freedom!

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