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New Renderings Depict a Reimagined Test Track at Epcot

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Many of you have asked for an update on what’s going on at Test Track at Epcot, and we’re happy to announce that new renderings were just released by Walt Disney Imagineering this morning!

New Renderings of the Reimagined Test Track At Epcot New Renderings of the Reimagined Test Track At Epcot
New Renderings of the Reimagined Test Track At Epcot New Renderings of the Reimagined Test Track At Epcot New Renderings of the Reimagined Test Track At Epcot

When complete, the reimagining of this attraction will allow guests to design their own custom concept vehicle, and then put it through its paces on the exhilarating hills and switchbacks of the Test Track circuit. In the post-show, guests can make a TV commercial featuring their concept car or truck, race their car or truck on our virtual track and take a picture with their custom concept vehicle.

The attraction is currently scheduled to reopen late fall.

What do you think?


  • Hey Jennifer on the EPCOT website it now says Test Track will be closed till Friday 30th Nov 2012 ….. surely that’s not correct !!!

  • Please keep the single rider line! And the Crash Test at then end! I have a lot of mixed feelings about the changes….really hoping it will be just as much fun as it was before. WIll it be open in November?


  • I really want to know more about how it works!
    And can’t wait to ride it in November when I come down

  • i agree with david’s post on 4/27. daft punk soundtrack would be awesome!!

  • Phew! I made my first trip to Walt Disney World at the beginning of this month for my spring break. I got lucky and got to ride Test Track, I would’ve been really disappointed to find it closed since it was on my ‘must ride’ list!!
    And next time I go, I’ll get to ride this awesome Tron-esque one :D!

  • I am thrilled with this, since the rumors I heard were for a Test Track based off of “Cars”. I love Cars, but I was NOT excited about that! I’m glad it still fits into the Future World theme, since Future World was my home on my Disney College Program! =)

  • The renderings are exciting & I’m all for the new ideas/concepts for Test Track …. having said that, I am wondering how it will all come together. As mentioned before, how will 6 riders agree on 1 concept vehicle? What about an actual track – will it be completely virtual now? We love the single rider line, we ride TT over and over and over …. will this change all that? Mixed feelings here.

  • WOW! Can’t wait for the new ride. We’re big Test Track fans and look forward to what Disney Imagineers will do to make Test Track even better than before.

  • this looks awesome such a great idea!!!!! I am so glad chevy and disney have such a strong partnership both are companies that develop great products.

  • The renderings look great, but I hope the ride stays true to its “Future World” theme, and not to a tron theme.

  • Looking forward to the new Test Track loved the old one but ANYTHING Disney comes up with is FANTASTIC. SO EXCITED!! :o)

  • How fantastic is this! I love it! I think it was time for an update and I love the look and feel of this concept art. It feels very Tron Light-Cycle-esque. Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks Disney! I have been coming since I was a little kid and now I bring my own little ones and I really is the Happiest Place on Earth! We love what you’ve done with the place! See you in October. Hopefully this open.

  • It looks great! But am I seeing a change in sponsor? Oh, and Allie’s right. They should keep the KK stuff!

  • I hope that “Tron Light Cycle” is an option for the vehicle design. Is Flynn’s Arcade going to be at the exit?

  • Nice way to bring things full circle considering the Tron footage that was used to lead into World of Motion’s Future City finale.

  • Exciting stuff!!!! Agree with the previous posters that the nod to Tron is great!!

  • Please tell me the single rider line is going to survive, and that you will be able speed through the design phase in a minute! We aren’t interested in designing a car more than once or twice – we just want to ride four to five times in a row and move on like we used to!

    • I’ll look into the Single Rider line question…

  • These concept images look amazing, and I must admit I am incredibly excited for a re-imagined Test Track!

    Here’s hoping that Disney management keeps refreshing and upgrading other older attractions to bring them up to the standards we all expect from our favorite theme park 🙂

  • I am very excited! This is finally bringing back the main idea of what EPCOT CENTERwas meant to be! Fun and immersive.. but with a sprinkle of education… I am beyond eager!

  • Will the new Test Track still feature Crash Test Dummies and the hot/cold chambers? I’m a big Kingdom Keepers fan, so I always enjoy those parts.

  • I agree… this is going to be Tron Track.

    I can’t wait to see what kind of tributes to the original they put in.

  • looks awesome to ride it! I love to see the new test track in Dec 2012!

  • It looks really cool, but I’d be lying if I wouldn’t miss the old Test Track! Based on the artwork, it doesn’t look like it would feel like you’re on a road test like the old one did… something I’ll really miss!
    Change is always good to shake things up, and I’m sure I’ll end up loving it, but nothing will compare to the original version!

  • So nice to see the return of the circular logos, similar to those present in Epcot back in the 1980s!

    • I love 1980s Epcot!

  • Looks amazing. A huge departure of the original Test Track. I still will mess Bill. 7? yeah 7;)


    Countdown To D23 Blog

  • Excited for the reimagined Test Track. Curious though, are the ride vehicles going to be redesigned? How can 6 different people agree on a custom concept vehicle design and then test it out on the Test Track Circuit? Interested in seeing how this will work.

  • So is Test Track going to be strictly a simulated ride now? Or will it still have the actual car going through the paces? I especially enjoyed the part that made Test Track Disney’s fastest ride – the drive on the raceway at the end. If that’s going away, then I could see that as a case of the roller coasters being jealous. 😉

    • Real car – the track will remain.

  • WooHoo! This is sooo…Future World! 🙂

  • I love the look…this will definitely match a lot more to the whole Future World theme

  • Going in May and did not realize it would be closed. Very dissappointed.

  • If the official ride looks anything like the concept drawings I’m giving the ride the unoffficial nick name of the Tron Track.

    • Uh, oh. 🙂

  • Looks great! We’ll be there in October so I hope it will be open in time.

  • Nice. It looks like you’re going for more of a computer simulation look, this time. Letting guests create their own car is a brilliant idea! This is a great way of making the ride still seem fresh.

    • Yes! This is going to give my family and I a new reason to ride it again and again!

  • Looks like fun, please tell me that the imagineers are working with Daft Punk on the music for this ride!

  • This looks incredible. It’s like Test Track meets Tron. Can’t wait to ride this.

    • Totally!

  • This looks amazing! It reminds me of Tron. And anything that reminds me of Tron is never a bad thing.

    • 🙂

  • Fantastic new designs! I was sad to see the old attraction leave, but after looking at these concepts, I’m really excited for it to open back up!

    • That’s great, Jeffrey. They look pretty amazing to me!

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