New Retro Collection Debuts at Disney Vault 28 in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

A few weeks back my friend and fellow Disney Parks Blog author, Erin Catalano, gave you a sneak peek at the newest Dooney & Bourke collections that sent people running as part of Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend, and of course setting sail on the Disney Fantasy in order to add another exclusive piece to their own personal collections.


Well, West Coast Dooney & Bourke collectors and Disney fans, the wait is over, because we just got the scoop on a couple of new collections set to debut May 12 at Disney Vault 28 at the Disneyland Resort. First up is the Retro collection. This new line will be available in a variety of popular silhouettes including a wristlet, mini barrel, tassel tote, satchel and letter carrier as well as an iPad case. Prices range from $78 – $268. The Retro collection, which will remain exclusive to the Disneyland Resort, is sure to be a hit with Disney Parks guests.


“The word ‘Retro’ is certainly the best and most accurate way to describe this collection,” says Susan Foy, Disney Design Group Graphic Designer. “From the attraction, character and icon choices to the distinct color palette, it really gave us a great opportunity to incorporate a lot of detail into such an intricate design.”


I asked Susan what her favorite icon was from the print, and her response was simple: “Sleeping Beauty Castle, because it was created first and really set the tone for how the rest of it would lay out.” When it’s said and done, there’s almost something magical when you think about it that way.


Another collection that I’m excited to see first-hand, and debuting the same day on both coasts (at TrenD at Walt Disney World Resort and at Disney Vault 28 at the Disneyland Resort) is “Buttons”… which fellow author, Erin Catalano, will be sharing more details on in the coming weeks.

So make plans now to stop by Disney Vault 28 on May 12 and pick up some of this year’s must-have accessories from Dooney & Bourke. Special Note: Creative Director for Dooney & Bourke, Ian Ray, will be on hand from 2–5 pm for a special appearance and signing of these new collections.

Tip: Just a heads-up, Mother’s Day is May 13 this year, so if you’re still in search of that perfect gift for mom, think Dooney & Bourke and consider your problem solved.

Which one will you choose?


  • Do you know if there are a small quantity of purses available on May 12th? I am arriving around 11am that day from out of town. Do you think I would have a chance to get a purse or in the past have they sold out pretty fast – within an hour or so? If they do sell out when would they get another shipment?

  • So if one has a Disneyland Annual Pass, they can not get the purses discounted and still get the free credit card holder that is worth $15? Is the credit card holder the yellow sketch pattern? Are these purses also going to be available on 5/12/12 inside Disneyland to purchase? When will they be available online?

  • A sneak peek of the retro print in a Disney WORLD version has appeared on another blog with the new Buttons and Charms collections – VERY happy to see the WDW retro collection!!! Any idea when this one will be available? Will there happen to be a special event in Orlando as well? Any clues for the Dooney & Bourke fans would be great 😉

  • Michelle, thank you for your help! On the link you provided there is a mention of Tinkerbell bags being available too, besides the Retro and the Buttons. Are these Tinkerbell bags left over from the 1/2 marathon?

    • We will have a handful of the Tinker Bell inspired collection, however I have to note that the marathon medallion does not come with any of these bags. In other news, I do have a little scoop for you. I’ve heard there will be a gift with purchase offered that day. Although I’m pretty sure it’s a limit of one per Guest and of course, it will only be available while supplies last. We should have more details on that this coming week on

      Here’s a quick update on the gift with purchase.
      Receive a Dooney and Bourke Credit Card Holder/Keychain with the purchase of $100 or more of any Dooney and Bourke purchase (at ticketed price) at Disney Vault 28 on Saturday, May 12, 2012. Limit One (1) per Guest. Limited quantities available. Offer valid on Dooney and Bourke merchandise purchased at ticketed price. Not valid on previous purchases. Offer valid while supplies last. Offer subject to change without notice.

  • Hi Pamela, the bags aren’t limited edition, but limited quantities of each style will be available. Please note, there are purchasing limits as well. Hope that answers above shed some light. The retro collection will be available to purchase beginning at 8am on May 12.

  • Are these bags limited edition? Will the store have a good quantity of bags on May 12? Like another has said at what time will these go on sale?

    Michelle, thank you in advance for answering these questions. 🙂

  • I’m with Michelle – about to faint!! I can’t say how much I ADORE these retro bags!! I am all about Disney nostalgia and Americana – these are perfect, stylish, and I and absolutely MUST have one! : ) I’ll be staying at Disneyland 7/8 to 7/11, and believe you me, I’ll be at Vault 28 before I even check in! LOL

    • Debbie, it sounds like this collection was made for you. I sure hope you are able to pick one up during your stay.

  • You wrote that the designer will be there from 2-5pm. What time will these go on sale on May 12th? I see that the Vault opens at 9:30 am – is that when they will be available?

  • I love this!! I love Disneyland. I now own 3 D&B Disney bags..

    Michelle Harker what time would we have to be at the Vault 28 to purchase this Bag? How many on hand will there be ? I really want this & hope to be able to get one.

    Also Michelle Harker do you know if D&B will make a Villians design? I have sent emails to Disneystore & D&B . I would love to have one with all Villians in black i think that would be nice.

    • Hey Jessica, it sounds like you have a great collection of Dooney & Bourke bags already started. There were a few updates to the website that we made last week, including the time of store opening at Disney Vault 28, which will be 8am. And asking that Guests do not queue up prior to 6am. The queue will begin behind Rainforest Cafe in the Downtown Disney District. Queued Guests will be escorted to Disney Vault 28 prior to store opening at 8am that day. Here is the link where you can find out more info on how it will work, limits, etc. As for any Villains styles, I’m not aware of any right now.

  • Michelle

    Do you know what time Merchandise Guest Services will open on the 21st? East coast time! Thanks.

    • Kelli, Merchandise Guest Services will open at 9am Eastern on May 21. Typically they operate from 9am to 8pm (Eastern Time).

  • They should make each “Land” into a shirt that would be cool.

  • I am going to be in DL, flying home May 11, one day too late. I tried calling the merchandise number and dialed #2, but no-one ever picked up. I was wondering if it was possible when I’m there on the 10th if I could talk to someone in the store about ordering.

  • I have booked by trip for Mother’s Day weekend. I’ll be there to pick something up from this new collection. I just LOVE it.

  • Are these limited edition? I need to know if I need to go to Disneyland May 12, or a few days later. And yes, I so would love a Disney Dooney backpack too! Would love a man’s shirt, credit card holder too. And, I assume this will never be on the Disneystore website… right?

  • These are amazing! I just wish this style would show up on a men’s wallet!!! I do hope that is something in the works

  • I would LOVE one of these bags, but we will not be going to Disneyland until November. Will these bags be available for purchase online or over the phone? Also, are there limited quantities, or will this be a new design that D&B makes for Disney?

    • Anastasia, I would recommend that you contact our Merchandise Guest Services team at 1-877-560-6477, after May 21st to inquire about remaining quantities from this collection.

  • Sure wish it also came in black… 🙂

  • LOVE IT; LOVE IT; LOVE IT!!! I’m with the other responders, please make a collection for WDW too. I won’t make it to Disneyland till next year, but will be at WDW this year. I would love to have a piece from both collections!!!

  • Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I am about to faint…. I rarely like the retro designs, but I absolutely looooooove this!!! I adore the fact that the colors seem brighter (and more abundant) than in most retro designs, and I am beyond excited that the characters have been incorporated into the print as well…. especially Minnie because she is my favorite!!!!

    This is definitely a must-have… all I have to do is figure out how to get to Disneyland and where the money is going to come from! 😉 It is impossible to tell which design I like best: the new Aulani design or this one… how’s a girl to choose?!? LOL! Oh well, there are worse things to have to think and dream about…. 😉 Great job!

  • I really LOVE this new line. A great idea for Mother’s Day from my family. Can’t wait.

  • LOVE this print! Are these available online at all???

  • I wish Disney/Dooney would produce an iPad case using the Disneyland 55th / Disney World 40th / Retro fabrics.


  • Just was wondering if you can tell me the dimensions of the first bag pictured? Or the dimensions of the largest tote that will be available in this design? I’m a school teacher & a lifelong DL fan & would *love* this in a big tote for back & forth to school! 🙂 Thanks!

    • Jaime, thanks for your patience. Here’s what I was able to find out regarding the dimensions. Hope it helps.

      Tassel Tote: 14″L x 6″D x 11″H
      Satchel: 11″L x 6.5″D x10″H
      Crossbody: 8″L x .5″D x 8.25″H
      Long Strap Mini Barrel: 8.25″L x 3.25″D x H 4.5″H
      Ipad Case: 11″L x .5″D x 9″H
      Large Slim Wristlet: 8″L x .75″D x 4.5″H

  • I LOVE this but won’t be able to make it to DLR this year. Any chance of it showing up on the with the others? I got my first Disney Dooney for Christmas this year and it rocks – would love to add another 🙂

  • Still no Disney D&B backpack?? 🙂 I like the design. I would love a shirt with this print.

  • Been putting off getting another purse for my wife because she just couldn’t find one that she liked. THIS one she will LOVE. Can it be ordered via phone order or online? We won’t make it back to California until mid-June.

    • William, definitely give our Merchandise Guest Services team a call at 1-877-560-6477, after May 21st to inquire about remaining quantities from this collection.

  • I agree about a shirt. I’m not much of a purse lady (though for people who are, that is a very nice one), but give me a shirt anytime!

  • Love the retro design! I really hope they make it for WDW too!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Will these be available online on the 12th as well? Then I won’t have to wait until September to get one… 🙂

    • Jaime, I would recommend that you contact our Merchandise Guest Services team at 1-877-560-6477, after May 21st to inquire about remaining quantities from this collection, as it won’t be available to purchase online on or around the event date.

  • So excited! Love the design and happy to hear iPad case! And I will even be in Disneyland on May 12! So happy! (Since my kids will not be with me, it will be my mother’s day gift to myself.)

  • I agree with Carlos! You NEED this Retro design in an Aloha print shirt! I’m a sucker for the Authentic styled Disney clipart of yesteryear, and this is the best I’ve seen since you’ve introduced Aloha shirts! I bought the Shag Aloha shirts, but it is “his” style. I like this because it is more vintage authentic! Make them shirts, and I can guarantee you would not be sorry!

  • Yes Please!

  • Will you be making a similar pattern for WDW? I love this!!

    • Beth, we haven’t received any official word about similar collections at Walt Disney World, but rest assured if it does become available, you’ll probably hear it first, right here on the Disney Parks Blog.

  • Will we be able to pre-order our selection to be signed? I’d really hate to go from DC to CA only to find out that there are no more available. This is an awesome reason to visit Disneyland for Mother’s Day! As I live in the DC area, I’ve never been to Disneyland. Is there going to be a Disney World version of this collection??? *Hint Hint Hint* Please please please. lol

    • Vivien, unfortunately we are not able to offer any pre-order opportunity. However, we recommend that you contact our Merchandise Guest Services team at 1-877-560-6477, after May 21st to inquire about remaining quantities. Please note, any orders placed through Merchandise Guest Services will not be signed.

  • These are really pretty. I really like the darker trim. It really makes the colors pop. Maybe my kids WILL get it for me for mother’s day???

  • I absolutely LOVE these retro designs! I see that this is aimed for the ladies, but will there be any new items coming in this style for the gents? Maybe some new Tiki/Aloha style shirts or ties?

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