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New Virtual Vinylmation Store Launched on Facebook

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


One of the neat aspects of my role is working with our Disney Parks Digital Marketing team to provide content for a variety of Facebook fan pages. I’ve been directly responsible for the content on two specific pages – Duffy The Disney Bear and Vinylmation. I particularly love seeing the comments from fans about the photos we’ve shared (thanks for the smiles and laughs). Vinylmation fans now have another way to connect with others with the launch of the Vinylmation Store on Facebook. I spoke with Erin Catalano, my teammate and fellow Disney Parks Blog author, who served as the project manager for this store. Erin said the store is a unique addition to the digital world.

“We began conceptualizing the store in fall 2011,” explained Erin. “We wanted a way for Vinylmation fans to interact with other fans, get special offers and share feedback by voting on questions. The store will also offer exclusive figures that won’t be found anywhere else.”


The first exclusive figure, the blue figure wearing a Mickey Mouse ringer tee-shirt, compliments two previously released figures that are part of the Park Favorites series. The yellow figure was released at locations in Disneyland and Walt Disney World, while the red figure was a Disney Parks Online Store exclusive.


Erin shared that the Facebook store will also be a place for first purchase opportunities. This means you may find figures on the Facebook store before their release at locations in Disney Parks. One such set will be released on May 4 and features figures inspired by the upcoming Disney-Pixar film “Brave.”


One thing I like about the store is the opportunity to collect virtual badges. Erin explained that interaction is the key to collecting badges.

“We are offering a series of virtual badges,” said Erin. “These badges have images of various Vinylmation figures which fans can get by voting, liking or sharing. These virtual Vinylmation can be displayed on a profile. It’s our way of saying ‘thanks’ for being a fan.”

I invite you to visit the Vinylmation Facebook page today.


  • Do you know if the Vault page on the Vinylmation website will be updated anymore? There are many series missing from the Vault. Also some series that are there are incomplete.

    I really enjoy looking at the vault page and I hope that Disney will continue to have the Vault page.


    • @Nancy – I know of two different Figment figures coming this year. There will be a Vinylmation – Nerds Rock! figure featuring Figment. I shared a look at him and Stitch on the Facebook page a few weeks ago. That figure will be open edition. There will also be a limited edition Park Starz variant figure. This figure is similar in design to the limited release figure except Figment will be sporting his classic yellow sweater 🙂

      @Carla – Yes. With the arrival of new team members, we are continuing our efforts of keeping the Vault page updated. Looks for additional updates in the coming weeks.

  • Off Topic – is there going to be a new Figment figurine this year?

  • Love! What a great idea! Thanks for posting and sharing about it!

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,LOVE, the Duffy Face Book Page!!!! I will definatly check out this FB Page!!!

  • *sigh* While I am super excited to be able to purchase exclusive vinyls outside of the parks, I do not authorize apps on my account on FB and I am a little bit disappointed (but not surprised) that the method to purchase via FB is with an app. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to wait until our next trip to WDW to pick up Vinyls. Even the siren call of an exclusive vinyl won’t make me turn on apps. 🙂
    Thanks for the hard work and perhaps you will be able to offer something non-FB in the future.

  • That is so exciting, I’m heading over right now. Number One Vinylmation FAN..

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