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Starbucks Coming to Disney Parks

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Today, we’re excited to officially announce plans to bring your favorite Starbucks drinks and food items to all of our theme parks at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

In June, the first of six planned Starbucks locations is scheduled to open at Disney California Adventure park. And more locations are planned at Disneyland park and Walt Disney World Resort (Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom).

The Starbucks locations inside our parks will be designed to fit the theme of their surroundings. At Disney California Adventure park, Starbucks will be located in the Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Café on Buena Vista Street, a place that transports guests to 1920s Los Angeles, when Walt Disney arrived in California and a cup of coffee was the perfect way to jumpstart a busy day. The store’s location plays off the Spanish/Mexican architecture of the period, and baristas will wear 1920s-inspired attire.

The café will serve Starbucks items, including coffee and espresso beverages, Frappuccino® blended beverages, and signature breakfast sandwiches and pastries. Guests also will have their choice of Disney favorites, including signature sandwiches and other items, as well as delicious desserts and sweet treats.

Let us know what you’ll be ordering in the comments.


  • So excited! Great news! Wondering if you can fill up the resort refillable mugs with Starbucks coffee? and if so, what would be the restrictions on what you can order? Thanks! My order: Grande cafe misto with two pumps toffee nut. 🙂

  • This is great news–really missed my good coffee the last few times at Disney. For Sbux addicts, this will make our fall trip much more magical!

  • Will the employees at the Starbucks cafes be Starbucks partners, or castmates? Will the stores be considered listened stores?

  • I can’t wait to order a gingerbread latte during the holidays! the complete package!

  • venti chai tea latte for me! I am very excited about this!

  • Wi-Fi will be available?

  • Fantastic news! Any chance of opening in WDW before our trip in August?

  • Finally!!! Will love to get my Venti Iced Non-fat latte throughout the day!!!!! Will there be a pin to commemorate this big event?

  • London fog tee lattie

  • Will Starbucks be served in the hotels? My husband is VERY hopeful that it will be. This was exciting news for us!

  • I am so happy! how wonderfull will it be to wander down main street or buenna vista street with my favorite drink!!!!!

  • I pack my own coffee too… so this is exciting news!

  • Yahoo! Please keep us posted when they will open and the location in the park!

  • Words I have been waiting to hear. Will one be in Walt Disney Florida before August?

  • Huzzah! A Grande Vanilla Soy Latte please!

  • Drinking Starbucks coffee at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay was one of our most compelling reasons to go there. This is a great partnership.

  • I couldn’t care less about about all of the fancy concoctions, I’m just happy that I’ll be able to get a cup of drip coffee that isn’t terrible.

  • I heard from a Starbucks store manager that we may see them on the DCL ships too. Can you confirm this?

  • I love Disney parks and I love Starbucks, but everything is more expensive in the parks, is this going to be the same with starbucks.

  • This is the BEST NEWS EVER. Disneylands coffee was the worst. ;/

  • Starbucks is a great company for Disney to be collaborating with!

    John: Is there anything in the works for a “special Disney coffee drink?” We would LOVE that!!!

  • My two most favorite things! Excellent news! I can’t wait for my soy chai latte!

  • Starbucks blueberry scones AND the Happiest Place on Earth?! It’ll be like floating on Cloud 9!

  • This is FANTASTIC news! Thanks to everyone at Disney & Starbucks that made this happen.

  • They need one at DTD in Disney World! I used to love going to the coffee shop at the top of Virgin, but now there’s not a place to relax with a cup of coffee there!

  • Now we just need an In n Out at our Disney California resort! They do wear retro inspired hats & outfits that may work well with what is going on in Buena Vista Street…imagine a hamburger, animal style fries & a strawberry shake at a Disney resort…what is better than that?

  • Yes! I’ll have a white chocolate mocha with extra whipped cream!!

  • FINALLY. I have suggested this for years. I am so excited. I will be one of the first to place an order.

    Thank you so much those who make those decisions.

  • Will the baristas be Disney Cast Members or operating participants?

  • Hope they open in Florida by Thanksgiving!! I need my daily Columbian coffee or I am cranky. (I have single packets just in case) My oldest daughter loves the Tazo Passion teas. The little ones like the double chocolate chip or mocha coconut. Thank you for sharing the great news!!!!!!!

  • Yeah! It is about time we got an option or choice in coffee, as the current offering is not all it could be. Anytime we can get a environmentally responsible partnership with a quality product, we all win. Allowing us to have options, means we will win double!!

  • How Exciting!

    Will there be disney starbucks merchandise, like mugs and starbucks gift cards?

  • This. is. fabulous!! but…California Adventure opens at 10:00! I need coffee sooner–don’t suppose the streets of California Adventure are opening up earlier than 10:00 now?

  • I am taking it from most of the contracts to take it like the Target or Vons Contract they offer now?
    such as
    same drinks; foods; and merchandise; along with taking the starbucks cards and certificates. I believe; my question should be will they be offering the Disney name and logo on there tumblers and or will they allow the Disney ones to be filled and will it be as the starbucks malls; will they honor the 50cent brewed refill or the free brewed refill for the gold card members?
    and will our annual pass work for a 20% discount at starbucks?

    and i hope it is considered to have them have a cart open for the sneak previews and or up all night; or even special occasions where your fans love to wait up all night to say they were there first.

    BTW- I am very excited! I am a huge Disney Fan and am addicted to Starbucks; My young children even love to have there coffee cups to match mommy.

    I just may enjoy our monthly trips to Disneyland even more so that i don’t have to worry about finding a starbucks before we get to the park.

    Thank you
    Disneyland And Starbucks!

  • Thank you Disney! Great coffee was the only thing missing from the Disney experience

  • What a welcome addition to the Disney Parks family! I hope that Starbucks will be served at the resorts which is where I do the majority of my coffee drinking.

  • OMG!! I’m soooo excited that I’ll be able to get my venti, 1-pump caramel cappuccino. Fingers crossed they’ll also have the cake pops, especially the birthday cake flavour. Hopefully they’ll have some opened at WDW by the time I get there in mid September, which will not only be the family’s first trip to WDW. Yay!!!

  • Will all the coffee be switched over to Starbucks Coffee or will only the new Starbucks locations be selling Starbucks?

  • I will be there in October and hopefully they will have my Pumpkin Spice Lattes!! Tazo Chai Tea will be great too! Can’t wait to add that to the new Disney experience! Great News!!

  • Tom,

    Two questions:

    1) Will the MarketHouse close down its coffee operations once Starbucks opens in Disneyland?
    2) If Starbucks cards are accepted, will full Starbucks cards benefits be available (like free refills and add-ons for SB gold card members)?

    Thanks for looking into this.

  • What great news!! My favorite place and my favorite coffee shop!! I really hope something will be open in WDW by the end of August for our next trip. Since it will be incredibly hot, definitely Frappuccinos – caramel and white chocolate mocha. Something great to look forward to – Disney has long needed really good coffee in the parks.

  • Thomas, will they also offer a Starbucks “Disneyland” collectible mug like they have in other Starbucks’ stores? I have Starbucks mug collectors in the family who would love one designed especially for the Park ^_^.

  • I’m a coffee addict and a bit of a coffee snob who loves Starbucks. So on one level I am excited about this. And yet, one of a thousand things that I look forward to on a Walt Disney World vacation is the Nescafe coffee in my resort! It just tastes like the magic to me!

  • I am very thrilled about this. My husband and I both miss Starbucks when we are in Disneyland, especially for those early Magic Mornings days. 🙂
    He will be ordering a iced carmel white mocha
    me: Iced venti soy toffee nut starbucks doubleshot please!

  • I hope they will be open in time for food and wine festival this year! that way I can get my americano with white and dark mocha topped with soy… yum.

  • Venti mocha frappuchino!!!!

  • Thank the heavens! All those coins in the wishing wells and all of the wishing on the wishing stars, for decades, paid off!!! GTL, non classic, nonfat and Disney…sigh…it’s almost heaven. Now we’ll really be able to stay up and running on our next trip to WDW! 🙂

  • I guess it’s nice for those that like coffee! But there are plenty of places to get coffee already. My question is when are they getting Dr, Pepper or Mr. Pibb? That is something not available in any form in the park!!

  • Can i have a grande double chocolatey chip mickey mocha please!!!!!

  • Do you know how someone would go about getting hired to work in the Starbucks coming to Disneyland in CA? I worked for starbucks for over 6 years and recently moved close to Disneyland… i would be interested in looking into that! 🙂

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