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Start Your Day With a Power Walk at the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Being on vacation at the Disneyland Resort is no reason to neglect your exercise routine! Every morning, Disneyland Resort hotel guests can join a two-mile power walk through Disney California Adventure park before the park opens for guests. Guided by a Disneyland Resort guest activities cast member, the power walk is a great way to stay in shape, learn a little trivia and get a peek at this special, quiet time in the park. I recently joined the group for a walk myself – come check it out with me!

The power walk is just one of the many activities available to Disneyland Resort hotel guests. Be sure to ask about all these activities the next time you check in at either Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, the Disneyland Hotel or Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel.


  • Ooh, I’m going to have to do this! Do you know if guests are
    allowed to bring their cameras to shoot a few non-crowded park shots?

  • Awesome. Every time we go to D-Land we do our walk around the park first for exercise and we walk the path to and from the parking structure every time. So glad you added this option that is really cool.

  • The power walk is great–I did it twice during my February stay at the Grand Californian. It is indeed a brisk walk with no pauses, but easy enough to keep up with if you are in good shape. As Stephanie said, no cameras allowed as the park isn’t open and workers are still busy on repairs and prep work.

    It can be a mini backstage tour.. The leader will volunteer some tidbits, but will expand on these if you ask questions and keep the conversation going. I’m planning on doing this every morning I can on my next DL visit–grab coffee, power walk, then breakfast at Whitewater Snacks.

  • I did the power walk in October and it was a lot of fun. It’s open to hotel guests and they provide the details on the “Weekly Adventures” sheet when you check in at the Disneyland Resort Hotels. The pace is just a brisk walk so it wasn’t difficult at all. It was so fun to see what was happening behind the refurb fences. We got a great view of Buena Vista Street. Unfortunately they don’t allow cameras! I highly recommend it.

  • I applaud Disneyland for offering this service, instead of just offering news about more food to eat. I’m afraid the folks who want to do this while riding on an electric scooter don’t quite get it. If this isn’t your speed yet, practice walking in your neighborhood each day until you get up a good pace and stamina, and then go for it at Disneyland!

    I also think it’s great this is just for Hotel guests; a very nice perk. Not everything has to be for APs. The Hotels deserve to keep some special magic for their own customers.

  • Do you need an advanced reservation for this or do you just sign up upon arrival? If advance, what number do you call?

  • I will definitely do this next time I’m there! Way to go Sally!

  • This sounds like an awesome job! lol

  • What about AP? We live localy and I would love to do a morning power walk though DCA

    • I’m sorry, Brian – this activity is available only to registered Disneyland Resort hotel guests.

  • I like the idea of walking around before the park opens all peaceful. But I power walk all day long, gotta get those fast passes! 🙂

  • Great idea, but I thought that a trip to the parks were already full-day power walks ^_~

  • That looks really fun. I wonder how much it costs and if you can take a camera. I am thinking of doing when I visit in September.

    • Ray – This activity is offered at no charge to Disneyland Resort hotel guests.

  • This is awesome. I wish we had something like that in WDW. Wouldn’t a morning walk around World Showcase sound awesome?

  • This is a very cool perk that I will definitely be taking advantage of when I visit DLR next year! I hope you’ll consider adding this to the WDW parks as well (a brisk walk around World Showcase in the morning would be an amazing way to start the day!).

  • Gosh, I wish you had something like this at the WDW resorts!

  • Is there anything like this at Walt Disney World? I usually run around Crescent Lake (since The Boardwalk is our home), but I would love something like this!

  • by any chance is this offered in walt disney world?

  • Will be there in July for a week. Have never power walked before but will try to participate while I’m there.

  • I wish I knew about this during my stay last year.

  • Will this continue in Summer when Disney California Adventure is perfected and done with its upgrade?

  • I totally did not know about this and I LOVE the idea. Loved the Neverland 5K through both parks during the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend. This would be a nice walking tour without the other 10 miles! I will definitely do this next time I am there.

  • I hadn’t heard of this either, but I wonder if I could follow along on a scooter or segway? There’s no way I could power walk!!!

    Great job avoiding all the construction walls in that video, by the way. I only noticed one!

  • I had no idea this was offered!! Can’t wait to participate 🙂 Nice Tink shirt too

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