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Your Disney Memories Could Net You a Disney Vacation and a Sony Camcorder

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

After my son was born, I dreamt of taking him to Walt Disney World Resort so he could revel in the magic I experienced during my own childhood family vacations at the resort. I have to say that now, almost two years later, my husband and I have built quite a video library of our son’s “firsts” at Disney Parks – and those memories and videos are something we’ll cherish for years to come!


Beginning this week, Disney is partnering with Sony Electronics to help guests celebrate memories in a very exciting way. Guests can now submit a written entry on www.disney.com/memories about a special someone in their life who has helped create a special memory (about anything – not just Disney vacations). Five grand-prize winners will receive a vacation for themselves and three guests, plus a vacation for their memory makers and his or her own three guests to the Walt Disney World Resort. The winning families will also receive a Sony HDR-PJ260V projector camcorder to document their fun at Disney Parks.

Disney fans can also enter daily on the site or text “SONY” to DISNEY (347639) on their mobile devices, for a chance to win prizes such as a $200 Disney gift card and a Sony HDR-PJ260V camcorder.

What memory will you submit?


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    I would advise everyone to save their stories on a document or email it to yourself so that you can just copy-and-paste the story eatch time you try to get it. That way, you aren’t re-typing your entry every time.

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  • The last time we were in Disney was when my oldest son who is almost 19 was 5 years old. My parents and I were taking him for his birthday. I was recently divorced and we were living with my parents. At that time my dad had been having what were called pancreatitis attacks. It was horrible to see him constantly in so much pain. We were there in May and it was soo hot but we met with my cousins who live in Florida and we went to all the parks and had a blast. At that time I believe Animal Kingdom had just opened. At the end of the trip we were headed back to Ft. lauderdale area when my father had one of his attacks and ended up in the hospital, we were so scared because everyone told us how horrible the hospitals are in Florida. That god for our trip because my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and ended up having the wipple procedure. His cancer was not all removed, but I can tell you that all these years later my dad is alive and doing well. Our trip to Disney World saved his life. We can not wait to share it with our other three children as well as out teenager and my parents.

    Much love and gratitude,

  • At 36 of pregnancy we were on our way to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital In Palo Alto CA for a second opinion. After an ultra sound , MRI we were released to have lunch. We were at our lunch table with 3 doctors from the hospital. Thru the week I had more ultra sounds and MRI’s; Thursday afternoon came my husband by my side; I was informed that the Dr’s weren’t sure if he would be able to breath after birth, and that the doctor’s have been reviewing his images; and they were prepared; prepared for the best and prepared for the worse. Friday I was taken back to the delivery room; after I was in the room; the hall ways filled with Dr’s instruments machines anything they could possibly need. Inside the room with my husband and I there was 14 doctors’ waiting for him. Hoping that he would take that first breath; take that first cry. Thomas Came out Screaming; The ENT doctor was the first to look at him; he then came to me and said that everything looks good; he will see us later. One week in the NICU; he was released. June 2011; Thomas had his first Surgery (at LPCH). Where they closed the hole that was located in the base of his skull with a bone graph from the top of his head that was located next to his original soft spot; the brain sac was drained removed from the nerves behind his eyes and then tucked up into the skull. 10 hours in surgery; we were taken upstairs to the PICU where Thomas would be for the next week. We were then informed that he would be in a medically induced comma until at least Monday; to let his mouth and everything heal properly. Monday morning; they woke him up; with a feeding tube in place; and he would then be on bed rest until Wednesday. Finally Wednesday I was able to hold my baby boy. After a week in the hospital he successfully completed his minimal brain surgery; the first oral successful repair out of only 50 known cases. September his 2nd surgery; closed his lip. December: he had his last surgery; his ENT dr checked to see if the first repair was healed correctly and then cleared him to have his palette closed. At that time; his doctor came to us; to inform us that everything with Thomas is amazing and that he looks amazing; it all closed and healed beautifully; he and his residents would be writing up his case and he would be presented to other doctors. 2 hours later Thomas was done with surgery; We then got to make the trip home Sunday evening. My Son is my hero. He has been able to pull thru so much before he even understands what exactly he is doing or really why. He has been thru so much and he doesn’t even realize it.

  • Time was 2003, my daughter then almost 3 wanted to ride the carousal. There were not many horsed left and not knowing, my husband spots 3 horses. His main concern is getting Barbara on the horse and securing her. All of a sudden you hear, Would you like to Race? Well Mary Poppins was on her horse right next to my Barbara, They chatted the whole time around. When the ride was finished, Mary took Barbara by the hand and led her and my other daughter(Sam) to the meet & greet area. Mary took pictures with both of the girls and the penguins too. To this day 7 years later, Barbara still talks about Mary Poppins and how they raced on the horses

  • The first time I got an opportunity to see Disney World is when my husband and I took our daughter in 2004. She was about 6 years old. And actually now that I think about it, it was everyone’s first time. We only had an opportunity to stay 4 days and we saw Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Our special day to see Epcot was our magical day. I never will forget it and I don’t think my daughter will either. We bought the tickets at the gate and was walking toward the entrance. One of the cast members there looked at my daughter and smiled. Then she said, “Come on princess, there waiting for you”. I still to this day when I think about it I cry. That was a very magical moment. And I know the cast member probably doesn’t remember it and has probably said that to lots of little princesses and princes over the years but for us, that made our trip and was worth all the money in the world. Thank you cast member.

  • 2 years ago was my FIRST Time visiting Holiday Disneyland to see the Park Decorated for the Holidays. I cried during the whole lighting of the Castle and watching the snow fall. So I told my friend Leisha, who hadn’t been to Disneyland since her honeymoon 25 yrs ago, so we went this past December. We were to sobbing women among the crowds, streaming tears of joy & ahhh as we watched the Magic of Disney happening before our eyes…if only we had a camera to capture the moment!

  • Gee, I really hope I win, I left my Sony Camcorder on a bench in Epcot last December. I called lost and found for weeks but nothing ever turned up! It was brand new too – I was heartbroken.

  • I took my boys Cameron, Conner and my wife Dana Dec. of. 2009 . I wanted them to experience what I did when I went as a kid. I went during the summer so to experience Christmas together at Disneyworld was so unbelievable. We had the time of our lives. It we all git to experience for the first time. I can’t wait to take them again one day. It is the most unbelievable experience you can ever have and no where else can competition with the experience that Disney gives you.

  • Y’all do know that putting your memories on this blog does not enter you into the contest, right????

  • As we entered the Magical Kingdom with our Son-in-law, daughter and two grandkids, our over active imaginations had no idea of how magical the day was going to be. We saw the characters, (some of them are characters) rode the rides, enjoyed the food, but wait! At a kiosk, we saw a Snow White Tierra (headband) Our oldest grand daughter (4) was a Snow White fan, well a few minutes later she was in a world of her own as she dawned the headpiece. It fit perfectly and was too cute. As the day progressed, her love for her newly acquired masterpiece grew stronger. Late afternoon and a parade was forming, we secured an awesome spot by Tom Sawyers Island, the parade was typical Disney, first class, we were enjoying the activities but then it happended, Snow White, I’m talking the REAL Snow White glimsed around her surroundings on a float. Lydia lost track of everything in the world except Snow White. I could almost hear her heart beat and she anticipated Snow White’s soon passing. Miracle of Miracles, the parade came to a stop, Snow White saw Lydia’s head band and blew her a kiss, a kiss that totally blew her away. Must have been powerful, I felt my eyes swell with … well nevermind. You will never believe what happened next . . . Snow White got off the float and seemed to glide over to us, the expression on our 4 yerar olds face will ever be etched in my mind, then it happened, Snow White came right before Lydia, acknowledge her Snow White Head piece and leaned over and ever so gently kissed our grand daughter on the forehead, leaving a perfect lipstick mark. You fill in the rest, words are not adequate. That day at Disney will go in the some of our best, maybe even our best but then we’ll plan on coming soon and who knows what the Disney Cast has in store. When I grow up, I want to come to Disney, again. Dean (57)

  • In 2005, I met my future husband and son.My future husband of course was not a Disney Fan {yet}. So in 2006, my parents took EVERYONE to Disney. It was by far the best trip we have had yet. My husband was hooked. I could not get him to take his ears off. He even wore them to bed. And we came home from vacation and he ordered every Disney movie that was in the vault off of Ebay. I am so thankful for Disney because it is something magical that my whole family shares and holds dear to our hearts.

  • We visited Disney World about 2 years ago for the first time with my daughter, Molly (4), and son Logan (2). They had such a blast and we are hoping to go again this year, but times are tough. They had such a blast eating lunch with the Princeses in the castle, the rides, the autographs and live shows. It was simply amazing. My daughter had so much fun, she wanted to move into Cinderella’s castle for good. We did take lots of pictures and video; it is watched over and over again on our computer to different music from multiple Disney/Pixar movies that I compiled.

    I think that everybody should experience Disney at least once in their lifetime because there is no other vacation like it.

  • We bought our daughter, Kristin, a Pooh Bear from Walt Disney World when she was two–our first trip to Disney since she was born.

    Pooh, has been her best friend since two years old. Well, a few years later we were entering Magic Kingdom to watch the late parade and we lost Pooh Bear! We searched everywhere for it…then decided to check lost and found. AMAZINGLY, Pooh Bear was there saving our trip!

    A year later, in a hurry to catch up with family in line. Our youngest daughter left her favorite blanket behind near Nemo in Epcot. Not AGAIN! Well, hours later the blanket filtered its way to lost and found–and DISNEY saves the day again.

    Being together and riding the rides is ALWAYS fun–but it’s memories like this that make Walt Disney World SPECIAL to us.

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