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A Mouseketeer Homecoming Lets ‘New Mickey Mouse Club’ Member Share New Memories with Her Family at Walt Disney World Resort

Many generations have grown up with “The Mickey Mouse Club.” From its debut on black-and-white television in the 1950s through the pop-driven cast of the late-80s and early-90s (when the cast also called Disney’s Hollywood Studios “home”), the show has long been a part of our world’s rich culture.

In the late-1970s, “The New Mickey Mouse Club” hit the TV airwaves and featured segments shot at both Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Recently, Julie Piekarski, one of the Mouseketeers from the show’s 1970s revival, vacationed at Walt Disney World Resort — a visit that was loaded with fond memories of her days in the club that’s made for you and me.

And while the series was short-lived (Julie would go on to star on the premiere season of “The Facts of Life”), her memories are ones she re-lives each and every time she visits a Disney theme park. And she still even remembers the lyrics to a song she and her fellow Mouseketeers sang about “River Country.”

We caught up with Julie and asked her about her memories of the show. Be sure to keep a lookout for some classic Mickey Mouse Club memorabilia, as well as a few special guests who pop in to be a part of the homecoming.

One special guest even misses a cue and I give him some good-natured ribbing about it. But don’t worry, while he’s been known at times to lose his cool, he knew I meant it all in good fun.


  • ah yes, i remember the 70’s NMMC so well. i got my copy of the TV cast album, thanks 2 the local GOODWILL (my favorite songs r ‘WALKING THE DOG’, ‘JOY TO THE WORLD’, ‘MOUSEKADANCE DISCO’, & ‘SHOWTIME’), and i’m just hoping, wishing & praying that the powers-that-be @ disney will release this version of the club on DVD, as they did the the original and 90’s version (i wonder who do i get in contact with about that. oh well…..).

  • Aw, Donald! Loved the blooper! 🙂

    • Thanks Krista, as usual, Donald was a great sport about it. He gets testy at times, but he always ends with a smile.

  • Julie looks great! It’s so nice to see one of the Mouseketeers from my generation! Still have that LP somewhere. Funny enough, in 1977, I still had a black & white TV, so I never got to see how lime that green was! Would love to hear about more of the surviving members of the old cast and hope that Disney will make some of those old shows available.

  • YAY! the mickey mouse club that I LOVED! I was so sad when Disney took this off the air. I wanted to be a Mouseketeer!! My friends and I played the record obsessively. Still have it, right next to my Disco Mickey Mouse album!!! We would rearrange furniture, climb and run around the room listening to that album. Julie was my favorite Mouseketeer and I LOVED my lime green mouse ears. (My brother destroyed them, hence the past tense.)

    • That’s great to hear, Colleen! I still have the LP as well. And Julie really is wonderful. She still has that same Mousketeer spirit!

  • LOVE DONALD!! <3

    It was great to see all the old MMC and park photos- awesome!

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