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All in the Details: A Peek Inside Belle’s Library in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Ask any Imagineer what makes a Disney Parks attraction special and they’ll say it’s the thoughtful attention to detail that really brings a Disney experience to life.

Walt Disney Imagineering just shared a stack of photos with us that showcase some of the special touches they’ve been adding to the New Fantasyland attractions that will debut later on in 2012 at Magic Kingdom Park. I’ll be sharing one of these new photos here on the Disney Parks Blog each Tuesday.

This week’s photo shows the first glimpse of Belle’s dream library that’s a part of the new Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction.


The room, which is surrounded by bookcases like this, will serve as the setting for a special meet-and-greet with Belle and her candlestick pal, Lumiere. What do you think?

Like I mentioned, we have a wide selection of photos from other parts of New Fantasyland, including Beast’s Castle, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid, Storybook Circus, and Be Our Guest Restaurant. Which area would you like to see next week?

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  • Oh how cool!!!! My hubby and I are both bibliophiles, and this is just awesome to see that they’re setting Belle’s meet & greet area in the library! Love it!!!

  • Some friends and I will visit at Thanksgiving time. Excited to see the New Fantasyland, particularly the Be Our Guest restaurant. Disneyworld is one of our favorite places!!

    • That’s great to hear. Be Our Guest seems to be what’s exciting people most about the new area.

  • Any news on when the Be Our Guest Restaurant will be open???

  • My family will also be there the week after Thanksgiving, when are they planning on releasing the open date of the new Fantasyland???

    • Holidays 2012 is all we know at this point. Keep checking back. I’ll put it EVERYWHERE when I know! (Blog, Facebook & Twitter!)

  • Thanks for sharing Jennifer!! I will watch for your update each week. I would love to see more pictures of Be Our Guest restaurant. I have heard that it will be a character meal at dinner. Is this correct? I can hardly wait. We will be there in Sept, Nov and Dec and we hope to get to eat there one of those times.

    • Thanks for the compliment! No word on characters for this area yet. I hope to have an update soon – I keep asking!

  • Please advise when the Be Our Guest Restaurant will be open. We are due to Visit Oct/Nov 2012 & would love to make a reservation.

    • I have no information on this yet. I promise I’ll share it as soon as I do!

  • We Will be there the week after Thanksgiving and I really the Beauty and the Beast attractions are opened by then as My Wife is a Really Big fan.

  • I vote mermaid

  • I would like to see inside the misterious west wing in the beasts castle. I would really enjoy seeing the rose espically because i heard there will be a spevial effect with the rose.

    • The “West Wing” section sounds interesting to me, too! I’ll put it on the list.

  • I would love to see more of The Little Mermaid.

    • Will do. Be sure to check back on Tuesday!

  • Hello, when it will be open the Beast Castle? We are in Argentina, far away from you, and as we are visiting Disney on October I´ll like to know if we´ll be able to see the Castle open.
    Thank you!!!

  • Jennifer —

    I really want to know what’s happening over at the old Skyway station. I know restrooms are coming, but that’s a whole lot of land…and I hear there is a Rapunzel meet and greet coming there with her tower and everything.

    I also wonder how they are going to manage the sightlines over there because right now the view from the Haunted Mansion spoils the illusion over there, so whatever’s built is going to have to look spooky from the HM side and look like a fairytale world from the other side.

    I am stumped how they are going to achieve this and what will end up going there.

    Can you get some scoop on it?

    Thank you for all of your great posts. You are my favorite writer and you are always so helpful and cheerful and positive.

    • That’s so nice of you, Drago! I’ll ask around. I do not know anything yet. PS: “Tangled” was one of my favorites!

  • I must tell you how thankful I am for all of your updates, I’m truly looking forward to my next Disney Vacation and seeing all these beautiful attractions! I really want to hear more about Ariel’s section in the new fantasyland, she is my favorite Disney Princess!

    • Thank YOU!

  • I’m interested in what’s happening in the tents across from Dumbo and if there’s anything cool happening in Gaston’s Tavern. I’d say the mine train coaster, but that stage of construction is quite a bit further off than the other areas.

  • All! We will be at WDW between 06 and 17 December. We see these attractions?

    • Fabiola- They’re set to open in holidays 2012…no specific days have been determined yet.

  • Would love to see the Little Mermaid ride – maybe a scene from the Under the Sea scene with all the sea creatures and instruments? Tuesdays may be my new favorite day of the week! We come to Disney World the week after Thanksgiving, and I hope to see much of this in person by then!

  • I just remembered. I’d love to see some sneak peeks inside Dumbo’s interactive queue as well.

    • Good idea.

  • This looks wonderful! As an aspiring librarian, I’m eager to visit here-especially since Belle is a favorite character of mine! Does the library in Be Our Guest look similar? Can you reserve a table in the library? (I plan to take an ex-Cast Member (and librarian) out to dinner there when I go down, so I can thank her for being so generous to me!)

  • This looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it when it’s completed!

    • Me, too!

  • Another request for Little Mermaid, including its queue area.

  • Another vote for The Little Mermaid… we have seen some videos of inside Beauty and the Beast but nothing of TLM other than a few exterior shots. Thanks!!

  • Although I am super excited for Gaston’s Tavern (which we haven’t seen or hear much about) I am sooo super excited about the Little Mermaid attraction and have wanted one since I saw the mock ride through on speical features on the DVD. So I hope you do Little Mermaid next week 🙂

    • There seems to be a lot of interest around Mermaid. I’ll see what I can do.

  • i wish they can change or do the ending in wdw little mermaid ride with the battle of ursula and eric and ariel sisters waveing good bye to her at the wedding that would be cool

  • Would love to see some pics and hear some more details about the Little Mermaid attraction. My favorite and since I have been to DL and experienced the ride there I can’t wait for the one in WDW where I can visit so much more often. Please post as much as you can.

    • That’s my job! I’ll look into it.

  • It should Little Mermaid next week, we havent much from over there!

    • That’s a good point, Jorge.

  • My vote is for Be Our Guest. Jennifer, I was wondering since there was a soft opening for some of Storybook Circus, is there a possibility of a soft opening for Beast’s Castle and the Be Our Guest restaurant before the holidays?

  • Another vote for Be Our Guest, please!

  • Are those all real books or are they just shells? If itheir real that is some sort of collection.

  • Gaston’s Tavern please!!!!

  • Be Our Guest pictures would be awesome! And maybe an opening date… Or month…maybe…please?

    • As soon as I have an opening date, it will be shared!

  • PLEASE can we see photos of Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid!!!!! I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm over the Beauty and the Beast areas, but we have seen so many updates and photos from those areas recently and hardly any updates/information as of late about The Little Mermaid ride which I am SOOOOOO excited for.

    I have a question also, do these weekly Tuesday photo updates mean that we won’t be getting other updates/blog posts with other videos or new information about New Fantasyland? Thanks

    • Nope, this is a separate column. Our pals at WDI have given us so many pics, we’ll be sharing them weekly through the opening of New Fantasyland. I’ll continue to post videos and other updates as news happens and milestones are made!

  • I would love to see more of ALL of it 🙂 Will be there before Christmas this year and can’t wait for the opportunity to see more it!

  • I am SO excited for the Fantasyland expansion! Belle is my favorite princess, so I can’t wait to see her new area! 🙂

    Will there be a place to meet the Beast in the new BATB area? Right now, you can only meet him in Epcot.

    • I won’t have specific info on character meet and greets until MUCH closer to the opening. Keep checking back!

  • Love the library and new meet and greet area! Excited to see Lumiere!
    Would love to see more of Be Our Guest restaurant. Can’t wait to eat there!

    • It’s my childhood dream-come-true!

  • Can we see more of the Be Our Guest restaurant? I heard there are more rooms than just the grand ballroom!

    • That’s true. I’ll see what our friends at WDI can dig up.

  • Looks great! I’d like to see The Little Mermaid next week! We haven’t seen much of that area yet.

    • That would be interesting, Banks. I’ll add it to the list. 🙂

  • Looks great! I’ll be looking forward to checking back each Tuesday. 🙂

    • Thanks, Rayne!

  • Looks like it’s going to be a great new meet-and-greet area! Would love to see a photo (or photos) from Be Our Guest next week!

  • I am very eager to learn more about Beast’s Castle and Be Our Guest.

    • That seems to be a favorite!

  • Would love to see some photos of Beast’s Castle. We’ll be visiting at Thanksgiving, and again next spring. Can’t wait to see the new area!

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