Carnation Café Reopens June 13 at Disneyland Park

At last! An expanded and spruced-up Carnation Café is getting ready for its debut June 13 on Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland park. There’s more seating, including indoor tables – and yes, cast member Oscar Martinez is back.

Huevos Rancheros at Carnation Café Reopening June 13 at Disneyland Park

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the new menu includes updated versions of classic comfort food, and a few of Walt’s favorites. For breakfast, the legendary Oscar’s Choice is back, with two eggs, breakfast potatoes and biscuit with bacon or (new) chicken-apple sausage links. They’ve added yummy apple-granola pancakes and a hearty huevos rancheros with corn tortillas, poached eggs, salsa and an avocado-black bean pico de gallo. And if you’re behaving, a healthful spinach-and-egg white frittata.

Green Chile Cheeseburger at Carnation Café Reopening June 13 at Disneyland Park

Lunch and dinner bring back the classic baked potato soup, and add a couple of “Walt’s favorites:” beef-and-pork meatloaf, served with trendy edamame succotash, and fresh fish, a sustainable catch of the day. Be completely decadent and have the Walt’s favorite chicken fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes, or enjoy a vegan burger. We can’t wait to try the green chile cheeseburger with a fried egg on toasted brioche. (Do we dare add a classic chocolate malt?)

Kids’ meals include chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies, a burger and fresh fruit or mac & cheese with fresh fruit.

Reservations may be made by calling the Disney Dine Line (714-781-DINE) or emailing dining reservation requests to

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  • the huevoss rancheros look amazing and its nice to have a bit of variety of food in the park… a welcome addition to the Disneyland menu family.

  • I’m very happy to read that the loaded baked potato soup is still on the menu, but will the croissant chicken club still be available?

  • Bring Back Croissant Benedict !!!.The best breakfast dish in Disneyland. Always started our Disneyland trip with Benedict at Carnation Cafe. Is it offered anywhere else in Disneyland ?

  • Well I feel torn here – I love the menu but it doesn’t really reflect turn of the century small town America. Thematic miss, but culinary WIN! Glad to hear Oscar and his wonderful team will be back delighting guests again soon!

  • Hi, I tried just now to make a reservation at the Carnation Cafe for June 13th and I was told it is not opening until june 15th. I told the cast member that your blog says June 13th. She said she can’t do anything to help me as she didn’t know anything about that. How can I get a reservation? I will be at Disneyland from June 11 to 13th only. And not again until October.
    Thank you

  • No croissant Benedict? No cinnamon roll French toast? What in the wide wide world of sports is a goin on around here!!!! My wife and I were looking foward to our 22nd anniversary breakfast at the cafe, as we do every year, we will try it for one reason only, Oscar Martinez, he makes the cafe what it is. Please!!!!! At least bring back the Cinnamon roll French Toast.

  • @Mark from WY

    Reservations aren’t new to Carnation Cafe–you’ve always been able to make them. 🙂 We’ve made them since at least 2008 by calling the Disneyland Dining phone number. It is great because you get to go to the front of the line outside the Cafe…when there is a line, that is!

  • So glad Oscar is staying–he is a Disneyland treasure! Will the fabulous turkey sandwich on the pretzel roll still be there? That is my favorite meal in all of Disneyland!

  • The new dishes sound wonderful, especially those that Walt loved. Disappointed about the croissant benedict, but the waffles are my favorite so all is well.

    I hope that most of the staff comes back, and not just Oscar. He’s great, but there are others too that we see year after year.

    Curious about reservations though, this is something new to Carnation Café. Hopefully things don’t get as crowded as WDW where reservations are required to eat anywhere.

  • Melissa–
    The Carnation Gardens stage at the end of Main Street is still closed for renovation until next year. Its only the Carnation Cafe restaurant in the middle of Main Street that will be open starting on June 13. Sorry. 🙁

  • Glad it’s back! My mom loved the original Carnation restaurant and my son loves the Carnation cafe. So that’s three generations of family memories in that one restaurant. I never want to lose it.

  • I’m so glad it is opening back up! I danced on that stage for 16 years as part of Magic Music Days and I didn’t make it to take a picture before it closed for renovation in April. Now we can go back and take a picture – and try the food there!

  • I love that Baked Potato Soup! 🙂 We need something like that in WDW!

  • P.S. I have been saying for years that the parks need chicken and turkey breakfast options, thank you!! This makes me very happy.

  • Whew! I wasn’t even going to think about it if Oscar wasn’t there! 🙂

  • A green chile cheeseburger at Disneyland?!? That makes me sooooo happy. 🙂

  • No Croissant Benedict anymore? Huge bummer 🙁

  • I am so excited for the re-opening but am almost afraid to ask……..Please, please tell me they will still have Mickey waffles. That is my absolute favorite!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, Mickey waffles remain!

  • Thank goodness the AWESOME baked potato soup stays on the menu! I LOVE it and have told friends about it and THEY love it and get it all the time now, too! YUM!

  • Yay! I am so glad that it’s finally re-opening! Sad that some of the old favorites are going to be gone but excited for the new eats! I hope that the green chilies are Hatches Green Chilies from my home of New Mexico!! 🙂

  • Will they still have the chicken pot pie? I sure hope so!

    • No chicken pot pie, but yummy “chicken fried chicken.”

  • I’m so glad to hear that Disneyland is starting to offer more vegetarian options on their menus. It’s great to know that I’ll be able to come to Disneyland and eat something besides churros and giant pickles! Keep up the great work!

  • Oh boy am I excited for this one! My boyfriend and I always have at least one breakfast there per trip. Do you know if they’ll be bringing back the cinnamon roll french toast? In the name of all things decadent, I hope so. 🙂

    • No cinnamon roll French toast — but never say never!

  • Yum! Everything sounds great! And so Happy that Oscar is back =) Will the Croissant Benedict be returning for breakfast? That is my favorite!

    • No croissant Benedict, but lots of good eats!

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