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Disney Parks Authentic ‘ShowNo’ Perfect for Summer Fun

Disney Parks Authentic 'ShowNo' Merchandise

One of the many hats I get to wear in my role in Disney Theme Park Merchandise is discovering new and exciting products to share with guests. Several months ago, I visited the set of ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank. While on the set, I listened to a product idea presented by entrepreneur, Shelly Ehler, which I felt would be a perfect match for Disney Parks.

The product idea that Shelly shared was the ingeniously designed ShowNo, an all-in-one cover up and towel! I thought the ShowNo’s patented neck slit design and convenient pocket made it a perfect companion for someone visiting a Disney water park or for guests staying at a Disney resort hotel. The ShowNo can be used as a convenient cover up, yet the design still allows for it to lay flat as a beach towel. It’s made from an absorbent, 100% cotton material, and is ideal for drying off after a day playing in the water.

The Mickey and Minnie Mouse-inspired ShowNo’s are currently available at Walt Disney World Resort’s two water parks – Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. The Disney Parks authentic ShowNo’s will also be available online at but only until Thursday, May 10!

You can see the Shark Tank episode that features the ShowNo by visiting (look for episode 313 from week 13).

Happy Summer!


  • This is a great product I hope they get them at Ca Disneyland soon so I can get my son one. Sooooo cute

  • This is a must-have product! The ShowNo is so great for the kids to use at bath time as well as the beach. Kudos to Disney for putting them in the Orlando water parks. They are soooooooo ADORABLE! What a fantastic keepsake for the kids to bring home with them. Disney, please put them on the cruise line, in the Disney stores, at ALL the Disney parks and back online! LOVE this product!

  • Missed the sale online at the Disney Store. Bring them back please!

  • My son will love the Mickey Mouse show no. We are so excited to use it this summer. It’s such a great product!

  • These are SO great! I hope you keep them available all year! I would love to give them as Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews. I think they would be perfect for bath time as well as pool time.

  • Wow these are cute! We live near a waterpark in oregon, havent seen these here. My daughter would love a Disney princess one! Im going to buy one online today

  • We have two towels for my son and daughter! They are adorable! We can’t wait to use them this summer at our pool!
    Way to go Shelly! Thank you so much!

  • Great idea I watched Shelly on that episode, she is incredibly inspiring! Would love to see them in the Disney Princesses, Ariel would be perfect!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the ShowNo!!! And not even close to as much as my daughter does!!! She wears it ALL the time. And I will DEFINITELY be buying a Disney ShowNo! My 2-year-old loves “Nickie’ (Mickey)…so it’s perfect! Shelley is a TRUE INSPIRATION! <3 Thank you for sharing your awesome idea with all of us! 🙂

  • @Dustin: The slit closes and it lays completely flat for use as a regular towel!

  • OMG~~~~ It’s the cutiest towel I have ever seen, Thank You Disney for believing in this Girl!!!! SHELLY EHLER with SHOWNO 🙂 🙂 THE Kids LOVE THEM I had a house party for her and it was a SALE OUT every Grandma bougth at least one for there grandkids we want them in Calif. and on the ship cruises. Thank You Dara!!! PLEASE MAKE HER DREAM COME TRUE!!!!
    It’s a small would after all

  • A great idea and product. After seeing these on Shark Tank, we knew this was going to be a hit and think that the Disney line is amazing. A great souvenir and a must have!

  • I would love for you to reconsider the end date to give us a bit more time. I am a big fan of this type of product & would love to share with Facebook friends & Disney buddies/podcast friends & others who may be interested in purchasing this type of product online no matter where they are located….thank you for your time in reading this.

  • That sounds like they will sell! They look nice.

  • These remind me a bit of the Snuggies. What happens, btw, to the head slit when you lay the towel flat to use?

  • These towels are the best. I have bought several in the past for my grandchildren & as gifts. They work so well.

  • Simply AMAZING! These are such an incredible idea, was so inspired watching Shelly on Shark Tank! We just went on a Disney Cruise and these would have been PERFECT!! Something every kid (and parent) would want for practical reasons and now also a perfect memoir to take home.

  • I love the towels they are such a great idea, I can’t wait for a Marvel Superhero line of them.

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Disney ShowNo towels. Wish we could find them on the Disney Cruise ships, my girls would love them and they would make the perfect suvenior.

  • I watched the show on Shark Tank and loved Shelley’s idea. I love it even more now that you have added the Disney charactor’s. Who wouldn’t want one of these to use and take home with them !! We just visited Disneyland in April. Next stop DisneyWorld and a Show-No Disney keepsake !

  • I love the look of these! I hope they come in adult sizes soon. I would so like to have a Donald especially if he came with his Mexican colors. Seems like a natural fit! I will happily take a prototype if you have one lying around!

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