Disneyland Resort Ticket Price Update

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park

As we have done in the past, we wanted to give our loyal Disney Parks Blog readers a heads-up that ticket prices at the Disneyland Resort will be increasing, starting on May 20. This summer is one of the most anticipated times in the resort’s history, and a visit to the Disneyland Resort has never been a better value. In the past few years alone, we’ve added new world-class attractions, such as The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, “World of Color” and Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. Now, with the expansion of Disney California Adventure park, including the 12-acre Cars Land, Buena Vista Street and the Carthay Circle Restaurant, almost complete, there are even more reasons to visit.

And this summer, both parks will open each day at 8 a.m. and offer increased entertainment, giving you and your family more time to stay and play. At Disney California Adventure park, we’re adding an additional showing of “Aladdin – a Musical Spectacular” and Pixar Play Parade will be presented up to twice daily. At Disneyland park, you’ll find more shows and characters at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree and increased performances at the Tomorrowland Terrace every day of the week, and the singing sensation “Voices of Liberty” performing at the Main Street Opera House.

We’re sharing the details here on the ticket prices, which also include increases to Disneyland Resort Annual Passports. Annual Passholders recognize that their investment pays for itself after just a few visits. Our California-based Annual Passholders have the added benefit and flexibility of a monthly payment program. This year, we’ll continue to offer unique passholder-exclusive entertainment and experiences, along with 10-20% discounts on select food and merchandise. As an example, you already know that Annual Passholders were invited to special viewings to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Fantasmic!” And later this summer, Passholders also will have early access to the parks through a new Annual Passholder Early Entry program – just for them. Details on this program were announced earlier this week here.

There are other ways to save when you visit. The popular 1-Day Park Hopper Ticket gives guests access to both parks on the same day, or if you are planning on playing with us longer, multi-day tickets also offer a variety of options for you to save on your California vacation. All updated pricing can be found here. The information will also be available at https://disneyland.disney.go.com/tickets on May 20.


  • Hey, if your AP expires before the end of the year, you can purchase an AP voucher on line for $499 that is good if you activate it before Dec 31st. You can redeam it once your pass expires.

  • Will the new passes have a new design. I know thats the least of the worries but if the passes are increasing I think each pass should show a difference between a premium pass hold and a Southern California Select pass holder I’m just saying make us Premium holders feel even more special.

  • We have already bought 6 day park hopper tickets for this summer. We we still be able to use them even though they aren’t being sold anymore?

    • Chris – yes, the 6-Day Park Hopper tickets you purchased will still be valid for admission.

  • Guess I won’t be renewing my pass next time. It’s getting to be way too much! :'(

  • 1. If you are up for renewal prior to July 1st you get the old prices.

    2. If you buy a new pass today 5/19 (like from the grocery store or wherever) you have until December 31, 2012 to activate it. So if you renew after july before december you can secure the $499 price by pre-purchasing next year’s pass Saturday 5/19/12.

    3. Premier passes jump from $749 to $849 (those are only available at the park and work for WDW and DL)

    4. Parking upgrades are $129

    5. The earliest you can upgrade is 40 days prior to expiration

    6. For new Monthly Payment Plans the down payment will be $87 and the remainder divided by 12. Usually renewals do not place a down payment if renewed within 30 days of expiration.

    Thank you to the AP Services Hotline for answering my questions!

  • Hmmm… I’m going to have to think about renewing my AP at the end of the year. Those are quite the price hikes. Good thing I have through the summer to take advantage of my pass the the new attractions.

  • Just got off the line with the annual pass department and they said that 6 day tickets are no longer going to be sold, the premier pass will be about $849 and its until that july 1st period that you can renew and get the old rates with that 40 days prior to be able to renew. I asked if parking was going to change and they said not for regular parking but the ap to add is going to be $129. I had so many questions, good thing the girl was patient with me!!!

  • We’ve been APs for a few years, and we go Disneyland an average of once a month. Next year when our passes expire, we won’t be so quick to renew. For a family of 5, the price increase hurts. Especially when you consider additional expenses like travel and food. But I guess with the convenient monthly payment plan, the price increase won’t seem too bad.

  • I’m just going to get a job at Disneyland so I can get all the perks lol. Working at the “Happiest Place On Earth” would be one of them.

    Erin, I love that Disney host’s meet-ups every now and then and has had a couple of the $99 ticket giveaways well how about an annual pass contest giveaway for So Cal Res and FL??? or has that already been done?

  • two times in less than a year is problematic. we’ll take the year off, i think.

  • Hi everyone, I just got off the phone w/ the Annual Passholder department. I called because I wanted to renew my pass ASAP before being faced with the 30% increase. Turns out you have till July 1st to renew your pass under the old rates BUT this is only if your pass expires 40 days before July 1st. 40 days is your renewal grace period for your pass. I hope this helps everyone.

  • Since the premium passes are going up so much, I have some questions:

    Are we now going to get DVC discounts on pass purchases similar to the ones that WDW gets? After all, the reasoning for not doing so was because our passes were priced under $500 for the premium. Now that won’t be the case any more, so it would make sense to match the discount.

    If that happens, will there be a discount on the Premier pass for DVC members?

    Will the Premium pass now be offered additional benefits, since it is going to increase in price substantially more than the other pass levels?

    Also, one early entry per park per pass is not enough of an additional benefit to justify this kind of price increase, especially when other parks in the area are providing unlimited early entry for their passholders every day this summer.

    What will the new price of the Premier pass be?

    Will there be some pasholder events on weekends now, even if just during the off-season? After all, there are a lot od people who can’t go until 1:00 A.M. on a Monday night, since they have to work at 8:00 A.M. on a Tuesday morning. This is even more true when they require you to check in no later than 6:00 P.M. (as they are doing for the Fantasmic! event, if this is not what was intended).

    I think these are all reasonable questions that we would all like to have answered and I look forward to a response to them.

  • if I purchase a a social annual pass online today, (a Saturday), would I be able to go to Disneyland today? Saturdays are normally blocked out for the socal pass, but I plan on going today. I understand that if I were to purchase a ticket at the booth, I’d be able to upgrade anyways, but I’d like to buy online to avoid the possible lines.

  • The price changes are way to high for me.

  • And, what about the parking option?

    • Deluxe, Southern California and Select Passport holders can add parking for an additional $129 per year.

  • Sorry that is a 20-30% increase for an AP

  • Does this increase impact the Premier Passport pricing? Or will it remain at $749 after May 20th?

  • wow that’s a big increase on the AP prices.

  • Are there any price increases for WDW planned as well?

    • These changes apply only to Disneyland Resort tickets and Annual Passports. While Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts have taken pricing changes at the same time for the last few years, we have at other times made price changes independently.

  • What about prices for Premier Passholders? Is there going to be in increase ?

  • This price increase is not changing my mind about renewing my annual pass there’s just to much to see and do this summer!

  • How long will the 10-20% discounts be part of the Annual Passport program? Thank you. 🙂

  • Very much dislike. Now I can’t afford to get a new pass when mine expires in September. Oh, well. Guess Disneyland will have to go back to once a year 🙁

  • 6day tickets are not listed one the update are they to remain the same?

  • OUCH! That’s quite an increase!

  • Why isn’t the 6-Day Park Hopper isn’t listed? I’m curious to know how much that one will be, since we usually purchase that one.

  • What about the premier passport? Will there be any change to that? I was planning on upgrading in July.

  • Is the price of the premier passport going to change? I have a premium annual pass for Disney World that I’m planning to upgrade next week to the premier passport.

  • Hi, my annual passport (deluxe) expires on 23 September. Can I renew it now before the new prices come into effect? If so will that change its expiry date?

  • Also, does this mean that we will now get passholder events that people who work for a living can go to? In other words on weekends or Friday nights?

    Heck, even the AP Fantasmic! is impossible, as you have to check in by 6:00 PM (according to CMs at Disneyland) or you can’t get the wristbands. By the time a person gets off work at 5:00 and drives down to Disneyland, parks and takes the tram in, it will be after 6:00, even if they live near the park. The trams can take up to 45 minutes from entering the structure to the main gate alone.

  • I’m wondering if the Premier Pass will still be available and at what price… last we got it at $750 ea for DLR and WDW, it now seems a bargain, but I’m sure it’s increased. If available.

  • What about the Premier Pass? Did that increased as well or will it still be $749.00 plus tax?

  • i see 6 days is not listed. my family is planning to go in january and we always buy 6 days. are you not selling those anymore?

    • The 6-Day Park Hopper ticket is no longer offered at the Disneyland Resort.

  • Will the price of the Premier pass being going up as well?

  • Tyler: First sentence….
    ” a heads-up that ticket prices at the Disneyland Resort will be increasing, starting on May 20.”

  • Premium is going from $499 to $649. Any increase to the Premier Disneyland/Disneyworld annual pass or is that coming in June?

  • Will there be a price increase for the Premier Passport? If that stays at $749, I won’t even hesitate to purchase that on my next trip. Got a couple days in Orlando this Aug, so here’s hoping.

  • sigh. as an annual passholder for several years now, im pretty much used to price increases, but still, it bums me out to see the prices jump this high.

    Will annual passholder be able to renew at a discounted price?

  • How much are the monthly payments going to be for annual passes?

  • They were accepting renewals (adding on to the end of your contract) at the Fantasmic event last week. We have tickets for Monday night. I used to be happy about that. Is there any way to do the renewal (I almost don’t care about the $20 now) without being at a Fantasmic event (prior to the 20th)??? Please say yes!

  • With this increase, does this mean the price Premier pass will increase as well?

  • I have a Premium AP that expires in July. Can I upgrade now at the lower pricing?

    • Disneyland Resort Annual Passport renewals can only happen within 60 days (correction) 40 days of expiration.

  • So what is going to be the new payment plans for someone to get their Annual Pass after May 20th?

  • Will this increase be seen for buying a Premier Pass, too?

  • Will there be an increase in the Premier pass that is good for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World? I was planning on getting that pass soon. Thanks

    • Yes, the price of the Premier Pass is also changing on May 20, to $849.

  • Are these the prices online? I show that the park hopper ticket prices are good through December. A little more information please!

    • The new Disneyland Resort ticket prices can be found at Disneyland.com beginning May 20.

  • Why do tickets have to keep going up all the time?

  • What day do these prices take effect? And if I buy a ticket at the disney store don’t i have like a year to activate it?

    • The new prices take effect May 20. Tickets purchased before May 20 but not immediately activated will not be required to pay the difference in cost when they are activated.

  • I just double checked that! The cast member I spoke to let me know that there will be no increase in monthly payments because your rates are contracted in. If you decide to renew your passport, then you will be paying the new price.

  • I have an annual passport that I bought at the current prices. With these price increases, does this mean that my monthly payments will increase to reflect the new prices even though I have already signed a contract stating that my payments will be made at the amount set by the current pricing?

    • The cost of Annual Passports purchased before May 20 will not increase.

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