More of Cars Land at Night Through a Photographer’s Lens at Disney California Adventure Park

As construction wraps up in Cars Land, parts of the land gradually become “ready for their close-up.” And that’s when we can get to work on taking photos of what this amazing place will actually look like when it welcomes its first Disney California Adventure park guests on June 15.

Last month, I was able to share some of the first photos of Cars Land as it will be seen once the sun goes down, and today I’m pleased to be able to share a few more to help tell the whole story out in Radiator Springs.

So, cue the “Sh-Boom” song and let’s have a look!

Flo’s V8 Cafe is simply irresistible. And Ramone’s House of Body Art adds even more color to every shot. You won’t believe your eyes (or your lens!).

As pleased as I am with how these shots turned out, I have to tell you, nothing compares with actually standing on Route 66 surrounded by this beautiful neon with that incredible mountain range in the distance. And one piece of advice: Bring your camera!

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  • @Jessica, The tickets were available to Pass members too. I am a premium pass holder and was able to buy the $50 dollar tickets with my Pass Number. Also, you can buy tickets for an additional pass holder. It was open to both D23 and Annual pass holders for June 9th and June 10th.

  • @Lisa, The $50 preview tickets are only available to D23 members.

    Annual Passholders may enter a drawing to attend a free preview of Buena Vista Street and Carsland on select dates however, the last day to register was on the 24th.

  • I haven’t seen a picture anywhere of this place where i have been even slightly disappointed. These pics blow my mind on how amazing of a job they did!!!

  • These pictures look FANtastic. I am so excited to see this in person!

  • I can’t wait for the new designed California Adventure! With Radiator Springs and Buena Vista Street this street is about to go above and beyond!

  • Fred, I’m inclined to agree with you. While I would love to see Cars Land come to Orlando, the fact of the matter is Avatarland is the big draw coming instead (I am not a fan but I get it). And it just gives us a reason to hop on a plane and head to Disneyland, no problems with that at all.

  • Every time I see pictures of Cars Land I just keep saying to myself “How is this even real?”. June 15 can’t get here soon enough!

  • Wow. Just looking at these pictures gives me goosebumps. Words cannot express my excitement for this new land.

  • Are you sure it can’t open any earlier?

  • So…how would an Air Force photographer go about getting a job as a Disney photographer when he retires? I am truly interested! Thanks.

  • Great shots, Paul! Except for the “Route 66” painted on the road and the lights on Cadillac Range, I’d be hard-pressed to say whether the first 3 are photos or stills from the movie. I’m so envious of your access for these photos.


  • Considering the enormous price tag of Cars Land (and the Radiator Springs Racers ride alone) it seems pretty unlikely that Cars Land will be built in Disney World anytime soon, especially since Disney World is having a Fantasyland expansion and will be receiving an Avatar land.

    Personally, I hope that Cars land will not be duplicated anywhere else. Disney California Adventure really needs attractions that cannot be found anywhere else. 🙂

  • Good lord that just looks fantastic. Hope to get to the other coast at some point to see this in person!

  • @William I know that they are doing special things for Annual Pass Holders but as for the general public I haven’t heard anything. If you do have an Annual Pass there is a contest that is posted on the blog about Carsland where you will get to preview it on June 11. And also for Annual Pass holders you are able to buy tickets for $50 a person for June 9(?) for a sneak peak as well. I’m not sure if this helps you or not but I figured to couldn’t hurt!! Have fun at Disneyland in June!!! Only a few more weeks!! 😀

  • Stunning, absolutely stunning! Cars Land is going to be so awesome. Please, please, PLEASE build this in Disney World!

  • These photos are phenomenal!

    I’m so impressed that every building looks exactly like it did in the movie!

  • wow, looking so cool… can’t wait to see it for real…

  • Those pictures are fantastic Paul. Our family will be visiting the park The first week of June, and will just miss the opening of Cars Land. Do you know if there will be an opportunity to have a sneak peak at the land for visitors before June 15th?

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