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New Duffy the Disney Bear Items Celebrate Moms and More at Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

17-inch Duffy the Disney Bear Wears a T-shirt Filled With Mother's Day Love

I recently showcased a variety of new Duffy the Disney Bear items with media visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. I thought you would like to see a sampling of these new items including one that was created especially for moms.

For the first time, we will offer a pre-dressed 17-inch Duffy the Disney Bear wearing a tee-shirt filled with love for Mother’s Day (to my mom who is reading this article – I love you!). Starting Sunday, May 6, bears with shirts will be found at the following Walt Disney World Resort locations – Disney Trader’s at Epcot, Emporium at Magic Kingdom and World of Disney at Downtown Disney Marketplace. This concept is something new we are testing, so there are limited quantities of the pre-dressed bears available. Retail for this item will be $30.00 (plus tax).

12-inch Duffy the Disney Bear Pre-dressed Bears Include a New 2012 Graduation Bear

We have carried, however, a variety of 12-inch, pre-dressed bears for years. There was a bear recently released at Disneyland Resort Paris in early April to commemorate their 20th Anniversary. For the graduate in your family, we are releasing a new 2012 graduation bear complete with cap and gown. And coming this summer to Disneyland Resort, there will be a new 12-inch bear for Disney California Adventure park.

ew Duffy the Disney Bear Pins Coming to Disney Parks

Besides the plush bears, we will be releasing several new pins in the coming months. One pin has Duffy driving an Autopia car from the “Gear Up For Adventure” collection at Disneyland Resort (my fellow author Michelle Harker first told you about these collection in February. Both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort will see two different collections of new Hidden Mickey pins coming this summer that have Duffy sporting a variety of hats. In November, the Walt Disney World Resort limited edition Pin Trading Nights pin will also feature Duffy.

Duffy the Disney Bear Vinylmation Figures Coming to Disney Parks

Finally, I’m excited to announce that coming in July we will release the two unique Vinylmation figures of Duffy. Both open edition figures were designed by Monty Maldovan who has designed a variety of costumes for Duffy in recent years. There will be two figures – one in a sailor suit and the other with flocking – that will be presented in decorative open window boxes.


  • My husband and I fell in love with Duffy when we first met him in Oct. 2011. We bought Chef Duffy(my husband being a chef) and it was actually my husband’s first teddy bear(not counting his Pooh, which was his nickname among his HS friends). When he learned a Jedi robe for Duffy was coming out for SW weekend, we had to order it. Problem is, it won’t fit the pre-dressed Chef Duffy so we’ll have to buy another. We went to WDW for Leap year and the first thing we did was meet Duffy. My husband took my pic with Duffy and I asked Duffy, “Do you remember me? We met in October.” I proceeded to show Duffy my cell phone wallpaper which is a photo of Me, my husband and Duffy dressed as a pumpkin. I got a “i hugged duffy” sticker and STILL haven’t taken it off the t-shirt I was wearing(too cold to wear t-shirts where I live, so it’s hanging in the closet).
    We LOVE Duffy!!!!

  • Hello,

    Last february, I came from France to the Walt Disney World. I enjoyed this beautifull trip. I saw a plush / pillow collection.
    There was Mickey and Minnie of course. But there was Simba, Tigger, Eyore, Stitch, Lotso, Cheshire.

    What about DUFFY ? Do you think we can find a Duffy plush pillow one day ? Or may be a Duffy throw (blanket) ? Or may be a Duffy Mug ?

    And on february, they was a Storybook collection with many items on which Duffy was. What about a toy Storybook playset ? with Mickey with his pin lanyard, Minnie with his camera, Goofy with his popcorn and his candy floss, Donald with his map, Pluto with his hat and OF COURSE DUFFY dressed as a sailor ?

    THANK YOU for ready all that ! And thank you in advance for answers.


    • @Stephanie – Bonjour! Great to hear from you. I know that the Hidden Mickey Pins were created for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort. I’m doubtful they will be at Disneyland Resort Paris since they were developed for Cast Members to use for trading in the US.

      I’ve also not heard of any plans at this time for the Duffy Vinylmation figures to be carried in Paris. There are no plans for a Duffy plush pillow, mug or other items at this point. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  • Dear Steven,
    That’s a GREAT NEWS !!!
    A lot of new Duffy’s items ! that’s MAGICAL !
    I am a Cast Member from Disneyland Paris and I am really PROUD of our new Duffy. I bought one of them of course and He is really cute !

    I hope Disneyland Paris will reveive Duffy’s vinylmation or Duffy’s pins too (because here at Disneyland Paris we have the Autopia Attraction so it could be a good idea). And I think that pins with Duffy’s head dressed with different hats are cute too.

    Do you know if we will receive them here at Disneyland Paris ?

    HAVE A MAGICAL DAY from Disneyland PARIS !

  • I LOVE Duffy! I have one of the GIANT Duffys, some of the pre-dressed 12-inch holiday Duffys, a bunch of Duffy pins, and the Duffy keychain. And, of course, I have one of the 16-inch Duffys and several outfits (I have the classic sailor outfit, the Sorcerer Mickey outfit, the pirate outfit, and maybe another one). That Duffy sleeps on my bed and always travels with me when I go to the parks! I even carried him around Epcot on my last trip, so he could meet his character counterpart. That was fun!

    I agree with several of the people who already posted: I would love it if you sold outfits for the 16-inch Duffy in addition to the pre-dressed Duffys. And I’m really looking forward to those pins!

    • @Tamara – How awesome! I’ve been dreaming of returning to Tokyo Disney Resort for 10 years now. I hope you have a great trip in December!

      @Jessica and Allie – We will be releasing a few additional costumes for the 17-inch bear coming later this year. Stay tuned. 🙂

  • The California Duffy is super cute!!

  • Love the new merchandise, but like Paul, I wish that we hand more outfits for my Duffy. There has seemed to be more of the pre dressed Duffy’s released than just the individual outfits. I love my Duffy and he travels with me always. I just wished that I had more outfits for him.

    P.S., I love it when Big Duffy dresses up for the different holiday seasons. It makes his outfits even more special 🙂

  • My daughter loves Duffy. I hope you bring his girlfriend from Japan over to the U.S. I was in Tokyo for work and made a special trip out to Tokyo Disney to get her Shellie May. We can’t wait to bring Shellie to Epcot on our next visit in December…but we would love to be able to buy her some clothes too.

  • The new bears are really cute, but since Cailfornia is getting a special bear will WDW also get one? Also, I heard from several cast members that Shellemay is coming sometime this year or next year. Is this true or just a rumor? Thanks!

    • @Melissa – We have introduced Parks specific bears in the past. For example, Walt Disney World had a 12-inch bear created for the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. There was also the ever popular 12-inch bears for both the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival and Disney’s Aulani, a Resort & Spa in Ko ‘Olina, Hawai’i.

      At this time, we are currently only focused on Duffy the Disney Bear for Parks located in the United States.

  • Love the new outfits, especially the Mother’s Day one, looking forward to other “Holiday” style outfits.

  • My daughter loves Duffy and buys at least one outfit each time we visit. She has been disappointed a couple of times that the outfits were only sold on pre-dressed Duffy’s. She already has one and has expressed her disappointment when she could not find the outfits sold seperately. Please keep bringing out more outfits, and please sell them seperately even if you sell some bears pre-dressed with them. Thanks for all you do.

  • Hi Steven! I’m so excited to see new Duffy Bear merchandise come out. I do have two quick questions I was wondering if you could shed some light on about my favorite bear. Has any consideration been given to bringing Duffy’s girlfriend, Shelley May, stateside? And are there any plans to bring out more Disney character inspired outfits for Duffy? Those are my favorites, especially Sorcerer Mickey! Thanks, Steven! As always, this post was great!

    • @Nadine – Thank you for sharing your comment! I’m glad to hear you have enjoyed Duffy. Please thank your son for his service! Have a safe trip to Florida 🙂

      @Lacey – From my understanding, the graduation 2012 bears are arriving in locations now. I’m checking with the Disney Parks Online Store team ( to see if/when he will be released online.

      @Nicole – Thank you for the kind words. At this point, the Disney Parks in the US (Disneyland and Walt Disney World) are only focusing on Duffy the Disney Bear. There are plans to introduce some additional costumes for the 17-bear. In particular, you will see a new Halloween costume, Mad Hatter and a few others coming later this year. Stay tuned.

  • When will the graduation Duffy outfit (or pre-dressed bear) be available? High School graduations start in 2 weeks in my state, and it took my last disney store order a full week to just process!

  • Our daughter, 13 year old granddaughter and I have loved Disney Bear since he first came out as Disney Bear a few years ago at WDW. Then we visited our son stationed in Japan in the AF a couple of years ago, were thrilled to go to Tokyo Disney and purchased Duffy Bear and many other Duffy items. Now that Duffy Bear is at WDW, we love everything Duffy Bear. We were all excited when we met the “real” Duffy Bear at Epcot. Thanks for all the new items for Duffy Bear! Looking forward to our visit in September so I can trade for the new Duffy Bear Cast Member Pins and find all the new things Duffy!

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