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Send a Magical Message to Your Mom This Mother’s Day at Disney Parks

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Moms are truly magical. They inspire, encourage, teach and guide all with a special touch that lets you know you’re loved. As a Dream Maker with Disney Floral & Gifts, I love to create a special memory every chance I get and this Mother’s Day is no exception!

A 'Magical' Proclamation for Moms on Mother's Day from Disney Floral & Gifts

Take a look at this proclamation! Here’s your chance to do something unique and magical for your mom and to create a moment she’ll remember for a lifetime.

Here’s what to do…post the reason why your mom is the “Most Magical Mom in the World.” Then, e-mail or forward this story to her along with identifying your comment number. This Mothers Day, let’s inspire and warm her heart to let her know how much she’s loved.

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  • My mom is the “Most Magical Mom in the World” because she will put up with anything I and my family do. No matter what happens, she loves us.

  • My Mom is the “Most Magical Mom in the World” because she loves me no matter what I do. She looks just like Sleeping Beauty and has the princess personality to go along with it. She is my best friend just like Pluto and loves me like Mickey loves Minnie! I love my mom with all my heart and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Our Mom is the “Most Magical Mom in the World” because she is pretty like Cinderella, talented and magical like Tinkerbell and as lovely as Minnie Mouse! She is always there for us, takes care of everything and is just the best mom one could imagine! And finally she loves Disney even more than we do and tries to put a sprinkle of pixie dust in our everyday life! Thank you Mom! We love you so much! Tobias and Tom

  • My mom is the “Most Magical Mom in the World” because she is my best friend, and is always there for me when I need her, or even just to goof around and be silly. Now, she’s giving me the best gift of all- a dream wedding with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings! Love you, Mouma!

  • My mom is the “Most Magical Mom in the World” for putting up with all my antics, loving me in spite of myself, and of course, instilling in me a deep and abiding love of all things Disney! Love you, mom!

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