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Students Imagine Big With Disney Youth Education Series

Recently, our Disney Youth Education Series and Walt Disney Imagineering teams added some Disney magic to the school day for 1,000 students at Brownsburg East Middle School in Brownsburg, Ind. The school was the winner in the nationwide “Imagine Big” sweepstakes presented by Scholastic, Inc. The winning prize was a visit to the school by Diego Parras, communications manager for Walt Disney Imagineering. Diego gave enthralled students an insider’s look at Imagineering’s creative process and how it takes a team of people with diverse talents to dream, design and create Disney theme parks, cruise ships and resorts.

Disney Youth Education Series, a part of Disney Youth Programs, uses fantastic settings created by Imagineering to introduce young people to unforgettable learning adventures. Students can study American history in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom Park, learn about energy and waves with a behind-the-scenes look at The Haunted Mansion or examine scientific principles in action by riding a world-famous Disney thrill attraction. These are just some of the experiences offered in more than 26 programs available to student groups of 10 or more.

Diego brought some of that education excitement to Brownsburg last week. His interactive presentation showcased the history of Imagineering, the creative blend of imagination and engineering, and how Walt Disney himself conceived the concept and overcame challenges to bring it to fruition. Diego also drew on his own 22-year Disney career to inspire students to consider their own interests and how, with perseverance, their dreams can forge a career path.

See below for video highlights from Diego’s visit and the once-in-a-lifetime experience the Brownsburg East Middle School students had.

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  • How many raised their hands when asked if they knew what Walt Disney Imagineering was all about? (14-15 seconds into the video).

  • What a fantastic opportunity for those students! Great job, Diego!

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