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Vintage Walt Disney World: Honoring Our Favorite ‘Attraction Moms’

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

Compassionate, loving, Audio-Animatronic. Not quite the typical description of a Mom, unless your duties were in a former Epcot attraction. In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, lets take a few minutes to honor some moms who were always there for their children (not just because they were bolted down) and used to call Epcot their home.

Mad props to you Mom from the 1983 version of Spaceship Earth for never getting tired of watching television with your daughter every night before bed. (Not to mention letting millions of guests peer into your nightly routine.)

Honoring 'Attraction Moms' for Mother's Day Featuring a Spaceship Earth Mom at Epcot

Here’s to you, World of Motion Mom, kicking it in the front seat, joining her family, and sharing in their joy of watching new flying machines take to the air.

Honoring 'Attraction Moms' for Mother's Day Featuring a World of Motion Mom at Epcot

Finally, thanks Horizons Mom for always making sure your child never floated away.

Honoring 'Attraction Moms' for Mother's Day Featuring a Horizons Mom at Epcot

A big Happy Mother’s Day to all of the great moms of this world – real or Audio-Animatronic.

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  • What about the mom in Carosel of Progress?

  • Even though she’s not at Epcot, you have to give out mad props to Sarah in the Carousel of Progress! She cleans, knits, paints, wallpaper and programmed everything in the house! All John does is burn the turkey every year, lol!

    • Mad props to you, Sarah. Mad props.

      Also, I didn’t include the Mom from the American Adventure with the sons who fight on opposing sides of the Civil War. So here’s a shout out to her as well! 🙂

  • Oh how I miss World of Motion and Horizons.

  • Ditto on Sarah from the Carousel of Progress! My favorite “attraction” mom ever! In fact, Carousel of Progress is right up there at the top of my all-time favorite attractions ever.

  • It amazes me how Disney has all these great photos archived, and the Horizons shot made my day!

  • I love this article; thank you for the nostalgia! I always enjoy seeing vintage attractions on here. (I will say, though, that I’m more amused than I should be to read “Kickin’ in the front seat” here… sittin’ in the back seat can be fun, too!)

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