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A Glimpse at Disney Parks Merchandise on the Horizon

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Women's Dole Whip Shirt Coming to Disney Parks

A few months ago, I gave you a look at some Disney Parks merchandise that was currently in development. The article was well received by fans, so I thought another look ahead to merchandise on the horizon was in order.

Add the first item to the column labeled, “You said, we listened.” The lead image is of a new Dole Whip shirt for women that will be arriving this fall at Disney Parks. This shirt is based on the artwork by Richard Terpstra that was created for a men’s version released this past spring. At the time of press, we only had a sample of the Walt Disney World Resort shirt, but there will also be a similar shirt for Disneyland Resort.

Like the Haunted Mansion? Check Out the New Madame Leota Globe and Mini Tombstones!

From one classic Disney Parks icon to another, I was super excited to see these Haunted Mansion-inspired items in the seasonal showroom. The Madame Leota globe was designed by Disney Design Group Artist Cody Reynolds (you may recall my conversation with him last year about Halloween art). Cody told me the light up globe was designed to complement the Halloween art program this year (Haunted Mansion fans will rejoice). Yet the globe can easily be displayed all year long.

The set of Haunted Mansion tombstones was designed by Disney Design Group Artist Costa Alavezos. Each tombstone measures approximately 3 inches tall and the details are incredible!

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Princess Shoe Pins Coming Soon To Disney Parks

The next item reminded me of my sister Susan for two reasons – she has been a long-time fan of Walt Disney’s “Cinderella” and she loves shoes! This pin set will be released in late 2012 and will contain seven stylized shoes inspired by Disney Princesses. Disney Design Group Artist Dave Keefer designed the shoe artwork for an upcoming softlines program, but we thought they would make great pins.

New Disney Ear Hats Arrive This Fall!

In keeping with the fashion theme, I also found two new Disney Ear hats arriving this fall. They are part of a second wave of Tren-D hats. Look for them to be released at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Which items are you looking forward to the most?

Find out more news about Disney Parks merchandise in the posts below:


  • Is there any chance that the “Disney Parks” merchandise will be branching off again into the separate resort merchandise? No longer “Disney Parks” shirts, but Disneyland and Walt Disney World? I feel this has led to a very generic brand of merchandising that isn’t resort specific.

    On another note, I LOVE the new ears!!! It’s really fantastic how the Mickey Ears have transformed into what it is today! 😀

    • @Michelle – Look for an article in the coming month or so. The Halloween items typically arrive in locations around mid- to late-August. I hope to have a first look at some things in July. I know this year has a Haunted Mansion theme. But I will look for Maleficent.

      @Casey – Thanks for the feedback. From what I’ve seen, I think the development/art teams continue to strike a balance between “Disney Parks” and destination specific merchandise. A great example would be the recent Dole Whip shirt (like pictured in this article – similar art yet with the destination specific name drop). In the case of Cars Land / Disney California Adventure, there were lots of unique items created specifically for Disneyland Resort. The same could be said for Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary or the upcoming Epcot 30th.

  • Any chance we can get a sneak peak of the Halloween merchandise? Also, is there going to be any Maleficent stuff? Especially the dragon?

  • Love the shoe pins also. My daughter collects mini shoes and this would be perfect as an additional collectable.

    On a different note, I’ve been trying to find a online resource for DVC merchandise. I recall that you had a archive message about this merchandise, but didn’t see a website so you can purchase. Do you have to been in a Disneyworld DVC resort store to purchase merchandise?

    • @Sharon – Glad you like the shoe pins. I also thought they were unique.

      Currently, there isn’t an official online resource or shopping site for DVC merchandise. I have discussed DVC merchandise via the Disney Parks Blog. And I know the we have shown previews of pins and Vinylmation on their respective official sites ( and

      I spoke with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services who said they would be happy to assist you. Please contact them at 1-877-560-6477 or via email to:

  • Just a suggestion. Recently, well I guess for the WDW HM 40th, there was a small version of the Hat Box Ghost. How about the same small version of the 3 Hitchhiking Ghosts? Can’t wait to see the HM items. I have started re-doing my family room in all HM merchandise. Need more! LOL

  • Those pins are so cute. I have to have them for an accent piece at my next Disneyland Hotel Bridal Fair next year. So clever.

  • I love the shoe pins! Have to get those when I go in December. I’m going to have to take an empty suitcase for all the new merchandise I’m going to want to buy. These pins will hardly take any room up at all.;

    And I agree with “E” we need tshirt sizes larger than XXL!

  • Is there any chance you will be making more clothing items like these in sizes beyond XXL? many of us need 4XL or larger, and these sizes are rarely found here.

  • THose hats will be perfect for when I come up for Dapper Day on 9/7. Will they be available before then?

    • @Anthony – You are welcome! I’m glad you are enjoying the updates. And can I say, lucky, lucky, lucky! 🙂 Have fun on the Disney Fantasy. A friend of mine recently returned and said it was awesome! The Halloween items typically arrive in late August / early September. Provided demand doesn’t exceed supply, then we should have them available by October.

      @Brandy – I’ve always wanted to go to Daper Day!! From my understanding, the hats are due to arrive in August. So they most likely will be available (please note that things can change between now and then).

  • Steven, Thank you so much for all the updates on the theme parks merchandise! I love the Madame Leota globe and the Haunted mansion tomb stones! I hope these collections will be available in Oct. at Disney world I will be there for the food & wine festival, I will also be sailing on Fantasy Aug.11,12 and in Sept. I will be visiting the new California Adventure at Disneyland so keep the merchandise updates coming!! with your sneek peeks I know just what to look for! thanks again!

  • Will absolutely be picking up the Haunted Mansion pieces this Halloween. For far too long I’ve wondered why the HM cart at WDW had been overloaded with Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise and hardly anything specific to HM.

    So excited to see this might be changing. I love collecting HM merchandise.

  • This post cinches it. I need to learn how to make shoes.

  • I just saw a link to this page on Twitter – Love the DW shirt!! I saw that there was a men’s version but when I checked the store only S, M and XXL were available. I hope I can find this shirt in WDW when I am there in Nov. My nephew loves Dole Whips and this would be a fantastic Christmas present!

  • I would love to get the shoe pin set and frame it on black velvet as artwork!

  • Im getting that shirt!!!! Its so unique!!!!

  • This is great. Any idea when we could expect to see the tombstones in the parks?

    • @Theresa – I’m glad you liked the globe. If you like the wallpaper, just wait 🙂 Some fun things planned for Halloween this year.

      @Patrick – I checked with the development team and there are no plans for a Belle shoe at this point. Sorry.

      @Anne – Right on. I would love to see them too. I’ve shared the feedback with the development team, but I don’t know of plans at this point for the ears.

      @Darren – From my understand, our Halloween items are typically set in locations in late-August, early September. I don’t have an exact date at this point but they should be arriving around that time.

  • I would also love to see the Oswald rabbit ears for sale in the parks! I saw lots of people wearing them at Disney over the weekend, and I was jealous 🙂

  • I do enjoy the Princess shoe pins, and it makes me happy that Tiana and Rapunzel are in there. However, Belle is missing! Completer pin maybe? 🙂

  • Love the Haunted Mansion globe and am super interested in seeing it in person. The Mansion’s wallpaper is one of my favorite things about the attraction, lol!

    Super cute pins and I miss waiting up for the Disney store releases as well 🙂

    Thanks so much for the goodies preview!

  • If only the Mr. Toad statues from the Room For One More event at the Haunted Mansion were on sale. 😉

  • OK. Love the tombstones. If only they were about 12 inches tall. I would have them all over my front yard for Halloween. I think there is a great merchandising idea there. 😉

  • I really love that T-shirt!! That will be a must-have for me! It just says “vacation”!

    • @Sara – Agreed!! After writing this article, I craved a Dole Whip. I took my son to Disney’s Polynesian Resort last Saturday just to get those delicious pineapple treats from Captain Cook’s. Awesome!

  • Thank you!! Anything with the Haunted Mansion on it, I will buy – especially the Hitchhiking Ghosts. I love the Haunted Mansion and the more you offer of it, the more I get. I would love the tombstones that came out 3 or 4 years ago. I need the lighted one with the Hat Box Ghost on top and lights up. THANK YOU.

  • I’m loving the pin set of the Princess shoes, so I can’t wait to see how they show up in the “shoe artwork for an upcoming softlines program”.

  • @Steven – Yes, the “20’s-30’s look” and “Buena Vista Street tie-in” was EXACTLY my first thought at seeing the hats, too. At this point, DCA would be missing a perfect opportunity if they didn’t.

  • I’m a big fan of Richard Terpstra’s designs. Keep ’em coming!

  • I love the fall Haunted Mansion tombstones, but I swooned when I saw the new ears, so chique! Can’t wait to see them in person…

  • Hi Steven – Hope you are doing great!!! Thanks for the update – the more Halloween/Haunted Mansion the better 🙂 But, I must say I “LOVE” the Princess Shoes!!!!!! A must have 🙂 Looking forward to purchasing them!!!!!

    Any hope in the future of the Disney Store bringing back their limited edition pins? Must say I without a doubt do not miss having to wake up at 3AM in the morning (lol) but I do miss my Jumbo LE pins very very much!!!! Any news????

    Take Care
    Dana – FL

    • @Dana – Glad you like the previews. Unfortunately, I do not have any news about Disney Store pin development. They are a separate division from Disney Theme Park Merchandise. I will need to do some research. If I hear any additional information, I will share.

  • Must. Have. That. T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! I will be looking for it in October!! I NEVER buy Disney t-shirts, but I’m buying that one for sure! 🙂

  • I LOVE the Dole Whip shirt! I would love to see more shirts like this for women but for the rides too. The retro prints are really nice.

  • Sorry given away at E3.

    • @Michael – I’m familiar with those ears – they were pretty cool. They were actually developed by the team in Florida. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any plans at this point to introduce a version at Disney Parks. If I do hear of plans, I’m sure an article will follow. 🙂

  • Steven,
    Any chance the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ear hats that were given away will be in the parks in some fashion? Thanks,

  • Hi Steven, do you happen to know if the Haunted Mansion merchandise will be available in the Disney parks only or online as well?

    • @Grega – I know the online store will be carrying a few Haunted Mansion items for Halloween this year. The Halloween assortment won’t start arriving at the parks until mid- to-late August. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the two items pictured above will be in that online assortment. Yet there are other things coming for Halloween that have a Haunted Mansion theme. I even saw a few Halloween things on the store today that have recently been added (like a lighted Disneyland candelabra).

  • It’s probably bad news (for my wallet at least) that I love all the new items in this post!!

    …guess I’ll have plenty to collect during our trip this fall!

  • I love the shoe pins. I hope they go on sale online.So want to order them now 🙂

  • Will you have hats themed to the 1920s and/or 30s available in the new Buena Vista Street stores?

    • @Jessica – I don’t know of specific plans for such a thing. Though the new TrenD hats have that 1920s/30s feel to me. There are a few additional styles coming as well.

  • Oh I LOVE these new Ears !! It reminds me of the style from the past with the feathers! Will so be getting 1 or 2 of these when they come out! I like the t shirt too, as how can anyone NOT have a Dole Whip when they visit the parks? ! Thanks for showing us some of the great new stuff!

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