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A Golden Anniversary, from Abbey Road to Main Street, U.S.A.: Mickey and the Gang Pay Homage to The Beatles at Walt Disney World Resort

Fifty years ago this year, a quartet of moptop lads from Liverpool recorded their first single, “Love Me Do.” When they entered Abbey Road Studios for that historic recording session in 1962, little did the world know that The Beatles were destined to become the most popular musical group in history. Selling more than 600 million albums worldwide — with 71 singles hitting the Billboard “Hot 100” chart — they’ve influenced music like few artists have.

One of the most iconic photos of The Beatles was taken in 1969 for the group’s “Abbey Road” LP. The album cover showed John, Ringo, Paul and George (walking in that order) in mid-stride on an Abbey Road crosswalk in London.

To honor the band’s 50th anniversary, we asked Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy to recreate the photo on Main Street, U.S.A., at Magic Kingdom Park.
Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy Pay Tribute to The Beatles on Main Street, U.S.A., at Magic Kingdom Park
Today, we’re pleased to offer it to you, not only as a photo to view (in the same square format as the studio album), but also in additional, high-resolution sizes you can download for digital wallpaper use. After all, since the characters pictured are known unofficially as the “Fab Five” (minus Minnie, who was on hand to help direct this shot), it seems like an appropriate homage to the supergroup known worldwide as the “Fab Four.”

(Click on the photo above in this post to take you to the wallpaper download page, and be sure to check out the terms of use for using the wallpapers before you download.)

As we teased yesterday with our photo of Herbie, we hinted the answer had a lot to do with “love.” And it does — Herbie the Love Bug and “Love Me Do.” (We think Herbie does a terrific job portraying the Volkswagen Beetle partially parked on the Abbey Road curb in the original photo.)

Yellow Shoes Creative Group once again lived up to its name, with Disney Parks Blog Author and Photographer Matt Stroshane taking this picture at Magic Kingdom Park. (A trivia tidbit — Matt actually shot this photo on Paul McCartney’s birthday last week.) The Yellow Shoes production team secured props and other elements to make the scene as detailed as possible. All of the elements in the image are authentic and were on Main Street as they are seen here. The only photo enhancement by the Yellow Shoes production team is a “grainy” hint created in the final image to look more like a photo taken in 1969. Even the crosswalk and street lines are the real deal. Professional-grade thermoplastic, the thick, non-slip and reflective material used on actual streets and sidewalks everywhere, was placed on Main Street, U.S.A., for the temporary crosswalk and street lines that run down the middle of Main Street toward the trolley.

See if you can spot other similarities in this photo, and let us know any other details in the comments section.

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  • Amazing–great job! I do love the font.

  • I also noticed the “Disney Parks” in the corner in yellow is in The Beatles font, and the word “Blog” looks like the font from “Yellow Submarine” record. I love that Disney’s Yellow Shoes did this. It combines my two favorite things Disney and The Beatles! 😀

  • Similarities? The second person/character from the right in both pics are named after heavenly bodies. The third from the right have wings in common. That’s all I’ve got!

    • I am in awe of the way you connected the dots on those, David! I’m not sure those similarities were intended, but it’s very impressive that you thought of them.

      Starr/Pluto and Paul McCartney & Wings/Ducks with Wings = nicely done!

  • Here are all the similarities I found…

    Step position, arm position, number of stripes in crosswalk, crosswalk bumps are in same place, VW Beetle, Main St vehicle where black taxi is parked, trolly car looks like the car coming towards camera, man on the right, group of people on the left. trees lining the road, lamp posts where street lights are, and the rod iron fence on left and the block post are similar.

    I’m still probably missing a few.

    The production crew did an excellent job matching up so many of these details!

    • Great job, Roger. Nice eye in looking at all of the detail. Here’s a nifty fact about an element you mentioned: while the crosswalk and street lines are thermoplastic material used on real roadways, the reflector-type bumps at the end of each crosswalk line are actually plastic caps used to protect the tops of wooden fenceposts. In addition to being creative, our Yellow Shoes production team is resourceful!

  • Great picture! Will there a version for iPhone/Android?

    • Robert, unfortunately when we tried to create a download version for a smartphone, we could not fit all four characters into the vertical photo format.

  • Donald’s barefoot AND Mickey’s wearing black, so maybe…. 😉
    (Besides, Paul was the walrus, not a mouse.)

    • And who knows, maybe Donald has met a few walruses during his sea travels.

  • Great pic. Donald is barefoot, but we all know that Paul McCartney is still alive and well, so we have nothing to worry about. Thank you for sharing.

  • Aha! Never mind my question above. I just double clicked on the photo & can download from there. Too simple! Don’t I feel silly now! 🙂

    • Actually, Corene, you helped us out. Somehow the line we had written about clicking on the main image to get to the wallpaper download page had fallen off this copy in a late edit. So we added it back again. Thank you for your earlier note!

  • While I love the image, the size you guys use for Android is not quite right. The standard size is 540×960, anything else (like the standard iPhone size that you group Android under) has to be cropped to fit!

    • Thanks for the tip, Jordan. Let me forward this to our folks who create the wallpaper download page.

  • There is the guy standing at the curb on the right, and a group of people farther down on the left.

    • Nice detail-spotting!

  • Love it! The Fab 4 are my absolute fave, and this shot is fab too! Is there a link to the wallpaper download spot that I’m missing? I’ve never downloaded wallpaper from Disney before. Where do I go?
    Thanks for the smile this morning!

  • Also, they all have the correct foot forward according to the original photo…nice attention to detail.

  • I see there is a guy standing on the sidewalk to the right watching them just like in the original.

  • This is such a great photo! Disney really gets everything right down to the detail. I love the guy standing on the right side of the road and the family on the left. It’s a nice touch and is very similar to the original 🙂

    • Thanks Dana. Our photographer, Matt, and the Yellow Shoes producers on hand for the shoot did a fantastic job of trying to match many of the details.

  • ..oops that should be Beatles…. not Beetles… feel free to correct my spelling!!

    • Kimberly, it’s ok…there is a Beetle (Herbie!) in the photo too. 🙂

  • This is great!! I’m a HUGE Beetles fan!! I love how they even have Donald stepping with his right foot like Paul on the album cover.

  • That’s incredible! As a huge Beatles fan and a Disney cast member, seeing this made me smile here at work. My new desktop wallpaper! 🙂

  • This picture is awesome! My favorite similarity is the man on the right side looking over… he looks very familiar! 🙂

    • Very good eye. He indeed might be familiar to some folks.

  • The people in the background are in similar positions and stances to those on the original cover.

  • Egad – does this mean that Minnie is the Yoko Ono of the group…

  • Love this photo. Can I buy a matted or framed copy of this picture at the parks?

    • Hi Pamela, Glad you like the picture. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale, but available only online to our readers.

  • That is an awesome picture!

    They are all taking the correct steps, like the original picture of the Beatles.

    Donald is shoeless like Paul!!

    • Well done, Jeff! You noticed one of my favorite parts of the picture.

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