Beyond Sodas: Snazzy New Sips in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

“Guests want options other than water and soft drinks,” says Jeannie Villarreal-Bissell, Disneyland Resort Beverage Manager. “They want something fun and unique – something they may not be able to create themselves – and it needs to be yummy!”

Cue the Disney beverage experts. And Walt Disney Imagineering to come up with clever names.

Cars Land offers six fun, new non-alcoholic sips themed to the hit film, “Cars.” For example, at the Cozy Cone Motel, Cone #1 features “Ramone’s Pear of Dice Soda” made with desert pear and mojito flavorings and Sprite. Remember Ramone in the movie, the lowrider who owns Ramone’s House of Body Art? Also at Cone #1, there’s regular and cinnamon-spiced hot cocoa.


At Cone #2, check out the “route” beer floats. Cone #3 serves “Fillmore’s Fuelin’ Groovy Ades,” an all-natural lemonade with wild berry foam, or pomegranate limeade with lemon-lime foam. Fillmore is the resident hippie bus who owns an organic fuel shop in the movie.


Cone #4 serves Red’s Apple Freeze, made with 100% frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and passion fruit-mango foam (delicious!). Red is the retro red fire truck in the movie, thus the “toasted marshmallow.”

Cone #5 offers Doc’s Wild Grape Tonic, with Sprite, wild grape syrup and wild berry foam topping. We loved Doc Hudson, the 1951 Hudson Hornet and town doctor in “Cars.”


At Flo’s V8 Café, you can try Mater’s Tulsa Tea, sweet green tea topped with passion fruit mango foam. Or a shake – chocolate, vanilla and or strawberry – topped off with “road gravel” (crunchy candies).


The 16-ounce drinks are $3.29 to $4.29, and available in a souvenir glass for an extra charge. (The Cozy Cone souvenir cups are pretty darn cute – shaped like a traffic cone.)

Which one will you try first?

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  • Man, I just got back from my trip to DCA and had fun trying these drinks thanks to this article. Loved Red’s Apple Freeze and the Root Beer Floats(with tons of ice cream) the best. I was so happy to see they had the cone cups back in stock(3 people each day I bought one stopped me in the street and asked me where I bought it). I ran out of room and couldn’t drink anymore. Crazy that I’m so looking forward to tasting the rest(especially the milkshakes and Doc’s tonic when I go back the next time. Lots of fun and giggles even if some taste a little weird like the Tea, but thats the fun in tasting your way through cars land.

  • mouth is watering!! These drinks sound so refreshing and tasty! I need to get to CARS so I can try them. Not sure which one will be first, maybe the Tulsa Tea with the Passion Fruit Mango or the Lemonade with Wild Berry! Nothing would be better on a warm, sunny day to quench one’s thirst…I’ll have to try them all and take home a souvenir cup!

  • So I’m thinking Gaston’s would be a great place to incorporate similar drinks in the new Fantasyland. Or develop a signature drink for each princess near Fairytale Hall! Snow White could be apple, obviously, and Sleeping Beauty could be a rose infused tea. Ariel could have a tropical drink, and for Tiana I’m thinking an iced coffee… 🙂

  • The toasted marshmallow foam sounds yummy! Loving the cone cups too. Cool to see cups/items/souvenirs that are unique to each individual Disney park.

  • Any chance of getting drinks like these at the Florida parks? They sound delicious!

  • Red’s Apple Freeze is delicious!

  • When we were there a week ago, you couldn’t order the specialty drinks in the cozy cones. Real bummer….

    • Cones will be back soon!

  • These all look great, glad to see Disney going beyond the standard soda drinks and offering up unique drinks that you can only get at the parks. Can’t wait to try one of these.

  • My daughter and I were there for two days, and she must have had at least six of Red’s Apple Freezes! I had one myself. They’re just so good!

    We invested in one of the cone cups. They were just so darn cute.

  • Thanks Pam, this makes me even more upset about all the news I’ve heard that these cool cones are SOLD OUT FOR THE SUMMER!?!?!? I’m coming mid July and was going to buy a couple large drink cones, Luigi Tire Hats and Cars land soundtracks, but heard everything cars land is selling/sold out.

    Looking forward to buying the cones when they come back, but will settle for the Limeaid at Filllmore’s!!! YUM

    • The cones are so popular, they have, indeed, sold out — but they will be back as quickly as they can get a new supply!

  • I think I’ll try cone #5 next week! Would you happen to know how much the souvenir cone is?

    • Ramone’s Pear of Dice Soda ($3.29)
      Fillmore’s Fuelin’ Groovy Ades (lemonade with wild berry foam amd pomegranate limeade with lemon-lime foam) ($3.79)
      Red’s Apple Freeze ($4.29)
      Doc’s Wild Grape Tonic ($3.79)
      Mater’s Tulsa Tea ($3.29)

  • Red’s apple freeze is the one for me, I will be there to try it next week!

  • I tried Mater’s Tulsa Tea because I’d never had sweet green tea before, and now I’m curious about Doc’s Wild Grape Tonic!

  • I’m so excited to try them!! Is it possible to get samples for the kids before we buy a big drink?

  • I love the Cozy Cone souvenir cups. Any word on when they’ll be back in stock for purchase in Cars Land? I heard they already sold out of all the quantity and Cars Land has only been open a week. I won’t be there until August and really want to get one.

    Also, do you know if it’s possible to get Red’s Apple Freeze drink without the topping (I am allergic to mango)?


    • Just ask, they will make it without the foam!

  • Thanks for the post Pam!

    It’s going to be a bit before I can come back and I’ve been longing to see these new drinks! I can’t wait to try them!

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