Blue Sky Cellar: Imagineering Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

From time to time, we’ve shared clips of some of the videos that have played in Walt Disney Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar at Disney California Adventure park. Some Disney Parks Blog readers have asked us to post the videos in their entirety, so today I’m excited to be able to feature two videos that have been featured recently in the preview center that has displayed the concepts from Walt Disney Imagineering throughout the expansion of the park.

Up first is a beautiful feature on the creative process behind the design and construction of Cars Land, in which you hear from Imagineers themselves on the inspiration, emotion and rewards of building such an immersive experience for guests. Grab a tissue!

I’ll be back later today with another complete Walt Disney Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar video for you to enjoy.

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  • I am an 18 year AP holder and I went to one of the previews and I was in awe. The whole cars land exceeded my expectation. My son could not stop talking about this visit for at least 2 weeks. It is awesome.

  • Thank you for sharing the hearts and imagination minds of CARS Land Imagineers and John Lasseter. I’ve been many times now and I love Cars land!!

  • This video is really beautiful. I love Disney and all that it stands for. It inspires me to be an artist and, frankly, just to follow my dreams! These Imagineers are incredible. Thank you for creating such wonder in everything you do. Disney is truly magical.

  • Incredible video! And it totally did make me cry… Thanks so much for posting this!

  • This is a really wonderful video. This is what separates Disney parks from any other.

  • my friend shot this video!! 😀

  • Thank you for sharing this incredible video for those of us who can’t get there this year! The passion that imagineers bring to their job is inspiring and will always guide the quality and immersive experiences you create for guests. Bringing emotional responses to us every day is a gift for which we are incredibly thankful. So THANK YOU!

  • Thank you so much for this. My family and I love watching these videos in the Blue Sky Cellar when we visit California Adventure, and I’m glad that people who can’t visit often can get to see a couple of them. This one in particular is my favorite.

  • Awesome video. One of these days we’ll get to DL to see it. We go to WDW every year. Listening to how emotional the Imagineers are when talking about it is beautiful. Truly inspirational.

  • Thank you for sharing this fantastic video. The Imagineers should be very proud of all the hard work they have put into Cars Land, Buena Vista Street, and throughout Disney California Adventure and Disneyland. THANK YOU!

  • 15 year AP holder. Going up to see Cars Land for the 1st time this Saturday. Can hardly wait to see what the walls have been hiding. I’ve avoided the AP events because I wanted the entire day to enjoy discovering the new California Adventure all unvailed. As the old commercial says “I can’t sleep,I’m to excited…..Wahoo!

  • Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this Erin! The Blue Sky Cellar is a must-do every visit for me, and this is one of those videos I always looked forward to seeing. Here’s hoping the other one is the Imagineers talking about Buena Vista Street–that one always made me tear up.

  • Truly a great video! I adore Cars Land, everyone involved should be extremely proud of their hard work and dedication. I also feel that John Lasseter is this generation’s Walt Disney.

  • This video is so inspiring and has left me without words. As a mechanical engineering student, and with a dream of becoming a Walt Disney Imagineer since the third grade, to see the joy, emotion, dedication, and love that these Imagineers shared for Cars Land is truly amazing and inspirational. Thank you!

  • Great video!!

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