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Chef of Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland Shares His Favorites from the Menu

Braised pork for lunch and a grilled strip steak for dinner – Chef Michael Deardorff had a hard time choosing, but says those are two of his favorites from the new menu for Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park.

Guests can start making reservations in late August (we’ll let you know the exact date as soon as we can), with the restaurant to be open for the holidays.
Chef Michael Deardorff of Be Our Guest Restaurant, Coming to New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Chef Deardorff has been at the helm in Disney kitchens for 25 years, most recently as part of the opening of the restaurants at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawai’i. Now he’s back to open Be Our Guest, inspired by “Beauty and the Beast,” with three dining rooms and seats for over 500 guests.

“Lunch is quick service, but not traditional counter service,” says Deardorff. Guest-activated terminals make ordering a snap (there also will be traditional cashiers for cash orders and special dietary requests). You order, take a seat and lunch is delivered to your table – on china, not paper.

Back to the menu. “It’s all about simple, fresh ingredients,” says Deardorff. “Just like your favorite quick-service restaurants across Magic Kingdom Park, you’ll be able to enjoy sandwiches and salads at Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch, but all with a twist that transports you to the French setting of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’”

There’s a little French bistro flavor with tuna Niçoise salad and a Croque Monsieur sandwich with carved ham, Gruyere cheese, béchamel and pommes frites (a fancy term for French fries). Or go for the carved turkey on a warm baguette with Dijon mayonnaise, or the grilled steak sandwich with garlic butter spread, both with pommes frites. Heartier fare includes braised pork that’s cooked for eight hours, and for vegetarians, there’s a loaded vegetable quiche or quinoa, shallot and chive salad.
Artist Rendering of the Be Our Guest Restaurant Coming to New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Dinner is table service, with diverse starters such as a charcuterie plate with cured meats and sausages, mussels steamed in white wine, French onion or potato leek soup, and a salad with champagne vinaigrette. We’re intrigued by the salad trio with three mini tastes of roasted beet, raisins and orange; green beans, tomatoes and roasted shallots; and watermelon, radish and mint.

Entrées include a thyme-scented pork rack chop with au gratin pasta, rotisserie rock hen with roasted fingerling potatoes, pan-seared salmon in leek fondue, grilled strip steak with pommes frites, sautéed shrimp and scallops with veggies in puff pastry with creamy lobster sauce, and an oven-baked ratatouille.

Oh, and dessert – we vote for the cupcakes, strawberry cream cheese or triple chocolate. If cupcakes aren’t your favorite sweet ending, there’s a chocolate cream puff and a passion fruit cream puff.

For kids 9 and under, the lunch entrées include a carved turkey sandwich, roasted pulled pork, Mickey meatloaf, seared mahi mahi, or whole-grain macaroni topped with marinara and mozzarella. For dinner, it’s grilled steak, grilled fish of the day, whole-grain macaroni or grilled chicken breast.

“We think guests will be pleasantly surprised with the menu and the value,” says Deardorff.

More updates soon!

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  • Its great to see more information on the restaurant, its all very exciting. But its a bit frustrating how you guys tell us that you are going to give us a date yesterday, and today all we get is another estimation date.

    Thanks, Jorge

  • Thanks so much for the update! I was anxiously hitting refresh for the past 2 hours!! Can’t wait to (hopefully) get my dinner reservation come August!

  • Yes it all looks and sounds great, I’m really getting excited about giving this place a try. Thanks for all the info you have been providing wetting our appetites 🙂

  • Sounds like “Be Our Guest Restaurant” could be an attraction all on its own! Can’t wait to see it all.

  • When you say “holidays” are you referring to the Thanksgiving holidays or the Christmas holidays? Thanks!

  • Magnifique!!!!

  • Sounds amazing but when you say it’s going to be opened for the holidays, do you mean Christmas or around Halloween and Thanksgiving?

  • Sounds fantastic! Hope I get a lunch reservation for my December trip.

  • Croque Monsieur! Yesssssss. I went to Paris with my parents once for about a week when I was little, and I must have eaten a dozen of these things in that time. Something about eating a grilled ham & cheese in France just makes it taste better.

  • This menu sounds great!! Any idea on what “open for the holidays” means? We will be there in early November, hoping it will be open by then. Can’t wait to find out.

    • We PROMISE to share date as soon as we know it!

  • The ambiguous “holidays” opening is torture! I hope disney considers the Wine & Dine half marathon a holiday!!!! 🙂

    The menu reminds me of Cinderella’s Royal Table, where the food is elegant, tasty, and each dish is complementary to the entire meal. Although..I am a little disappointed that there is no gray stuff or pie and pudding en flambe 😉

  • Great update! Menu sounds wonderful (I’m a huge foodie). But I’m wondering, when the time comes, how does one make a reservation?
    My birthday is in August and making a reservation might be a present but I’m still a little confused on what is required.

    • When the time comes, guests make reservations at 407-WDW-DINE

  • Love the menu and excited to get new info (been on since 8am constantly refreshing), but based on blog update yesterday, thought we would have opening date today. Can you define “by the holidays” yet? One CM told me it should be open by early Nov. Is that a possibility? Merci!

  • “You order, take a seat and lunch is delivered to your table – on china, not paper.”
    Real silverware too? Or is that too much to hope for.

    Besides all the other reasons, this “sold” me. I will be checking this out on the next trip.

    Will the QS lunch require reservations?

    • Real silverware too! And NO reservations for quick-service lunch.

  • My mouth is watering just reading about it! Although I don’t see any grey stuff on the menu and I hear it is delicious! I can’t wait to see and eat at Be Our Guest! Yummy!

  • So will you still need reservations for lunch or will it be first come first served? I can’t wait!

    • No reservations for lunch!

  • Cannot wait for this to open! The menu and the place are just going to be magical.

  • Sounds great! See you in November! 🙂

  • I am so excited. I am still hoping to eat here for my birthday before running the Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon. I know it says it will be open for the holiday season. I am assuming that means when they start having Mickey’s Very Mery Christmas Party, Which starts in early November. But you know what they say about assuming.

  • So they say “Holiday season” and you can make reservations in August…. There are three Holidays until the end of the year – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Personally, I think it’ll be November because the Halloween decorations will be gone but the Christmas one’s won’t be up….. Any thoughts?

  • I’m still wondering if this will be a signature restaurant or not. My meal plan depends on it! 🙂

  • I agree w/another poster that I’m a tad disappointed that the menu items (at least from what we know from this) don’t incorporate the lyrics. I sooooooo wanted to try “the gray stuff.” I kind of figured the ADR date info would remain vague b/c by giving too many dates on ADRs (i.e. when and for what dates) would basically reveal an opening date for FLE. I guess at least we have some news…the menu does sound tasty and I guess at least I know I’ve got about 2 months before ADRs open … just praying it coincides w/our dates. That whole “open for the holidays” could mean so many things. Can’t wait for the next update! 🙂

  • I am so excited for this restaurant! 🙂 I’m keeping my fingers crossed that “holiday season” means October, because that’s our next trip to WDW! But if it isn’t, I won’t have too long to wait: we go to WDW twice a year, and the next trip after that is in January!

  • Sounds amazing! I so hope I can get a dinner reservation in November.

  • I am THRILLED about the addition of Be Our Guest to the Magic Kingdom! The menu really sounds delicious, and it sounds like it will provide a slightly more upscale dining experience while still being very kid friendly. But do you know what I’m most excited about? The kids’ menu, both at lunch and dinner! Bravo, Disney, for realizing there are kids who eat “adult” food, not just burgers and chicken nuggets! I hope we’ll continue to see more dishes like this! Also, I hope we’ll see more veggies on the kids’ menus…sure carrot sticks are a healthier option than fries, and I’m glad for that, but carrot sticks and grapes at every meal can get old. 🙂

  • And if we call that number and make reservations, is it like a normal restaurant or do we have to put money down as well?

    • No credit card guarantee (always subject to change, of course).

  • Does anyone know if the dinner service will be one table service credit or two?

    • Still working out details, stay tuned!

    • Guests will be able to use one (1) QSR entitlement for lunch or one (1) TSR entitlement for dinner.

  • I can’t wait! Planning on this for our anniversary dinner in late December. 🙂

  • Does anyone know when it actually opens or has this not been announced yet

  • Which holidays?? Thanksgiving, christmas? newyears?? I wish they would be more specific

  • It all sound wonderful! Any idea if the dining plan will be accepted? Would it be a QS credit for lunch and a TS credit for dinner? Thanks!

    • Yes, Dining Plan will be accepted. Guests will be able to use one (1) QSR entitlement for lunch or one (1) TSR entitlement for dinner.

  • I don’t speak French. Dang it!!

  • Dear Pam, as a French guest (and castmember in DLP), I just wanted to tell you that your French is perfect ! You even wrote the accents 🙂
    And I really love all the menus, and as a Beauty and the Beast’s fan, I will sure dine in this amazing place 😀

  • Will the table service dinner include characters?

    • No characters — at least not for now!

  • Cannot wait. The menu so far sounds wonderful!

  • It’s great to get some information on the restaurant format and the menu. If the food is anything like that at Aulani – by way of preparation and attention to detail – this will be a great success. I agree with the other comments, I am disappointed that we have to wait again to hear exactly what date in August that we can made adrs, and would hope that we will have warning of a date in the next scheduled blog post prior to them going live. Here’s hoping that the holiday season starts as soon as the decorations go up – we are planning to go in December specifically for this restaurant and the Fantasyland Expansion!

  • Quick serv, but not counter service. Where will this fit in on the dining plan?

    • Yes! Guests will be able to use one (1) QSR entitlement for lunch or one (1) TSR entitlement for dinner.

  • So hoping for an ADR for mid-November! I was a bit worried because my mom is a pretty boring eater, but the grilled steak will be great for her and I was happily stunned to see the sauteed shrimp & scallops in lobster sauce! My mouth is watering already!

  • Thank-you Pam and Chef Deardorf for the update!! The menu sounds wonderful. We are very anxiously awaiting the day to make reservations, but also plan to take in the QS lunch at least once on our Christmas trip.

  • Very excited for the update Pam! I have ben coming to the Blog to get up to date information to share with my peers. The menu sounds amazing and I can not wait to experience the food! Correct me if I am wrong, but the “holidays” typically means the Christmas time (or the start of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party). I am so happy to hear all of the wonderful feedback from our guests 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more!

  • Oh my! This all sounds so divine! Our family is looking forward to this on our next trip. My mouth is watering. Thank you for the updates and we look forward to more exciting updates.

  • Can’t wait!! Thank you for keeping us updated! we will be celebrating my daughter’s 16th birthday in Feb. at WDW and are so excited about eating here! Just trying to decide between lunch and dinner. We’d prefer the dinner experience if my somewhat picky DD can find something on the menu( it all sounds good to me)!! 😉

  • Thanks for sharing more info! I so do hope it’s open by the time we arrive. Do you know if BOG will be part of the Disney dining plan?

    • Yes!

  • sorry about the double question. The message said it failed the first time, apparently not 🙂

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ask them to open it in early October!!!!! i will be there for Halloween and would love to check it out!!!!!

  • This would be a perfect place to meet Lumiere, similar to Remy at Les Chefs de France!

  • Hi, I’m from Italy and I’ll be’ there from 6 to 10 november and I hope…. I really hope that will be open! 🙂

  • What is the view from the restaurant? will I be able to see the fireworks?

    • You won’t be able to see the fireworks; Be Our Guest is all about being immersed in the experience of “Beauty and the Beast.”

  • Will they accept Tables in Wonderland?

    • Yes, restaurant will accept Tables in Wonderland.

  • Very exciting!! Thank you so much for the updates! We will be at Disney right after Thanksgiving and really hope it’s opened by then. I think both menus sound so good and it will be nice to finally have some new meal options in Magic Kingdom.

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