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Coffee Mugs Percolate to the Top of Disney Parks Souvenirs

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Morning-Themed Coffee Mugs Available at Disney Parks

There is no greater joy than my morning cup of coffee! I was 16 when I had my first cup of coffee in the France Pavilion at Epcot (I thought I was being sophisticated). I didn’t become obsessed with coffee until college (thanks to an ABC television show that aired in the early 1990s). Recently, I learned that coffee mugs, particularly the morning-themed mugs shown above, are some of the most popular selling items at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. I spent time with David Whitaker, product developer for Home and Décor, in his showroom surveying some new mugs at Disney Parks. He told me that the popular morning mugs first introduced in 2009 were an update to a previous art program.

“The previous ‘morning’ mugs were too large,” said David. “We found people were using them for things other than holding 32-ounces of coffee. So, Disney Design Group artist Patty Landing redesigned the mugs to make them more usable. Besides, who needs that much coffee [laughs]?”

'Alice in Wonderland'-themed Coffee Mugs Available at Disney Parks

David shared with me a few new designs that have an “Alice in Wonderland” theme. I really liked the Mad Hatter mug designed by Disney Design Group artist Costa Alavezos.

“We have designed many ‘traditional’ mugs,” explained Costa. “With the Mad Hatter mug, I wanted a mug that was filled with whimsy, very much like the personality of the Mad Hatter from the animated and feature films.”

Mickey's 'Really Swell' Coffee Mugs Available at Disney Parks

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention “Mickey’s ‘Really Swell’ Coffee” brand which is a part of our consumables line. The brand was introduced years ago and features a variety of flavored roasts you can brew at home. I was surprised to learn that Disney artist Thomas Scott (of recent Vinylmation fame) created the original logo for the brand. Patty Landing later revised the logo that is found today. I can’t wait to get my hands on that giant “Theme Perks” mug!

Coffee Mugs Available at Disney Parks

David said that we can expect to see more coffee tumblers as the assortment expands from traditional mugs or fun, three-dimensional mugs (like the Goofy one above that Costa also designed).

You can find an assortment of mugs on the Disney Parks Online Store, including those morning mugs.

How do you like your coffee?


  • Loooove the disney mugs! I can’t help but buy a few everytime we visit! My cupboard is getting full but i can’t wait until next year when we’re back in disney to buy some more! love the new alice & mad hatter cups!

  • I’m also a mug collector-I love the mugs with the fret on them (the tiny pebbles of glass that give the exterior texture)that were introduced a few years ago.

    The one thing that I really wish for is more resort-specific mugs!

    I have all the Wilderness Lodge mugs (I’m a big tea drinker), but there are no Contemporary Resort mugs, no Bay Lake Tower mugs, only 1 DVC mug right now.

    As someone who travels to Disney several times a year, I’m always looking for the resort-specific swag, as opposed to the more general Disney stuff you can find anywhere, or that I could pick up on my next trip at any Disney store.

    It’s like a treasure hunt for me.

  • My American Traditions coffee mug broke on the way home from the best vacation ever this year. Does anyone know where to get a replacement? Thanks

    • @Kelly – I have not heard of any such plans at this time. Sorry.

      @Pamela – What a great idea – having a “back up” mug just in case. I should start doing that as I know I would be disappointed if any of my EPCOT Center mugs would break.

      @Gary – Sorry to hear that the mug broke 🙁 I believe I used that mug as a lead image in an article last year on the Disney Parks Blog –

      I, however, have some unfortunate news. I checked with the development team and, sadly, we have discontinued that mug. I thought maybe our off-site liquidation locations may have them. But they do not have them either. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

  • Love my Disney mugs! I am not a kitchy kind of gal, the two exceptions are Christmas, and my Disney coffee mugs. I have 3 daughters and when they have their friends over in the winter, there is a big deal made over who gets what cup. I have even have had my DD’s friends say your Mom is so cool, because of the mugs 🙂
    Every trip, I am very selective of what cup I buy and everyone knows you can not buy it for me because it is one of my greatest pleasures. I have had some mugs close to twenty years. I now always buy 2 of the same mug, I put one away just in case it is broke, because I was devestated when my favorite “simpley pooh” mug broke. Thank you for posting these great pictures!:)


  • Late to this post, but does anyone know if WDW plans to offer a refillable (even full-price refills) coffee mug for its many stands throughout the parks? I LOVE Joffrey’s and drink it by the gallon when I’m in the parks, and I know WDW recycles pretty much everything, but I still hate using and tossing and using and tossing and using and tossing as I go. And a plastic toteable mug like the souvenir ones sold now makes a great statement! Perhaps a Passholder version??

  • I have to have the Goofy one with the ear handle! I can’t find it at the online Disney Store. How do I get one? Is there a SKU that I can reference to order one over the phone? It will be the perfect Father’s Day gift!

    • @Anonymous – Here is the item number of the Goofy mug – 400006075482

  • I don’t even drink coffee (or tea for that matter) but I still own a few Disney coffee mugs! I saw one with Mickey heads in different animal prints on a website and couldn’t wait to get them. I love animal print and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find them when I go to WDW in December so and called Guest Services (took them a little while to find them but they did)and two weeks later they were delivered to my house. I use one as a pen/pencil holder and the other three are in my kitchen cupboard for guests or to drink soup out of. The stacked tea cups one and the Goofy ones just might be coming home with me in December.

  • How large are the new mugs? If they hold less than 32 oz, how much do they hold? Thanks so much, I love these mugs!

    • @Rebecca – I spoke with the development team who said that the current mugs can hold an average of 8-12 ounces depending upon size of mug.

  • Oh my goodness, I can’t wait!! I’m visiting in December…is there a good chance that these designs will still be available? I, too, am a big lover of mugs, and my brother is an Alice in Wonderland (we call him Hatter!) devotee so I would love to bring him back something as special and unique as the Mad Hatter and stacked mugs. Now to start practicing wrapping and packing mugs so I can send them all back to Virginia safely….

  • So “an ABC television show that aired in the early 1990s”?

    Do you prefer your coffee with donuts or pie?

    • @Mr. – I could easily enjoy my coffee with jelly-filled donuts every morning and a slice of cherry pie every night! 🙂

  • My “special” mug at work is the “Mickey Pants” mug–and everyone else knows it’s HANDS OFF! But since all my coworkers love Mickey too, every time I go to Disney I bring back a different mug for the coffee room. We have a pretty cool selection and everyone seems to be a little happier after drinking their morning joe out of one!

  • Most of our mugs are from Disney cruises, but my hubby’s favorite is one from Epcot that has the Mickey heads shown in different country flags.

  • Can the three Alice in Wonderland mugs (the mad hatter, the stacked cups, and the one with the quotes on it) be ordered through the Disney merchandise services? (Disney Direct I think it used to be called?) If they can be, do you know when we can call to order and what the SKU #s are? Thanks so much for your help! They are awesome!

    • @Caroline – Here is the contact information for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or email:

      The small stacked tea mug won’t be available until mid-November. Here are the item numbers for the three in question:

      Mad Hatter Mug – 400006075499
      Wonderland Quotes – 400006307590
      Stacked Tea Mug – 400006820679

  • I am currently using a Storybook Disneyland mug from a few years ago.
    It has a pink interior and says Mom on the handle. My favorite thing to have in it is Mad Hatter Unbirthday Tea…my last tin has to last until March 2013!

  • I LOVE THE GOOFY MUG!! There honestly isn’t enough Goofy themed merchandise in the park as well as in the stores, and this is absolutely adorable! He’s my favorite character, and I know that this will soon be my favorite coffee cup as well! 😀 Although, I am in love with the Mad Hatter and the topsy-turvy “drink me” Alice and Wonderland cup. Definitely will be getting those!

  • I bring home a new mug each time we visit WDW. I loved the morning mugs! I witnessed the quickest change of opinion when I handed my Mike W. mug to my Mom once, she commented what a hideous shade of green it was, then she saw Mikes eye, now she won’t drink from any other mug!

  • My favorite mug for morning coffee is my Tinkerbell mug….Mornings AREN’T Magical…it sums up my feelings perfectly, unless of course you are waking up at the Disneyland Hotel 🙂

  • That is fantastic news!! I am sooo excited! I can’t wait to see how the artwork looks on the different bag shapes. I will check them out on Sunday. Thank you! 😀

  • I love those Alice mugs! 🙂 Any chance they’ll be available at disneystore?

    • @Michelle – I don’t know of plans at this point to carry them via the DisneyParks online store. I know their assortment changes often. If I hear an update, I will share.

  • Love the stacked Alice teacups.. A question for Steven: What, if anything, can you share about the new Small World LeSportSac bags? Will we get to see them at the parks?

    • @Kyna – I too thought the stacked teacups were a fun design. It is a little smaller than the Theme Perks mug (which is difficult to see in the photograph).

      I do have some information. Those bags just arrived at Disney Parks! I know there are six different styles at Vault 28 in Downtown Disney District in California. There are also four of the six designs at TrenD at Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida. I saw the ones in Florida this morning during a video shoot in TrenD. Hope this helps.

  • I too love the stacked Alice tea cups. It will go so well with my regular souvineer purchase of Wonderland tea. But, I also look all the shelves over for more Villian mugs. I just love having a nighttime cup of chamomile from a villains mug.

  • I love the ceramic tumblers! Perfect for my coffee on the go. However, I don’t take it as black as midnight on a moonless night.

    • @Marissa – Have a safe trip! 53 days … seems like there should be a Herbie The Love Bug mug for that.

      @Jennifer – There are a few more ceramic tumblers coming soon. And that is exactly how I enjoy my coffee!

  • I love the new stackable cups! Every time we go to Disney I have to pick up 1 or 2 or 3 or oh my, a whole stack of them. I love to craft so many of the ones I don’t drink out of hold my crafting things. They give me that extra boost of imagination when I need it. Plus they look awesome lined up on the shelves! Can’t wait to pick up so many more!! LOL!!

  • It’s a tradition of mine to get a new coffee mug on all of my Disney trips! I always look forward to picking one out. (I’m actually using the ‘Donald Duck-Always Ruffling Feathers’ mug at this very moment!)

    The new Alice in Wonderland mugs look AWESOME. Can’t wait to pick out my next new mug… in 53 days!

  • Love this post! All of the coffee mugs in our home have come from Walt Disney World! When we have people over for dinner/desert and coffee, the highlight for our guests is standing in line at the cupboard to pick their favorite Disney mug! It just happened Sunday night – I should have taken a picture. Quite the event, as the refrigerator, right next to that cupboard, is covered with pictures of all of our WDW trips!

    • @Renae – Glad you liked the article! What a great idea for a dinner party. I’m guessing my invite was lost in the mail 🙂 LOL!

  • My husband and I have our morning tea in matching Mickey mugs every morning.

  • I am still using a Lion King mug that dates back to the film’s original release, and I also have an early-2000’s Port Orleans refillable mug that I occasionally use as a travel mug while commuting. Can’t wait until our visit this fall to pick up one of the new mugs shown here!

  • We have our weekend coffee with (okay, in) Walt and Mickey on Main St. Sitting together in the morning on the porch brings back all the wonderful memories of our trips to WDW.

    Oh, I love the Alice stacked tea cups and Mad Hatter’s Hat. They may have to be on the list for the next trip with the Monorail travel cup.

    Note to self: Bring bubble wrap and a large box/suitcase to pack all the mugs.

  • I absolutely love interesting coffee mugs and have a pretty good collection at the moment, I can’t wait to go back in just a few days and get another one!

  • I’ve been collecting unique mugs for a while. I MUST have that Mad Hatter and the stacked mugs!! I always have a new favorite from my trips to WDW…. unitl the next trip!!

  • I love all the Disney mugs! I am actually drinking out of one right now! I love the Tinkerbell morning mug! (That’s the next one on my list) I can’t wait to go back to Disney to get another one. Can’t wait to see more of the new mugs.

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