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Disney Magic of Healthy Living Update

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We’re thrilled to announce that Disney has become the first major media company to set new standards for food advertising to kids, which builds on our 2006 landmark nutrition guidelines. It’s the latest update from our ongoing initiative called Disney Magic of Healthy Living.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger in Washington, D.C. for Disney Magic of Healthy Living

First Lady Michelle Obama joined Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger in Washington, D.C. today to officially announce the new standards and share a first look at the new “Mickey Check” tool.

'Mickey Check,' Part of Disney Magic of Healthy Living

The “Mickey Check” tool was created to make it easier to identify nutritious foods in stores, online and even on vacation in our parks and resorts.

It’ll be used as an icon to call out nutritious food and menu items sold in stores, online and at restaurants and food venues in our parks and resorts in the U.S. You’ll start to see the icon by the end of 2012 on licensed foods products, on qualified recipes on and and on menus and select products in Disney Parks and Resorts.

Nutritious Food Items and Menu Choices Available at Disney Parks and Resorts as Part of Disney Magic of Healthy Living

Today’s announcement is the next step in Disney’s partnership with parents to inspire kids to lead healthier lifestyles, and builds on the landmark nutrition guidelines the company established in 2006.

Under the new standards, all food and beverage products advertised, sponsored, or promoted on Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Radio Disney, and Disney-owned online destinations oriented to families with younger children will be required to meet Disney’s nutrition guidelines by 2015.

You can learn more about Disney Magic of Healthy Living by visiting the company’s special site.


  • It soo much easy to go to the parks with healthy options when you have kids with food intolerances and allergies. And they want to eat from the park, and not lose precious time looking all over. thx thx

  • It would make sense to me if the Dining Plan would be changed to reflect this Healthy Living initiative. Instead of “Entree + Dessert,” why not make it “Appetizer OR Dessert + Entree”? The reason we do no longer get the Dining Plan is because we do not want desserts all the time. We would love to be able to enjoy a healthy appetizer and skip the dessert. In order to do this, we don’t use the Dining Plan any more.

  • I am ok with options as long as they are options but if I want to pig out and eat whatever I want to I should be allowed to do that as well. Don’t tell me what to eat just allow me to make a choice because I am responsible for me not anyone else.

  • As long as they don’t take away our choice as to what we want to eat.

    But if they start taking away Mickey Rice Krispy treats and cupcakes, then I will take umbridge with that!

  • I love that I can buy the children a banana or apple when we are in the park. We would really appreciate a few more vegetarian choices especially at Disneyland Paris.

  • Kudos to Disney! This is a wonderful initiative that is a great example to children.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Yes! Please do offer and promote more healthy options at Disney Parks. As a healthy-conscious fan I would definitely appreciate it. Please make calorie and nutrition information available as well – it helps for sticking to a diet and making healthy food choices.

  • Fresh fruit and healthy alternatives have been available to those for some time. I am glad that new attention is being made to keeping things healthy while visiting the park. We all know how important maintaining energy and fluids are while having a blast in Disneyland Resort parks.

  • Over the years I have seen a wonderful increase in the availability of healthy options at both WDW and DL. Sometimes that little symbol is all you need to help you put down the unhealthy snack and pick up the right choice. I am 100% in favor of calorie listings for the same reason. Kudos to Disney!

  • I am glad to hear and see that more fruit will be in the parks!

  • Thank you for this right step. Add more organic options and we won’t have to bring food from outside sources when we visit.

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