Disneyland Resort Guests Can Now Purchase Park Tickets Through Their Smart Phones

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios


Disneyland Resort guests have a new way to purchase theme park tickets – from their smart phones! Starting today, the Disneyland Resort will begin testing this technology at the Main Entrance during busy times, all in an effort to help guests get their tickets and get into the parks faster to start enjoying their day. This is just one more option for guests, in addition to purchasing tickets at Resort ticket booths or from Disneyland.com.

From your smart phone, go to m.disneyland.com and select “Buy Tickets” from the home page. Right now, only 1-Day 1-Park, and 1-Day Park Hopper tickets are available, but 2-Day tickets will be added to the service later. After entering the number of tickets you want (up to a maximum of 15), and your credit card information, you will receive a confirmation with a barcode that will be scanned as you enter the park for which you’ve purchased your ticket. From there, you will be given a paper park ticket, which is still needed for park hopping or re-entry if you should leave the park and return later.


  • Sounds like a wonderful way to start enjoying the magic even faster!!

  • Coming to Walt Disney World?

  • Great! Would love to see this expanded to other parks and would be nice as a backup if you lost your ticket.

  • This is such a great idea! And I love that we still get the paper tickets.

  • Brilliance!

  • This is awesome! Will it be according to the Online ticket prices or the Gate prices?

  • What does this do for the people who purchase their tickets through their travel agents? How does this allow the agents to compete?

  • will annual passholder be able to use their smartphones to enter through the gates? that would be an awesome feature!

  • This is a really awesome start, but I would love to extend this further. Sure I can buy a ticket on my smartphone, but I would like to also be able to use my phone as my ticket! As an annual pass member, being able to simply have the cast member scan my phone for entry in to any park that is required would be awesome.

    I can do this today with Starbucks and can buy my morning coffee on my phone. When in line I would say around 1/2 the people there use their phones. It is fast, easy and more available than a bunch of plastic cards that I have to sort through. Making it so that paper or plastic cards are no longer required and the pass is just a part of your daily life would be amazing!

    For those who only need a 1 or 2 day pass, this is a great place to start. But it can be so, so much more!

  • Nice convenience for ordering but you still have to get a paper ticket for re-entry or park hopping? Seems to defeat the purpose. Which begs the question why Disneyland still requires a hand stamp for re-entry or park hopping. Seems to not make sense since Disney World hasn’t done that for years now.

  • @ Nakoma, the prices for tickets are the same at the box office as they are online for 1 and 2 day tickets. @Ashley, most travel agents sell 3 day and up tickets at a discount. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Jaime. 🙂

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