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Epcot’s Off Kilter Marks 15 Years of Music July 1 at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This July 1, Epcot’s Off Kilter Celtic rock band will mark 15 years of performances at the Canada Pavilion in World Showcase.

Off Kilter founder Jamie Holton first started playing the bagpipes when he was 11, inspired by his family’s Scottish heritage and his father’s love for bagpipe music.

In addition to classic Celtic folk tunes, Off Kilter will often throw radio hits into the mix, like Bryan Adam’s “Summer of ’69” or Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s “Takin’ Care of Business.” (Both Canadian bands, by the way.) If you’re lucky enough to hear Off Kilter play “Farewell to Nova Scotia,” don’t be surprised if it suddenly sounds a whole lot like “Mickey Mouse March (The Mickey Mouse Club March).”

Entertainment is subject to change. Check the park’s Times Guide for more.


  • Miss the Miners 49ers!
    Love this group, too!!

  • Congratulations to Off Kilter! They are hands down my favorite live entertainment at the Disney parks. I look forward to seeing them every time I visit.

  • Congrats Off Kilter, keep on Rockin’! They are a must see everytime I am in Epcot.

    I do agree with Mary from RI, you might want to look at the closed captioning, I nearly feel off me chair laughing….

    See you guys in October!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!! My friend Kelly and I go to the shows around Epcot pretty much three or four times a month.

  • Congrats to Jamie and all of Off Kilter!! My son is one of those kids that Jamie inspired to play bagpipes! He is 9 years old and has been learning to play pipes for almost 2 years now. Last weekend, my son won a blue ribbon in a practice chanter competition!

    The guys in Off Kilter are so amazing and all around nice people. Jamie took the time to visit with my son and Aiden thinks of him as his hero….he wants to play pipes as good as Jamie someday!

  • My favorite attraction at EPCOT, other than Test Track. Counting on seeing both in November.


    I was blessed enough to get to know the guys of Off Kilter the summer of 2002 when they played the American Pavilion when the summer concert series acts weren’t there performing.

    Even though I haven’t been able to spend much time “hanging” with the guys since then I still make it a point to go see a show or two…or three …whenever I am at EPCOT.


    Kelly < 8(:-D

  • They are fantastic. One of the highlights of my trip to Epcot 10 years ago. Still play their CD often.

    You should bring them over to Disneyland sometime for a visit! Have the battle of the bands with the Billy’s!

  • Congrats to Off Kilter! They certainly do EPCOT proud with their unique brand of music and great rapport with the guests. We’ve been fans since the beginning and the guys are just great to know.
    Everyone needs to support them by joining the Off Kilter fan club and buying their CD’s! We love their bumper stickers and shirts. Some of they guys have their own website so you can check out their musical careers and how they got where they are today. EPCOT is our favorite parks and the musical talent is one of the reasons – WE LOVE THE MOUSE! Stay cool this summer guys…

  • That is great. I first saw them perform in 1998 then 2000. I was excited to see that they were still there when I went back in 2010 and I was just in WDW earlier this month and I made it a point to see them play. I am a professional musician and I enjoy the music they do because it is so unique with the bagpipes. These guys go through a lot to perform in the hot and humid Florida weather. I hope the kilts help cool them off.

  • Debra they play all year round. Usually they are off on Mon and Tuesday during the times you mentioned, but that can vary. In the summer they play 7 days a week, which translates to not all the same guys playing every day, since everyone needs a day or two off weekly. The five guys who are “regulars” are Mark Weldon on lead vocals and bass, Randy Holbrook on lead guitar and some vocals, Tony Escapa on Keyboards, Scotty Z on drums, and Jamie Holton on bagpipes, vocals, and sometimes other wind instruments. During busy times there are often subs for the regulars, my favorite being Jason Thomas, a marvelous fiddle player.

  • Jennifer what months do Off Kilter typically play at the Canada pavilion? Just the summer months? I would love to see them play and always seem to have missed them. I see on the EPCOT schedule that they are playing now but don’t appear on the schedule for our Sept, Nov or Dec trips.

  • I’ve been a fan since Off Kilter first started playing and have continued to see many of their shows each time I visit WDW. I wonder why this video was made without Scotty Z, their regular drummer? Congrats on 15 years guys!

  • Congrats! Off Kilter, along with Brit Revolution and Mariachi Cobre, are my favorite acts to see while at EPCOT. Here’s to many, many more years ahead! Keep Canada rockin’!

  • They are always entertaining to listen to. I’ve often done just that while wearing my kilt at EPCOT!

  • Congratulations!! I also love the maple leaf splatter shirt!
    Love the Canadian pavilion! I would love a hooded sweatshirt as well.

  • Congratulations on 15 years and here’s to another 15 more! I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced at least a couple of their performances every year for the last 15. And so I can have Off Kilter wherever I go I’ve loaded their CDs onto my iPhone.

    See you guys on our next trip.

  • This band is my favorite part of Epcot — I see at least 2 shows whenever I’m in the park. and I’ve got their CDs to enjoy between visits.

    Congrats to Jamie and the boys on 15 years of Offkilter at Disney World!

  • Love, love, love Off Kilter! It’s always on our list of “must do’s” when we’re down at WDW. I missed Jamie last fall when we were there…hope to see him this fall!

  • Congrats Off Kilter – here is to many more years!! You are a definite stop on every one of our trips. Great music!

  • Hi. Although it gave me a good laugh while reading/listening, you may want to correct the Closed Captioning on this video. Love OK by the way. 🙂

  • That’s fantastic.

    Slightly off-topic: I’m just curious, why isn’t there an official Mulch Sweat ‘n Shears page on the Disney Parks site? The British Revolution has been around for a little over a year and they have a page. Mulch has been rockin’ Hollywood Studios for 8 years!

  • yay off kilter! one of my favorite epcot “attractions.” just love their music – and their live CD is a favorite. congratulations guys!

    2 related requests for the disney bigwigs, if i may:

    1) make off kilter songs available on itunes and

    2) make those cool black/red maple leaf with splatter – 3/4 sleeve shirts like jamie and the guys are wearing available for purchase at the parks.


  • Congrats on their milestone! Off Kilter and Mariach1 Cobre are my favorite groups at EPCOT.

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