June 15 Special Merchandise Offerings at Disney California Adventure Park

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Can you feel the excitement in the air? I know I can! Buena Vista Street, Cars Land, Mad T Party and of course, our all new merchandise locations … The big day is almost here! For those of you amazing Disney Parks fans out there wondering if there will be any limited-edition commemorative merchandise available as part of this historic Disney milestone … well, you can bank on it! Here’s your first look at some of the key collections and special merchandise offerings debuting June 15 at the Disney Animation Building in Disney California Adventure park.

Special Merchandise Offerings Debuting June 15 at Disney California Adventure Park

Created specifically for the Grand Reopening, this retro-inspired graphic, with its tonal color, captures the magnificent additions and classic icons of Disney California Adventure park. You’ll find this art on a selection of items including tees, a hat, tote, watch, tumbler and coins.

Tip: Keep an eye out for a special Greetings From Radiator Springs postal cancellation postcard. A quick pick to commemorate the day.

If pins and Vinylmation are what you are after, then this is the place to go. There are approximately 17 different pin items available, most limited editions, including a jumbo pin, sculpture, framed set and a limited-release mystery set. Three Vinylmation will also debut including the limited-edition 9-inch Buena Vista Street and 9-inch Radiator Springs Racers and the limited-release 3-inch Red Car Trolley Grand Opening.

Special Merchandise Offerings Debuting June 15 at Disney California Adventure Park Special Merchandise Offerings Debuting June 15 at Disney California Adventure Park

Special Merchandise Offerings Debuting June 15 at Disney California Adventure Park

Passholders, take note, there’s special merchandise just for you, too. Themed to Buena Vista Street and Cars Land, you’ll find tees, a fleece, pins and commemorative coins, along with a specially created Storytellers tile.

For a complete look at all of these items, check out this special Merchandise Catalog.

So how does it work?

  • Items featured in the Merchandise Catalog will be available at the Animation Building (a special one-day shopping venue) on June 15. Operating hours will vary.
  • The catalog, along with the location, is broken up into “Zones” including Commemorative Dated Collection, Annual Passholder Collection, Pins and Vinylmation. So once you’re inside the venue, pick and choose which area you want to go to first!

For more details be sure to visit www.ArtofDisneyParks.com.

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  • #26 – 11:44 pm PST – We had a great time at our Cars Land Preview with the Carthay Circle Restaurant, hosted by John & Nancy Lasseter last Sunday!

    At the event, we were each given a Storytellers statuette, like the one in the catalog, EXCEPT, the base was totally different from the one pictured. It is all one piece, black, with a slanted area that has a gold plaque on it. The plaque reads, “Disney California Adventure Park – Grand Reopening Preview – June 10, 2012 – Storytellers”.

    Michelle, do you know how many of these were given out? It doesn’t have that info on it.

  • Michelle,

    Can you please tell me if any of the new California Adventure merchandise will be offered online?? (The open edition items..) Especially interested in the Storytellers statue.

    (For some reason I have a problem with the comment box being open after logging in for different posts.)

  • Hi Michelle,
    Will there be different wristbands for each of the limited edition merchandise items or zones?

    I do have a suggestion. Do what they did at the first D23 expo for LE merch. We were asked which items we wanted to buy and then we were given a slip of paper for each of those items.

    I like that system better than the the way they do the colored wristbands. Ex: if there is an item that is LE 100, the first 100 in line get a red wristband. If the next LE is 250, the next 150 get a green wristband, because those with red wristbands can get all the LE items. They don’t ask if you plan to buy the LE 100, they just give that wristband to the first 100, no matter. One time I asked for the next color, because I didn’t want the LE 100. The line monitor said no. So sad because, then someone who really wanted the LE 100 had to wait until 1 PM to find out if there were any LE100 left. I wasn’t the only person at the front of the line that didn’t want the LE 100.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I do really like all the choices, of course pins are my favorites.

    I’m confused by this whole zone thing. Does it mean there will be a distinct queue and register line for each zone, or will everyone file through the zones, choosing what they want along the way, ending at a bank of cash registers where we pay for everything?

  • Hi Michelle,

    Will any leftover dated merchandise be for sale after Friday?

  • In a few days Oswald the lucky rabbit comes back home at Buena Vista Street at the Disneyland Resort . I m sure Walt would had said “Welcome Back”. I’m so excited to be able to walk on Buena Vista Street, and have the opportunity of experience Walt L.A. from the 1920s.

  • Everything looks great. Will there be a special park map available only the 15th as well?

  • Wow!!! I want that graphic as a poster. It would be beautiful!

  • Everything looks amazing! I’m seriously considering the Storytellers statue, but I was wondering if the quote and the date will be printed somewhere on the statue.

  • Was leaving “Park” off the name in the graphic intentional?

  • PLEASE contiune to use this logo on items! I just LOVE IT! Even if they need to change it up a little by taking the date off. I only get to Disneyland every 6 or 7 years and would REALLY love to take something home with this on it when I visit in Sept.

  • HEy Michelle….
    Any D23 EXCLUSIVES? I will be there onnopening day and can’t wait toget my I was there pins. I hope they dont sell out

    • Hello Scott, there are no current plans for any specific D23 items as part of the commemorative merchandise.

  • That top picture of Walt and Mickey would make a great wallpaper for computers…*hint hint* 🙂

  • Isn’t there another version of the Storytellers statue? I noticed pictures where there are two…one with a wooden base and one without… Do you have any details on the other version of the statue?

  • I notice the limited edition Story Tellers statue. Will there be a unlimited edition as well similar to the unlimited edition of the Partners statue that sells in Disneyland? I would like to have the new one to make a set. Hoping for a lower priced unlimited edition. Thank you.

    • Hey there David. There is indeed a statue that is not considered a limited edition which will be available at locations such as Elias & Co., etc

  • That retro graphic is amazing! It really connects the overall theme of the expansion and highlights the icons of the park.

    I really hope the merch development team considers making a permanent line of products featuring this artwork because it is absolutely beautiful.

    I won’t be able to attend on June 15th so I am disappointed that I won’t be able to purchase these items.. I hope to see the graphic show up at the park eventually 🙂

  • hi michelle,
    would you reccommend to shop for merchandise first or see all the new attractions. i’ll be there that day but have to leave early to go to my graduation.
    your opinion would really help me plan my day. thanks.

    • Tanya, I would recommend swinging by the merchandise location to pick up any ‘must have’ items that you desire and then hitting all of the fantastic new attractions. Congratulations on your graduation! What an exciting day you will have. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Michelle,

    I’m a little confused. Are all of the different zones going to be located in the animation building (is that the one in Hollywood) or are the zones going to be scattered around the park? Also, do you happen to know any info about parking and waiting in line the night before or very very early day of?

    • Mandy, all of the zones featured in the “catalog” will be located inside the Animation Building in Disney California Adventure park. Think of it as a one-stop shop for the day for commemorative and passholder merchandise, as well as pins and vinylmation.

  • Heather, do you have the number for Disney Merchandise Guest Services team so we can call them after the 15th to see what merchandise they have left?

    • Melissa, here’s information regarding our Disney Merchandise Guest Services team, you can reach them via e-mail at disneysmerchandiseservices@disney.go.com or by calling 1-877-560-6477

  • Hi Michelle – Yes, Yes, YES – Please release that incredible Grand Opening Graphic as a Deluxe Matted Print – We would LOVE to have this in our collection!! Just framed the Red Car Trolly Deluxe Matted Print (LOVE IT!!) and can’t wait for the release of the Little Mermaid Attraction Poster! All of the new ‘classic’ posters are just INCREDIBLE!!! Thanks!!

  • #6 – 4:35 pm – We’re going this Sunday to the Carsland Preview Event that includes dinner at the Carthay Circle Restaurant. Will any of this merchandise be available for purchase then?

    I really hope so, since we wouldn’t be able to come on 6-15-12, since I’m in a wheelchair and I’m sure the crowds will be huge!

    • Hi Karen! The merchandise will be made available on June 15 an no earlier. I’m sorry.

  • Will any of this merchandise be available on June 14 at the media event? I won a ticket through an online contest, so I’ll be going that day instead of on June 15. Hopefully I can still grab a pin!

    • Christina, you are going to have such a wonderful time! You will find other open edition pins during that time, but as for the merchandise featured in the catalog, it will be available June 15.

  • Is there any way to purchase the commerative items if you cannot make it to the park on 15 June?

    • Pam, I would recommend contacting our Disney Merchandise Guest Services team on or after June 16th to inquire about remaining quanitites of this merchandise.

  • Is there any kind of wristbands for the merchandise at all?

    • Hi Mike. Some of the details are still being determined and as soon as we have any updates, I’ll be sure to post them here.

  • Will any of these items be available at the Annual Passholder preview on June 9?

    • Hi Deborah. Unfortunately, all of this product will debut on June 15.

  • Hi Michelle!

    There merchandise catalog is VERY impressive! All of the items capture the essence of the time period extreamly well. Do you happen to know if the DCA Grand opening graphic (at the top of the post) will be featured on a matted print in the future? Thanks!

    • Hey Linzie! I don’t know that there are any plans for the artwork to be in print form as of right now, but you never know.

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