Mickey Mouse, the Red Car Trolley News Boys and ‘A Suitcase and a Dream’ at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Buena Vista Street is now open at Disney California Adventure park, and one of my favorite things about this brand-new area is the Red Car Trolley. Not only is it a stylish way to get around town, it’s also the stage for the Red Car Trolley News Boys, who are joined in Carthay Circle by the original dreamer himself, Mickey Mouse. Watch below to see them perform “A Suitcase and a Dream” and catch them yourself on Buena Vista Street.

And “Newsies” fans – be sure to stop by and “Seize the Day” with them, too.

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  • How long are the Red Car News Boys and Five & Dime going to be performing? I was just there and loved the shows (saw RCNB a couple times) and can’t wait to go back. I want to bring my husband to show him the new DCA, but we won’t be able to go until the fall. Will they be performing year-round or is this seasonal/just for the opening? Same with the messenger and other characters walking around.

    Also Phineas and Ferb’s parade (I couldn’t find it because it was five minutes before the News Boys show i was trying to catch) and Minnie’s Fly Girls (it was going on as I was trying to get to the News Boys show and i forgot to go back after to get a picture with Minnie). I love those outfits.

  • I love this show. All the performers are top notch. This exactly the kind of fun, entertainment and “character” that California Adventure needed.

  • I’ve watched this show all day on Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays since it started and I’m obsessed!!!! They are so talented! Will they be recording the soundtrack for this show? If so where can I buy it?

  • I have never seen the animated Mickey head before. He blinks and sings! Wow!

  • Caught it on Re-opening Day! My new favorite show at DCA! Love how there was at least “Seize the Day” in the show. You guys should add “Carryin’ the Banner” to the show! Probably after “CA, Here We Come”! And yeah, I’m with ^Jose, There should be a new Park Album for the reimagined California Adventure Park that not only includes sounds of Buena Vista Street, but all of the new stuff in CA Adv like the soundtracks of Cars Land, Little Mermaid–Under Sea Adv, World of Color, and some of the other shows or parades–even though some are already on youtube.

  • Does this show play everyday?

    • Yes! You can see the Red Car News Boys perform throughout the day, each day, in Carthay Circle. Be sure to check the daily Entertainment schedule for show times.

  • It looks awesome!

  • I truly love this show, I am glad I was able to catch it multiple times while at the Media Event and the Grand Re-Opening of Disney California Adventure. Question, will you guys be releasing a Buena Vista Street album with this song in it?

    That would be incredible because it truly is a great unique song.

    -Jose C.

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