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Mickey’s Circus Trading Event Coming to Epcot in September

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


The annual Disney Trading event returns to Epcot from September 7-9. Titled “Mickey’s Circus,” the event will feature three days of trading, for both pins and Vinylmation. I caught up with Jeanne Lewis, product developer for pins, who said the title of the event was a nod to Magic Kingdom Park.

“We wanted to give a nod to the new development taking place in Fantasyland,” explained Jeanne. “Knowing that Storybook Circus was opening there, we thought we could re-create a “circus” in World ShowPlace at Epcot. With the bright colors and many circus acts, there seemed to be lots of great content for merchandise.”

I asked Jeanne about some of her favorite items.

“One of my favorite items is the drawstring pouch trading bag,” answered Jeanne. “It’s meant to look like a circus peanuts bag with vintage striping. We included two characters not often featured on pins – Timothy Mouse and Jiminy Cricket.”

There are approximately 26 pin items designed specifically for this event, including boxed sets, individual pins and even some Passholder-exclusive items. Jeanne said that a Disney Villains mystery set is another favorite.

“We had fun finding a way to fit the Villains into this assortment,” continued Jeanne. “The chaser pins for this set are clever, and will be a nice surprise for guests who randomly receive one.”

I was just happy to see a Hades pin because he rules!

For Vinylmation, we are releasing some 9-inch and 3-inch figures designed by Disney Design Group artists Ron Cohee, Caley Hicks, Eric Caszatt and Monty Maldovan. I love Ron’s design for Ringmaster Mickey, which has a removable top hat.

This year, the event will feature two days dedicated to pin trading. On Sunday, the entire day will be dedicated to Vinylmation.

There are separate packages available to attend the pin trading and Vinylmation events. Both events will include gifts, entertainment and first-purchase opportunities for some unique merchandise. Attendees will also be able to trade for pins or Vinylmation created specifically for trading experiences at each event.

There is an early booking discount for the pin trading portion of the event that ends on June 19. We are also offering a separate breakfast and dessert reception for guests attending the pin trading portion of the event.

I hope you are able to attend!

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  • Steven, I asked last year if the Orange Bird might make an appearance and sadly it looks like that wasn’t possible. Is there a change Dumbo might show up for a meet n greet this year? The Disney characters are sorely missed from the pin events. I know a certain someone who enjoyed meeting pin trader Mickey a few years back. Please, and thank you!

    • @George – I know that the event team is still finalizing what entertainment elements will be a part of this event. I will share your feedback with them.

  • The pin designs are amazing, although I do wish there was more than 26 items this year.

    But I’m glad there are more than 3 items for the Vinylmation event. Could you possibly post some 360* images of the figures? I am having the hardest time figuring out that Goofy figure…

    • @Hannah – I spoke with the event manager who said they are still finalizing event plans. So I can’t say if Scoop Sanderson will be at the event at this point. I will share your feedback with the development team too 🙂

      @Carla – Stay tuned for additional looks at the figures. We received final production samples last week so I have to carve out some time to photograph them. We will post the images probably within the week on

  • Thank you for posting photos of the event gifts!! I cannot wait for the events!

    Could you tell me if Scoop will be at the Pin Event? We really missed him at the Flordia Project event.

    Also could you tell the design team that we miss the Vinylmation pins with the Vinylmation figures at the event. I loved having a Vinylmation pin for each of the Vinylmation sets for the Trade City USA Event.


  • I am a huge fan of circus merchandise and especially clowns! I really love all of the clown pins that are being released! But I was a little sad to see that there isn’t a clown Vinylmation. Could you tell me if either the gift or trading exclusive Vinylmation will be a clown? If it is I will definitely be signing up for the Vinylmation event!

    • @Jessica – From my understanding, the Disney California Adventure bear was released today with the grand re-opening. At least, it appeared there were bears in the inventory of select merchandise locations in our computer system. As for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival bear, I believe the plan is to release a few of them via the online store. I will know more as we get closer to the start of the festival.

      @Katie – I’m happy to hear you like the designs. I can say that the Vinylmation gift items are a two figure set of Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo. I posted a look on As for the trading figures, we will be showing them at Disney Trading Night on July 6. And I think you will be happy 🙂

  • When will the California Adventure Duffy plush come out? Also do I have to wait 30 days after the Food and Wine festival to order chef Duffy? Please let me know. Thank you so much.

  • While Paul brings up good questions that I’d also like the answer to, I think the biggest question is… will you be at this years event Steven?

    • @Karen – I’m glad you liked the pin. Look carefully at the top image you’ll also see Duffy. At this time, Disney Parks in the United States are currently focused on Duffy the Disney Bear. We do not have immediate plans to introduce ShellieMay.

      @Justin – I’m not sure what I’ll be doing three hours from now – LOL! The event dates are on my calendar but I won’t know my availability until closer to the date. With my new role covering all categories at Disney Theme Park Merchandise, I’m not as involved with event operations like I was in my previous role as Project Manager for Disney Trading.

  • Hello Steven,

    I am very happy to see a Duffy pin. I was wondering if Shellie May will be making her way over to the USA Disney parks in the plush form in the near future? My Duffy bear is lonely. 🙂


  • Will there be a shirt for the pin event this year, and what will the exclusive pins and vinyls available through trading be?

    • @Theresa – How fun! The resort looks great so I hope you have a wonderful stay 🙂

      @Paul – I spoke with the event team. There will not be a tee-shirt offered this year. Since you asked, I have added the gift items to the event pages listed above.

      As for the specially designed trading pins / figures, we will be showcasing those items at the next Disney Trading Night that will be held on Friday, July 6 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. This free activity will be held at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Fantasia G Ballroom. We will also be showing the entire assortment of pins and figures during the event.

  • Steven-Thank You so much for the info!!! I just happen to be booked on those dates for AOA Lion King Suites! So maybe I can pin trade as well!

  • Sooo do you need to make reservations for this event or pay extra to trade? I’m confused?!

    • @Theresa – Great question. To attend, guests need a ticket to the event (plus admission to Epcot). There are a separate tickets for the pin trading event and the Vinylmation event.

      Admission to the event gives you a bunch of things including gifts, trading activities, first purchase opportunities and more. There is no extra fee needed to trade as trading activities are included with event admission.

      For all the event details, please see the following pages:

  • Nice to see Dr. Facilier get some respect (the cards, the cards!) 🙂
    But won’t there be too much confusion with Dumbo’s Storybook Circus, at the same time?

    • @Jennie – The Vinylmation team said there are no plans at this time for a 9-inch Vinylmation featuring Aulani. I know I’d love to add one to my Hawai’ian collection at home 🙂

      @Erin – Agreed! He’s probably my second favorite villain after Hades.

      In previous years, we have given nods to things happening at Walt Disney World beyond Epcot.

      In 2005, we had the Happiest Pin Celebration on Earth which was a nod to the Happiest Celebration on Earth. Last year, we had the Florida Project which was a nod to the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. It features the Orange Bird, a character only found at Magic Kingdom (

      So, our hope is that guests will enjoy the nod to Storybook Circus during the weekend trading event, and then make their way over to see the amazing area at Magic Kingdom.

  • Hey Steven, do you know ifvtherecare any plans for a 9″ vinylmation for the Aulani Menehune? We reaaaally need one at home. 🙂

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