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Moms Panel Monday: Beautiful Sunflower

Sunflowers are strong and beautiful, and produce in abundance seeds to grow and feed. And they always turn towards the light. I know this because years ago, I grew a sunflower bed in my backyard.

Walt Disney World Moms Panelist Dannée Neal

A few days ago, we lost one of our own, Walt Disney World Moms Panelist Dannée Neal, after a courageous fight with cancer. It seems fitting that the sunflower was Dannée’s favorite blossom. Dannée is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, both inside and out. She had a glow. She was always positive and believed in light and love. Along with her precious husband and family, she loved her friends on the Moms Panel and sharing pixie dust with our guests.

I think Moms Panelist Kaylene says it best in her tribute to her here. Today, I am without words.


  • My condolences to the Neal family and to the Disney family. Whether we are on the Mom’s Panel or not we are all part of a dedicated and loving family.

    Dannée’s legacy will live on for many years.


  • I’m so sorry.

  • sorry to hear about the loss of a wonderful panelist,she has obviously touched many hearts.

    I think a sunflower garden in memory of her would be a nice touch maybe at AKR or as part of the flower and garden festival next year, seeing as disney was such a big part of her life.

  • It is so obvious that there was a very strong sister bond formed by everyone on the MOMS panel. What a wonderful thing that is to become so close. I can tell by each panelist’s kind words that you were a source of strength to Mrs Neal when she needed it most. Good Bless you all and God Bless Mrs Neal’s family in their loss.

  • Laura,

    Thank you for sharing with others, the special person we were all lucky enough to have in our lives.

    Dannee was an amazing person who radiated all the is good in life and I am grateful that I knew her. A small piece of her will be carried by all she touched.

    Rest in peace Dannee!! You will be missed!

    WDW Moms Panelist

  • I will miss your beautiful smile and amazing spirit, Dannee. I am lucky to have known you and got to share in your love of life, family, and all things magical.

    Rest in peace. I will never forget you.

    Cathy S.
    WDW Moms Panel

  • There are those people in life that you love from the second you meet them. Dannee was one of those people. Her heart was as pure as gold and she was kind to everyone. I will miss her contagious laugh – her beautiful smile – talking to her – her great hugs – EVERYTHING about her.

    Dannee embraced life and lived it to the fullest. She loved God, her husband, her beautiful kids, her friends and she loved her Disney family too. Pixie dust ran through her veins and being on the Walt Disney World Moms Panel allowed her to spread the magic – she loved doing that.

    My heart hurts but I know I am a better person because of meeting Dannee. While we mourn her passing, the angels are celebrating her arrival. The stars in Heaven will shine a little brighter now. Dannee left us way too young, but she will live forever in our hearts.

    Rest in peace my sweet, beautiful friend, until in Heaven we meet again.

    Allison V.
    WDW Moms Panelist

  • This is beautiful, Laura. I’m so glad you posted a link here to Kaylene’s tribute. Rest in peace, beautiful Dannee! <3

  • I am just heart broken. I did not even know that Dannee was sick. I feel bad that I didn’t know because I would have been praying for her.

    She was such a lovely and talented woman. She will be so missed.

  • Laura-

    Thank you for this beautiful tribute. When I began my journey as a panelist, I never, EVER expected to gain the family that it’s created for me. As a graduate of Texas A&M we always had a saying, “From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. And from the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.” This rings very true for the panel.

    Family: that is exactly what the panel has become to all of us. So many from different backgrounds, different parts of the world, but have one common thread: our love for all things Disney. The panel is much, much more than helping others plan vacations and spreading pixie dust. They are my rock, the family I turn to in happiness and in tears, the extraordinary and the mundane. I am ever thankful that we have been brought together, and am thankful that we have each other to lean on during the hard times, and to cheer when we celebrate the good. Do we always get along? Nope. Do we always agree? Nope. But I know that my Moms Panel family would stand up for me in a heartbeat.

    “‘Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.”

    We will never forget our sister Dannee.

    Amanda P.
    WDW Moms Panelist

  • Thank you for the link to Kaylene’s tribute. Dannee sounds like the kind of person we all would love to be able to call “friend.” I’m sure she is greatly missed.

  • I am so sorry for the loss all her loved ones and friends are feeling.

  • Laura,

    Thank you for this heartfelt tribute. Dannee’s smile was as bright as a sunflower. Her inner beauty stemmed from an abundance of love and positive energy. I’m thinking of her beautiful family and hoping they find comfort in knowing how many lives Dannee touched so profoundly. My heart aches…
    Kimberly L
    WDW Moms Panelist

  • Dear Dannee, we will miss you, but you will always be in our hearts.

  • Dear Ms. Spencer and the Disney Moms Panelists,

    I am very sorry to hear of the loss of Dannee Neal, your fellow Disney Moms Panelist. After all the tributes that I have read on various social media sites, what became acutely apparent to me was the tremendous bonds that were formed by the Panelists, and I believe the love and support that the Panelists gave Dannee helped her in many, many ways.

    I am truly happy that Dannee was a member of the Disney Moms Panel so that she could fulfill her love of sharing information in order to assist others with vacation planning. I am also certain that being part of this panel made Dannee extremely happy, which is so obvious from all the photos I have seen, and for that I am glad she had the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful group of people.

    May the many happy, Disney filled days together somehow sustain you all during this most trying time.

    With sympathy,

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