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New Hidden Mickey Pins for Summer at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

New Hidden Mickey Pins Coming This Summer to Disney Parks

The arrival of summer at Disney Parks means that new Hidden Mickey pins will be released for trading. You may recall I gave you a look at the first wave of these pins in January. For the past several years, we have split the Hidden Mickey pins into two different waves, with unique pins found at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. I spoke with Julie Young, developer for Hidden Mickey pins, about her favorite pins coming to Disneyland Resort.
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Hidden Mickey Pins Coming This Summer to Disney Parks

“I am happy to feature Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on a pin,” exclaimed Julie. “He is part of a 12-pin collection with artwork from the construction fence that was recently found at Disney California Adventure park. The fence artwork was entertainment and made for a nice nod to Disney history.”

There will be 42 different pins released at Disneyland Resort. As with the first wave, Julie selected 10 of those 42 pins to be silver-colored chaser pins.

For Walt Disney World Resort, there will be 45 different pins released, including 10 of those pins as silver-colored chasers.
Cast Member Costume Hidden Mickey Pins Coming This Summer to Disney Parks

I’ve officially dubbed Julie as “queen of the Mickey Mouse icon pin,” as she has been developing a variety of these pins for years. I wasn’t surprised to see an icon collection for Walt Disney World Resort, which Julie said was her favorite.

“I enjoy designing pins using the Mickey Mouse icon,” continued Julie. “I’m also a big fan of The Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom Park. For the cast member costume pins, I combined my two interests into one pin. I love the entire icon collection this year, and it has inspired me to possibly expand the collection next year.”

Please let there be an Epcot Center jumpsuit costume pin in 2013!
New Hidden Mickey Pins Coming This Summer to Disney Parks

As for my favorite pins, I liked the popcorn turner collection, including one pin featuring a legendary character from the Matterhorn at Disneyland park. I’m also thrilled to see more Figment pins, the White Rabbit, Timothy from “Dumbo” and my friend Duffy the Disney Bear (which I mentioned in a previous article).

Look for these pins on cast members’ lanyards in the coming weeks at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. You can download checklists of these pins by visiting the official Disney Pin Trading website –

Happy Trading!

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  • Figment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am so excited for the Oswald pin!!! is there an exact release date for those pins?

  • Hi Steven Miller!

    I’ve been going to DL / DCA religiously since the checklist was released last week but I have yet to see any pin from the new wave. I’m new at pin trading (two months in) and I was wondering if release dates are given out? Or is there an understood time frame from checklist to release that I’m not aware of?

    Any help would be great. I’ll still try to make it to the park every day to see if I see them, but it would be great to know!

    • @Hector – Welcome to the trading family! I hope you are enjoying the experience so far. I checked with the distribution team. They said the order has arrived at the warehouse. They typically have things distributed by or shortly after mid-month. So I’m thinking you will most likely begin to see the new wave arrive toward the latter half of July. I’m sorry for any confusion. Personally, I wouldn’t mind going to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure every day. I could get my Dole Whip from Adventureland and then walk around Buena Vista Street (which is what I did this past weekend on vacation). Awesome! 🙂 Hope this helps.

  • Can’t wait! Just started a lanyard for my almost 3-year-old. We will be in DL and DCA on July 3. I am excited about the cast member costumes. Our pins are usually based on our favorite rides/attractions from the park – a way to take those memories home with us.

  • VERY happy to see Oswald!!! How about some Oswald ears????

  • I LOVE the Oswald pins. MUST HAVE:-)

  • These pins look awesome! 🙂 I can’t wait to trade for them! I’m especially excited for the WDW star pins (ESPECIALLY Peter Pan; he’s my favorite!) and the Duffy pins! I have a huge pin collection… I literally have THOUSANDS of them tacked into a massive bulletin board! Trading is so much fun.

  • These look great!! Excited to see Oswald in pin form!! 🙂 I have a pin related question–what exactly is a “Chaser” pin.

    Also, @Tamara–definitely get a “2012” pin to commemorate your trip and make sure to check out the trading boards at the resorts and the pin trading kiosks!!

    • @Kait – I’m happy to hear you like the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit pin. We’ve created a few others recently. A “chaser” pin is a type of pin we introduced several years ago. It basically means that it is a little more rare to find – making you “chase” after it. We don’t make as many of those pins as their full-color counterparts.

  • I LOVE the costumed Mickey icon pins! I will be searching for those at Christmas time when we are there. Hopefully I can still get my hands on some!

  • Thanks for the update Steven!!!!

    Dana – S. FL

  • Yeay, finally Oswald is on a Hidden Mickey pin!!! We are making a trip to DLR mid July and I am definetely going to make it my goal to collect all the California Adventure Construction Fence pins! Oswald is my favorite so I am going gonna give it my all. My wife loves the Mad Tea Party pins. Good job Disney for a great selection this year! Hooray!

  • We’re making what could possibly be a once-in-a-lifetime visit as a family (of 5) to WDW this week. Anyone have suggestions on specialy WDW exclusive pins to look for?

    • @Tamara – I hope you have a wonderful trip to Walt Disney World. It’s an amazing place 🙂 In Florida, there are about 19,000 Cast Members that trade pins daily. That means you will have a lot of choices. My recommendation is to find a theme that you want to collect and focus on that (like a favorite character, color, attraction, etc). The Hidden Mickey Pins are certainly one option to collect.

      You may also want to look for Scoop Sanderson when visiting the Magic Kingdom (see:

      Finally, make sure you stop by Disney’s Pin Traders at Downtown Disney Marketplace. It’s our flagship location and has the greatest selection of pins.

  • The abominable snowman turning the popcorn turner is one of my favorite things to look for at Disneyland! I love that it’s a pin now, he’s just so cute

  • Those pins are so cute! Do you have a direct link to the checklists? I can’t find them on the pins page. thank you 🙂

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