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Sneak Peek: Kids Will Star in the Show at the Big Top Tent at Dumbo The Flying Elephant

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney Imagineering just shared new details with the Disney Parks Blog about the new interactive queue area that will open at the big top tent at Dumbo the Flying Elephant in New Fantasyland this July.

This innovative queue area will completely redefine what it means for guests to prepare for a Disney attraction. Here’s how it will work: Guests arrive at Dumbo’s big top and receive a circus ticket pager that virtually holds their place and notifies them when it’s their turn to board the attraction. Kids (and kids of all ages) can then become part of the show inside the tent by enjoying circus-themed play experiences, while Dumbo flies high above.

Here are some photos of what you can expect!



First-Ever Interactive Queue Area Coming to Dumbo The Flying Elephant at New Fantasyland First-Ever Interactive Queue Area Coming to Dumbo The Flying Elephant at New Fantasyland

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  • WOW!!! This is the best way I have ever seen to wait in line for an attraction!!! Will this type of interactive be coming to Disneyland? or to any other of the Disney Theme Park around the world.

    • We’ll see how this goes…fingers crossed for more air-conditioned queue areas!

  • Are there any height, age, or weight restrictions (at either end) to any portion of the interactive queue?

    • Not that I know of…let me check.

  • Sounds like a great idea! Is there a time limit as to how long you have to get over to the ride vehicles once your pager goes off? Hopefully you don’t have to race there too quickly; sometimes it takes a kid a few extra seconds to climb down from their favorite height. But then again, I know that you wouldn’t want to take 10 minutes to get to the ride, either because then someone else’s pager might be going off. Can’t wait to try this out next time we go. Unfortunately we’ll just be missing it by a few weeks.

    • I’m sure they’ll take this into consideration, especially since there will be tons of kids in this area.

  • Disney NEVER ceases to amaze me with innovation and their dedication to excellence! Nice job!

    • I’ll pass on the compliment!

  • We’re going on a big family vacation at the end of July and we’re all so excited for these changes, especially for one of our favorite rides! Interactive queues are the best, regardless of what age you are!

    • Have a blast!

  • The pagers are such a great idea! We are looking forward to taking our 3 year old this fall, and the interactive queue will make waiting in line so much more fun.

  • Randy: Why would you want to bypass the area entirely? Just sit in the parents’ zone instead.

    Also, are there any height, age, or weight restrictions (at either end) to any portion of the interactive queue?

  • Jennifer Fickley-Baker -… do you know if they have plans for a similar waiting area at Disneyland? I know the perfect place for it, the old Skyway to Tomorrowland station!!! A big top tent would look so great next to Casey Jr. and definitely close enough to the dumbo line! Our family often skips Dumbo because the kids can’t deal with the line :/ . I know Disneyland goers would greatly appreciate it :)!

    • I do not – sorry!

  • I hope they mean early July for the opening. We will be at WDW July 7th – 10th and would so love to experience this!

  • This looks awesome – leave it to Disney to make even waiting in line more fun!!

    • 🙂

  • SO COOL!!! I’m jealous of my kids!

  • This looks so fun ! I can’t wait for our trip this holiday season 🙂 my daughter loves dumbo ,it is her favorite ride at Disneyland. I can’t wait for her to experience this at disneyworld ! Thanks for all of the new fantasyland updates Jennifer. We always look forward to your blogs .

    • Thanks very much, Rhonda. Blogging about New Fantasyland is a lot of fun.

  • You have my dream job. Any ideas on how to get in the Disney door? Please and thank you!

  • What a clever idea! It will be great to see how this works out and if it’s something they can bring over to other rides.

  • This sounds incredible! It’s so exciting… and not just for little kids! I’m a college-age Disney fan, and I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing it on our next trip!

    The interactive queues are so clever, and so fun too! I love the lines for Haunted Mansion and Winnie the Pooh. The place-holding feature in Dumbo is ingenious, too!

    • The Haunted Mansion one is the BEST, isn’t it? I love all the hidden details at that one.

  • This looks great! Planning on going the second week in December and hopefully Fantasyland is all open! Any news on when ADRs might be available for Be Our Guest?

    • I promise that as soon as I know, you will all know.

  • Will there be a way to bypass this for adults with no children who still love Dumbo?

    • I’ll look into it.

  • July? Wow, I’m on the edge of my seat for this!! Thank you again, Jen!!!

    • Thank our Imagineers and their AMAZING creativity!

  • Looks amazing!

    Will my kids and I be able to walk in and play for a bit and not ride? They don’t like the spinning ones, but would probably love this!

  • Whoa! Nice. Imagineering is really digging deep into the creative well for NF so far, really looking forward to seeing the whole thing complete. Keep up the good work, folks!


    • Dave – It’s going to be amazing!!

  • Oh my goodness! I love it! This looks amazing. We are taking our daughter to WDW in August for her 3rd birthday. I’m sure she will love this!! Can’t wait!!

    • Have a great time, Danielle!

  • My son and daughter will love this. Hope they still want to go on the ride once they start playing in here.

  • This is not only ingenious (sp?) but a much kinder way to make the little ones wait – especially those with special needs who have a hard time standing still in a long queue. Bravo, Imagineers!

  • The pager is a great idea! It was always tricky holding your spot at the Winnie the Pooh queue. So glad Walt Disney Imagineering figured out a way to allow guests to enjoy interactive queues without having to lose their spot in line!! I hope they utilize that technology at other attractions!

  • Wow! It looks spectacular! This is completely different than what I was thinking, but it seems like it will be a very cool experience (and I love that it is in the air conditioning!). Thank you so much for posting these pictures!

  • Combines a queue area with a play area so the kids can blow off steam while not standing around bored. Pretty ingenious if you ask me. And it looks spiffy too!

  • My only challange beyond racing the half and the full marathons marathon weekend is deciding when to visit Magic Kingdom to see all of the fabulous new stuff in Fantasyland! I can’t wait to visit Dumbo in his new home! Any way we could take a ride on Dumbo during the races? That would be fantastic beyond belief!

  • What a great idea! Breaking up the tedium of waiting in a line is something I’m sure most people will be happy to see.

    • This area looks like it will make for some cute pics, too.

  • Wow, this is going to be a place for the little tykes to go circus-wild. Removing the worst part of the old experience – standing outside in the heat was a great idea.

  • Love the idea of having a place holder. I know in other interactive queues I always felt bad having to move my son along and away from what he was playing with so we wouldn’t lose our spot in line. This is perfect now he can play until it’s our turn to ride. Looks like so much fun. Man, I wish I was a little kid now. lol

  • I can’t wait to see this!! Our 2 1/2 yr old will lose his mind! Yay Disney!

    • It looks like a ton of fun!

  • Yay!! This looks so cool! 🙂 My 3 year old is going to love this! December can’t come fast enough!!

    • You’ll have much to look forward to in this area!

  • I think it looks great, too! Can’t wait to take my toddler. 🙂

  • This looks WONDERFUL! I’m so glad it will be open in July, right on time for our family trip in late July/early August!

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