Ten Days to Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park – Submit Your Cars Land Questions Now!

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

UPDATE: Thanks for all your great questions! We’re working on the answers now, so check back here at the Disney Parks Blog on the evening of Wednesday, June 13, for the live webcast of the Cars Land Grand Opening. We’ll let you know the exact time to tune in that afternoon.

Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

The countdown is on! In ten days, Disney California Adventure park guests will be racing through Ornament Valley and cruising down Route 66 when Cars Land opens. The photo above shows the sign that will welcome guests to Cars Land at the north end of Route 66. Ahead of them will lie Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, Luigi’s Flying Tires, Flo’s V8 Cafe, Radiator Springs Racers and so much more!

We’ll have a live webcast of the Grand Opening of Cars Land right here on the Disney Parks Blog! And during the webcast, we’ll be answering your questions about Cars Land. So let us know in the comments – what do you want to know about Cars Land? We’ll do our best to have them answered as part of the show.

You can also follow along on Twitter at @Disneyland next week for all the events at Disney California Adventure park! And you can join in the conversation by using the hashtags #CarsLand, #BuenaVistaStreet, #MadTParty and #JustGotHappier.


  • Are there any vegan food options or items that can be made vegan?

  • WAIT! June 13th!??!?!! Everything every where else says the Grsnd Opening will be June 15th??? Whats going on?

  • Will Cars Land be coming to Walt Disney in Orlando, Fl anytime in the near future?

  • Will you have Cars Land luggage out soon. Or Cars Land/ route 66 license plate holders?
    Love all the current new mechandise that I got at both previews.
    Keep up the previews for annual passholdeers.

  • For those of us camping out June 14th to be there for opening… when will we get information on that. What time we can line up? Where we can park? What is allowed?


  • During the waterfall, why is there a pressurized steam sound when you drive past it? What does that do?

  • What are the plans and guidelines for those Disney fans who will be showing up the night of the 14th to line up for the grand reopening on the 15th. Like One More Disney Day, info was posted on this site about a week before the night of the event. Please and Thank You!!

  • Are there going to be any Limited Edition Cars Land Ears.
    That would be fun…Enjoy the opening, wish we could be there.. : )

  • Are there going to be opportunities for Guests who live in other Countries to purchase any Limited Edition pins or be able to acquire any opening day gifts that may be available during the opening of this Spectacular Addition to your parks…We would appreciate this very much..Best Wishes from Cloverdale BC Canada ….

  • The crowds are going to be enormous for Cars Land..do you have a plan to ensure that your guests can enjoy this New Spectacular , without having to go through the turmoil of fighting each other for space..Everything looks so cool, we can not wait to come..how ever for us it can not be until October and Christmas..Have a Magical Opening Day…

  • Since the new land is inspired by a Disney Pixar movie, will there be hidden A113’s and/or Pizza Planet trucks instead of hidden Mickey’s? Thanks!

  • Did Larry the Cable Guy have loads of fun creating the audio for Mater’s Tractor section? He’s absolutely hilarious! Is that Paul Newman’s voice when Doc Hudson makes his appearance? Cars Land is Magic!

  • How long, in terms of both distance and time, is the Radiator Racers’ ride? What will we be able to see while standing in line for the Radiator Racers’ ride? (Pictures would be great!) How many different variations of the ride exist? What items vary per ride (scripts, race results, etc.)? Will the rides in Cars Land close early due to Wonderful World of Color or will they remain open until the park closes? Does Disney plan on releasing a CD of the new Cars Land music? When will new park maps be available online?
    I’m really looking forward to visiting DCA and Cars Land soon!

  • Can we see the commemorative Pins? Patches?

  • Will radiator springs racers have fastpasses?!

  • What time would you suggest lining up the morning of June 15 to get a good place in line?

  • What kind of new food will be offered at Cars Land?

  • In the Cars universe, there are no humans. How is it that guests can visit Cars Land? Why are we being welcomed there, and what is our relationship to the cars?

  • Was there an element to CarsLand that you really wanted to create but then just found that there wasn’t enough space or the right resources to make it happen?

  • Where are Lightning and Mater going to be for Meet and Greets?

  • Are there rules/limitations on lining up early, like on One More Disney Day? Is there a schedule of events posted somewhere for the Grand Re-opening? And how is the expected attendance compared to One More Disney Day?

  • #27 – 5:28 pm PST – Since Luigi’s Flying Tires was inspired by the original Flying Saucers at Disneyland (a ride my mother wouldn’t let me go on before they went away), can you tell us what changes there are in the current version’s ride vs. the original version? I can’t wait to go on LFTs, since I’m definitely old enough to ride it now!!

  • when will we get the answers to these questions?

    • Beth – we’ll have the answers right after the live webcast of the Cars Land Grand Opening, which you can see here on the Disney Parks Blog the evening of Wednesday, June 13. We’ll have the exact time that afternoon.

  • will there be fast pass for the rides there?

  • Is this ride OK for expectant moms?

  • How many cars will be on the track at one time on radiator springs racers

  • I’m heading there for Opening Day and am so excited! Are there any details yet for when we can start lining up, good times to be there, etc?

  • We’ve heard that Lightning McQueen and Mater will be out to meet and Big Red and DJ in a couple of fantastic new shows. First, will we be able to meet Big Red and DJ either after the shows or at some other point? And, will there be other Cars characters such as Luigi and Guido, Sally, etc. that will be available to meet and take pictures with?

  • Is there a way to know ahead of time which 2 popcorn flavors will be served on what days of the week at Cone #5 of the Cozy Cone Motel? For example will certain flavors always be served on certain days, or is it just random? Thanks.

  • Locations of Penny Presses?
    Number of hidden Mickey’s?
    Gluten-Free options?

  • Will the Verizon app have an updated map for Carsland on opening day?

    Can we please sleep in one of Sally’s Cozy Cones. We promise we won’t eat much over night. 😉

  • Date and time of the live webcast?

    My question – Will we see the Drive-In Theater restaurant as a future expansion of Cars Land?

    • We’ll have the live webcast here on the Disney Parks Blog the evening of Wednesday, June 13. Check back that afternoon for the exact time.

  • will you be adding Cars characters from the sequel to cars 2 to carsland like secret agent to tokyo cars in the future? and will there be more rides , shops and foods too ?

  • My husband and I would love to take a Cars Land inspired road trip on Route 66. Can the Imagineers provide suggestions for points we should visit (like Cadillac Ranch), or any other ideas to make it a great trip?

  • If Mater owns a junkyard, why can’t he afford a new headlight?

  • Can you provide a list of gluten free foods that will be available in Cars Land? Can’t wait to visit!

  • I know that Doc Hudson and Fillmore have been recast because Paul Newman and George Carlin sadly passed away, but were all of the other original cast members from “Cars” able to reprise their roles for the Radiator Springs Racers ride, such as Owen Wilson and Bonnie Hunt?

  • What are some of the “hidden details” we should look for when we visit Cars Land?

  • Disneyland is such an iconic and sacred element of not only walts vision, but my childhood. What kinds of things have you guys considered while creating carsland to stay true to that vision?

  • Are there any plans for major holiday decorations and/ or overlays? The holidays are my favorite times to visit the parks

  • @Gordon from TX….the height requirement is 40″. It’s already posted on the Disneyland website.

  • I have a blog I do on the Disney parks Is there a Chance within the next 10 days I could get a Press Pass?

  • Is there going to be a Phase 2 of Cars Land ?

  • Hey will the blog have CARSLAND wallpaper? i hope so! i can not wait!

    • Keep checking – we’ve got something in the works!

  • Since the area is a recreation of Radiator Springs why didn’t they just call it Radiator Springs instead of Cars Land?

  • So excited we will be there! Where will the fast pass location be? I have heard the old It’s Tough To Be A Bug location. Is this correct?

  • Do we know the height requirements for all the new rides? I’ve got a 4 yr old grandson that’s going nuts reviewing the Disneyland AP on my IPad in preparation for his first trip to the DLR in December. Do we know if Carsland portion of the AP will be updated?

  • How fast does Radiator Springs Racers go?

  • Will the Disneyland Half Marathon or the 5k run through any part of Cars Land this year?

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