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The Cold Facts: ‘Carbon-Freeze Me’ Brings a Special Chill to the Air at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a Limited Time

Ever since the limited-time “Carbon-Freeze Me” Experience debuted on May 18, guests have been entering the freezing chamber at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to have their faces digitally captured from multiple angles and then magically transformed into carbonite figurines.

Fellow Disney Parks Blog author Steven Miller previewed this homage to Han Solo in this post and gave an idea of what you could expect when the eight inch, three-dimensional piece arrives at your home.

Wanting to show the process to you, I asked special guest Ashley Eckstein to join me for some freezing fun before she began her day at Star Wars Weekends as the Celebrity Host of the “Behind the Force” presentation. After all, Ashley’s character on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano, has a little experience around carbonite. So I was definitely in good company.

Ashley and I met up with Disney Parks Merchandise Product Developer Brad Schoeneberg for a tour of the Carbon-Freezing Chamber. In fact, I think Brad is the only person I have ever thanked for helping me catch a little cold. The level of detail in the figurine’s face is simply amazing. (Now I just have to decide where in my house it will go.)

This limited-time Carbon-Freeze Me Experience is currently open every day — not just on Star Wars Weekends event days — and will continue to operate through June 16, 2012. Star Wars Weekends ends this year on June 10, so you even have some additional days after the event to get frozen.

If you head out to Star Wars Weekends before the 2012 event ends, be sure to ask Ashley to recreate the “Han Solo Face” she made during her own Carbon-Freeze Me experience. She had a wonderful time and was a really great sport to get frozen with me.

To make advance reservations for Carbon-Freeze Me, call 407-WDW-TECH (407-939-8324). Walk-ins can be accommodated based on availability.

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  • What a wonderful experience and a way to embody your trip permanently!

  • With Star Wars Celebration VI coming on August 23-26 @ the OCCC maybe Disney Hollywood will do another event like they did 2 years ago and offer Celebration attendees a shot at being frozen in Carbonite. I would do it in a heartbeat!

  • Ahh! I so what to do this! If only I lived closer…

    Any hope that this will be offered outside of Star Wars Weekends?

  • I wish that you could have this done year round at Disney Hollywood Studios!!! Please & Thank you!!

  • Is the “Body” of the Carbon Frozen form different for females?

    • @Janet – This is Steven from Disney Theme Park Merchandise. Retail for the Carbon-Freeze Me Experience is $99.95 (plus shipping).

      @Sarah – The figurine body remains the same for women and men. There is a smaller version for children.

  • Oooo!!!! Yay!!!!! How much is it, Gary?

  • This should be at Disney Studios year round.

  • (with hand waiving around and stuff)

  • That’s so cool. It’s a real shame that it isn’t offered at Disneyland as well.

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