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Walt Disney World Resort Ticket Price Update

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park

Today, we’d like to let you know that ticket prices at Walt Disney World Resort will increase on June 3.

While you can find details here, the Magic Your Way ticket is a great value that will continue to offer a variety of options for you to customize your ticket purchase and save on your visit. Florida residents can also take advantage of special pricing on 3-Day and 4-Day tickets and a popular monthly payment plan for annual passes.

Any of these ticket options enable guests to make the most of their Walt Disney World experience, from attractions for the whole family to live entertainment to special moments with our cast.


  • Is it true that Walt Disney world has a new policy that if you’re a Florida Resident and you want to make a resort reservation you have to book your room and buy your tickets at the moment you book your room if not you can’t get the Florida resident park tickets to work till August? I would like to know because I have a resort reservation but I didn’t buy my tickets because I was planing to get them when I arrive to the resort, please and thank you!

  • @Cyrus If you purchase the “no expiration” option the child can still use the ticket; otherwise the days expire 14 days after the first time it is used.

    @Everyone If you already purchased tickets, then the price increase does not impact your tickets at all.

    @Melissa and Patrick Last year I bought tickets from someone who stated they were an authorized Disney ticket reseller and they weren’t and our tickets were not valid and then we had to buy at the gate.

    I also have the same question as @Regina and @Jessica, We purchased a package and the tickets with Waterpark and More are now less and also include free mini golf. Will that be honored?

  • @Melissa— Yes, Undercover Tourist tickets are honored at Disney World– I have bought from them for the past 7 years.

  • Are the 1,3,4,5,6,7 day Florida Resident tix still available (with options). I see the prices online, but it doesn’t say “FL Resident” prices. Or, are they the same?

  • Why is it that the blog says the Fl resident annual pass is $425 but it is listed as $452 on the website?????

  • How much will an Annual Pass Florida resident renewal cost?

  • Wish I had seen this sooner, what is the best way to see what I have left on existing tickets?

  • @Joe – yes, your tickets will be honored. WDW still honors tickets purchased in the 70s as long as they don’t have an expiration date on them!

    @Melissa – I hope so… I just bought two passes from them!! Seriously, that site, and several others are reputable. Google “saving money on walt disney world tickets” for more ideas. Having said all that, the shorter the duration and the fewer tickets you purchase, the less savings you get by going through a broker.

  • Are prices on the special event/holiday tickets going to raise as well?

  • I have a question about tickets. I have heard from lots of people on a site called undercover tourist. They have said to buy tickets from them and you save some money. ARe they really an authorized dealer of disney world tickets? Do you honor them?



  • Hi I notice that on the chart the kids annual pass price is the same as an adult is this correct or a misprint. Thank you

  • Patrick – tickets that you have purchased already are safe from the price increase. Even tickets purchased by midnight tonight (EST) I believe would be safe as well.

  • I’m also noticing that if you purchase the park hopper+water park option it now appears to be cheaper. We booked in April and have not paid our balance yet. Which pricing will Disney honor? The old or the newer price which is actually less.

  • We are coming down in in October and have our tickets we are set and do not have to worry about the increase correct?

  • Why cant i have my disney tickets mailed to me?? I am only getting the will call option??

  • If I buy a kid’s multi-day pass and they use a few days as a kid when they turn 10 can they still use the remaining days or are the days “lost”?

  • What is the Monday-Friday ticket? Is that only for Florida residents?

  • It seems that AP prices went up a little. Why did Premier Passports go up $100.00?

  • Hello Thomas, I noticed the Water Park Fun & More will include Disney’s Fantasia Gardens and Disney’s Winter Summerland after the price increase. They were not listed when we bought our ticket weeks ago – can we use our Fun pass purchased before the price increase at these 2 locations? Thanks!

  • If I am looking at that chart correctly, any ticket with Park Hopper and Water Parks will be less with the new prices than the current prices!

  • We are going to visit this winter. Will the tickets I already bought be honored?

  • Will the Military ticket price change?, if so to what?. We are coming to DW on June 7th and I’ve already planned on the price it is now.

  • Looking for renewal pricing and DVC pricing as well, last year DVC was discounted to bring them to the fl resident prices, but if you stick to the $100 off deal, it will now be $55 more than fl prices… Is that accurate?

  • Will DVC still get a discount and if so what will that discount be (currently it basically is 100 off a reg. pass and 125 of a premium)

  • I assume if Florida residents purchase an AP now and choose the monthly payment method then they avoid an increase and would be paying the current prices. Is this correct?

  • On annual passes the 10+ and 3-9 prices are the same. Is that correct? Are children’s annual passes going to be the same price as a 10+ going forward?

  • I have the same question and situation as Kelly.

  • I noticed that the annual pass for a child 3-9 is the same as an adult. Is that correct?

  • I have a package booked for September. Final payment is not due until August. Is Disney going to honor the price I booked under or is my package going to go up?

  • First Disneyland and now Walt Disney World. Please stop rasing the prices. 🙁

  • I’m wondering the same thing as Adam. As a FL resident who NEVER goes to Disney on the weekends that pass was awesome for my family. Please tell me that you’re not getting rid of it!

  • Will renewal rates still be offered for annual passholders renewing?

    • Hi Chris, renewal rates will still be offered.

  • Is the Epcot After 4pm pass still going to be sold..?

    • Yes, this is still being offered. It’s priced at $165.

  • I’ve noticed the Mon-Fri pass is missing on the list are your still going to sell that pass??

    • Hi Adam, we are still selling that pass. It’s priced at $199.

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