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Why Was Herbie Parked in Magic Kingdom Park?

It’s not unusual to see famous Disney characters in Magic Kingdom Park. But why did Herbie park himself on Main Street, U.S.A., one morning last week?
Herbie the Love Bug on Main Street, U.S.A., in Magic Kingdom Park

Curious? Tune in tomorrow to the Disney Parks Blog for the answer.

Until then, feel free to take a spin of the tires with your own guess in the comments. One hint: the answer has a lot to do with “love.”

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  • Ocho was at the MK to celebrate the arrival of Ochocinco joining the Miami Dolphins football team! That’s it right !

  • I think that it is because Herbie fans were upset that in the Lights Motors Action Herbie was replaced by Lightning Mcqueen.So Disney being the great company that they are decided to put him in Magic Kingdom.

  • Cuz is coming in DVD and blueray and there might be the cartoon or series back on TV? PLEEEEAAASE

  • Herbie must be attending a magical wedding ceremony, and patiently waiting to drive the “just married” couple to their “happily ever after!”

  • Love, love me do!

  • Ohhh the pain, how long do we have to wait??? 🙂

  • When will we find out the answer???

  • Because of the “love bug” epidemic that comes to Orlando every May and June LOL!!

  • not unusual to see him in the MK, after 27 years I’ve never seen him or a pic of him in the park

  • Herbie has a deep love for meeting and greeting all his fans

  • Tell me he’s not an Overtaker! Or maybe the Overtakers stranded him there overnight…

  • He was craving a Dole Whip.

  • To celebrate the anniversary of the release of Herbie Goes Bananas!! 🙂

  • The movie ”Herbie goes Bananas” came out today in 1980, that’s why herbie was there?

  • Last time we saw Herbie was July 2007 in Hollywood Studios.

  • A new Movie!?!?!.. Or maybe.. is he reclaiming his rightful place in Light, Motors, Action!?

  • He’s in the wrong park! He’s looking for Duffy Bear dressed in his Cars outfit to be his new driver!

  • What the…?????
    I work near Main Street and I never saw him!!! UGH!!!
    And I LOVE Herbie!!

  • I think Herbie needs to take a drive on the mother road and visit DCA. It would be absolutely fantastic to to see Herbie have a chat with Lighting and/or Mater… He could even visit his cousin Filmore…

  • I am thinking Herbie is going to be a part of the parade each day. That car knows how to party!

  • There’s going to be a new Herbie movie??? PLEASE!!??!!

  • My guess is that “The Love Bug”, originally released in 1968, was digitally remastered and going to be re-released on DVD and Blu-Ray soon.

  • I’m guessing he wants a hot dog at Casey’s Corner (or there’s a new movie on the way).

  • He’s obviously jealous of all the attention the “folks” at Cars Land are getting.

  • Maybe here there advertising that all of his movies are going to be rereleased on Blueray and digital download?

  • I am guessing it is part of a wedding at Magic Kingdom.

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