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All in the Details: Finding the Enchanted Rose at Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Any fan of “Beauty and The Beast” knows that the Enchanted Rose is central to Belle and Beast’s love story. This rose, and the petals that fall from it, serve as the “countdown clock” for Beast to meet his deadline of finding and accepting true love in his life – or risk remaining a beast for eternity.

Thanks to our friends at Walt Disney Imagineering, we have several photos to share this week that show just how the Enchanted Rose will play a central part in the theming of the Be Our Guest Restaurant, coming soon to New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park.
An Enchanted Rose Mosaic at Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

The rose is represented in both beautiful mosaics and light fixtures that are sure to catch diners’ attention, as well as in some of the restaurant’s more subtle details, with roses etched in wooden accents and sculpted into stone columns and trim.

Speaking of Be Our Guest Restaurant, who plans on making reservations when they become available in late August? When do you want to dine?

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  • Hello Jennifer, I love your BLOGS and follow them. We are taking our first family vacation in early October to WDW. I have 2 kids & would love them to see this new section of Magic Kingdom. I HOPE it will be open by early October. I am not sure if that counts as “2012 Holidays”. It is now August and would love to book a reservation at Be Our Guest. Any updates for us?

  • In mid october we will be visiting WDW for the second time, coming all the way from Denmark. We hope the restaurant will be opened by then, but will we be lucky? Where is it possible to make a reservation in august?

  • I cannot wait! We are going to be here November 27th through December 6th and are eagerly awaiting the announcement of when we can make our reservation! This is definitely going to be a highlight of our vacation!!

  • I can’t wait! I hope to make reservations there for my 21st birthday because it is my favorite movie and I’m still obsessed.

  • I am so hoping this opens in time for my trip week after thanksgiving. I’m not sure when I’ll get to come back and want so much to experience this.

  • I’m hoping to book a reservation for the day of the WDW Half Marathon on Jan. 12. My dad and I are running that morning, this would be a great post-race dinner!

    • It would be. Best of luck!

  • I can’t wait to make reservations as Beauty and the Beast is my favorite! I look everyday to even though they are saying we can’t reserve until end of August.

  • We cannot wait for our trip in October. I am hoping to be able to at least get in a walk around the new area. We are taking our daughter for her 4th birthday and her favorite princess in Belle. We are doing the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique so she can dress up just like her and having dinner here would be the icing on the cake. Fingers crossed!

    • Sounds like you have excellent birthday plans.

  • We will be there from Aug 20 – Aug 27 the restaurant is not listed yet in the dining online — when in late august will it be opened?

  • upon looking at the 2013 Dining Plan brochure it looks like Be Our Guest will only be 1 TS and 1 QS credit for dinner and lunch.. its also listed under table service, not character dining so it leads to believe that it will not be a character dining experience. regardless.. looks like its going to be a wonderful place to dine and easy for everyone to enjoy.

  • I am SO excited for this restaurant (and the rest of the Expansion!)!!!! Belle is my favorite princess, so I can’t wait to see the Beauty and the Beast area!

    If I’m lucky and ‘holiday season’ includes Halloween, I hope that I’ll be able to eat at Be Our Guest during our annual October trip! If not, I’ll have to wait until January (our other annual trip)!

  • We’re definitely planning on making reservations ASAP for our trip in early November. Can’t wait! It looks so cool!

  • New rumor says it’s a TWO CS and TWO TS credits for this place. Any truth to that? Also, When was the original “goal” to have it open? We’re going in late November and really praying to at least see this place!

  • I am very excited about the update! Beauty and The Beast is my favorite Disney movie! I will be making my second trip to Disney World right after the opening. And this will be one of my first stops!

  • Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite and I hope I can get reservations to I there when I go to Disney for my 21st birthday! 🙂

    • That would be an awesome birthday!

  • We definitely will be trying in August to make an Advanced Dining Reservation for dinner at Be Our Guest. We have trips planned for September, November, just before Christmas and March (30 days total). So, I have my fingers crossed that we will be able to get an ADR for one of those trips, but if not then we can always try the quick service lunch at BOG. I can hardly wait!! Thanks Jennifer for sharing another awe inspiring update!!

  • Hi
    Just wondering if you will need to book for lunch or if it’s just the evenings when you have to book.

    Really hope this is open for our trip 3rd to 17th Nov. Fingers crossed.


    • I’ll look into this.

  • Any word yet whether or not BoG is now planned to be 2 credits on the DDP for lunch and dinner???

  • I’m wishing upon a star that my hubby and I can celebrate my Coast to Coast Race Challenge medal there on November 11th. Please?!

    • Best wishes with your race. As soon as we know an opening date, we’ll share it.

  • The menu sounds great! Looking forward to trying the French onion soup and glad to see on of my husband’s favorite dishes-grilled strip steak 🙂

    • Those sound like they’ll be two family favorites for us as well!

  • Jennifer – can you report on the construction happening over at the old Skyway building?

    • They’re putting in much-needed bathrooms. If I find anything more exciting, I’ll be happy to share.

  • I am going to be at WDW from Aug 25-Sept 5. I would love to be able to go to Be Our Guest when I am down there. I hope to get a ADR soon.

  • I’m sure this has been posted before but what is the menu for BoG. I would love to eat there after the Princess Half Marathon in Feb.

  • Jennifer–Will BOG have characters?

    • I’m not sure, let me look into it. There will be a few character greeting opportunities elsewhere in New Fantasyland though. 🙂

  • We will be down at DISNEY<3 from Dec 27 – Jan 4 and really want to dine at Be Our Guest. When I was a baby I watched Beauty and the Beast everyday. We want to dine at the Resturant on New Years Eve. I can't wait to make the reservations!!!!

    • That would be amazing!

  • I’m so excited to see this amazing restaurant, I really hope your definition of “Holiday Season” is the same as mine…. “when we are on holiday” :o)
    We are finally taking to the skies in November/December for a double birthday trip to Disneyland for our DD’s birthday and then on to WDW for our DS’s birthday. We are coming all the way from New Zealand and so have been planning the trip for the past year. It’s been so wonderful checking the blog each day for any little scrap of info about the “Be Our Guest” restaurant.
    We have booked many wonderful dining experiences but know that this restaurant will be our favorite! Our fingers, toes and even our eyes crossed hoping it will be open the first week of December.

  • Fingers crossed that it’s open and we can get in for dinner either Nov 17th or 18th. This trip is a 4th bday surprise for our younger one, but her big sis is a huge Beauty and the Beast fan and dinner here would be a wonderful “unbirthday” gift.

  • My husband and I are going to be in WDW late Nov thru early Dec. I have questions for you Jennifer. 1) What is considered the “Holiday Season”? and 2) Will we find out when Be Our Guest opens before the reservation are taken? for ex: will we find out that morning in “late August” or a few days before? 3) Is the “rose” a symbol of the countdown to the opening of the restaurant?

  • When can me start making reservations? August is coming up quick!!

  • I’m taking my girlfriend to the parks to celebrate our birthdays in September (shhh it’s a surprise!) I hope that I can take her there for dinner, Beauty and the Beast is one of our favorites!

    • That’s a great surprise, Nathan!

  • We’re planning on coming the week after Thanksgiving with our 3 little princesses, and we’d love to be able to dine here with them! We’re so hoping that it’s open by then and that we can get an ADR!

  • Looking forward to all of the great surprises at the Magic Kingdom. Being an Annual Passholder it has been nice to be able to visit the park and see the Magic becoming each day more of a reality. It’s incredible and I cannot wait until the different areas are open to the public later this year! 🙂

  • I CANNOT WAIT!!! My wedding cake topper was Beauty and the Beast!!

    I will be there in October for the Epcot Food and Wine Fest, AND we will be there in June of 2013 for our Son’s 4th birthday….his 1st trip to Disney!!!

    • Congrats on all of these exciting milestones!

  • I really hope to score an ADR, but I’m afraid that our visit will be too early for it (1st week of October). We’ll have to see what dates are available once ADRs become a reality! AND if I can actually score one if they do!

  • All my daughter wants is to dine at the new “Be Our Guest” restaurant. We are visiting Disney World from Dec 12-15 and we are so afraid we won’t be able to get a dinner reservation. I wish so much that Disney would go ahead and open up advanced reservations. It is so hard to be patient!! Can’t wait to see the new restaurant!

    • I can’t wait either. It will be amazing!

  • I sure hope that I can make reservations in August for my trip in October. Im hoping that Halloween is being considered the holidays and will be open by then due to me helping to fulfill my best friends wish of being in magic kingdom on their birthday this year. And it would just be perfect if we could top it off by eating in beasts castle!

  • I am so excited that I am coming out of my skin–not really, but I am really jazzed about being able (hopefully) to dine at the Be Our Guest restaurant in November with my family when we are there (crossing our fingers for availability for 5 on the 2oth). I am beyond thrilled about this restaurant. The place looks spectacular and I don’t think that I will be disappointed. I LOVE Beauty and the Beast (and even had my 11th birthday themed for the movie and still have my Beauty and the Beast coffee mug from that birthday).
    I have not dared to share the possibility with my 5-year-old daughter so that she won’t be disappointed if I can’t make it happen. But if we can, it’s going to be a spectacular birthday (my husband and I in September and my daughter in December), Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. celebration for us.
    Make it happen WDW and the fabulous Imagineers! We appreciate your hard work more than you know.

  • It is being reported by a popular TA on their blog that BoG was confirmed to be both 2 cs ddp credits at lunch and 2 ts ddp credits at dinner. Would you please confirm once again as you previously posted that the restaurant will be ONE cs and ONE ts??? Thank you so much for all of the info you provide!

    • Let me look into it.

  • Can’t wait to check this out – and all the new offerings in Fantsyland – when we visit in August 2013. Already booked for 10 days, our longest Disney trip yet, so we have plenty of time to soak it all in! I’m sure we’ll be eating here at least once during that trip!

    • Sounds great. Fantasyland will sure look different on your next visit.

  • We’ll be there August 8th thru 20th so we’ll be missing out on the resturant until our next trip. I was really hoping for a soft opening while we were there.

  • Thanks Jennifer. 🙂

  • I am hoping that with faith, trust and a little pixie dust I will be able to get a dinner reservation for November 10 and have my Beauty and the Beast themed birthday cake delivered there!!!!

    • Fun! That would be an amazing place for a birthday!

  • Jennifer

    Do you believe that we can visit the new Fantasyland between 05 and 17 December? What is the period of holidays?

  • Although it will be awhile before I am able to get down there I absolutely can not wait until this is open. Beauty & the Beast holds a special place in my heart since it was the last Disney film my nana and I watched together. She passed away in 1993 just before my 9th birthday and to this day I can’t watch the film or see anything related to B&tB without thinking of her.

    She was never able to go to WDW but I know she would have loved it and someday I will have dinner at BOG and toast her memory. 🙂

    • Ashley – That sounds like an excellent way to honor your grandmother’s memory.

  • Me and my family of course. As I previously posted here are looking forward to this new area as we will be in WDW between 05 and 17 December. Accompanies the blog to see the exact date when it will be opening to guests and we will make a meal be our guest. We are Brazilians and is our third time in the magical world. My 6 year old daughter Melina is very excited to hear the news.

  • We’re hoping to “Be Their Guests” in January!!! Do you have an exact date for reservations yet?

    • Right now all we know is that they will open sometime in late August. As soon as we have more details to share, we’ll do so right here on the Disney Parks Blog!

  • The rose looks gorgeous, and I love all the different ways it’s incorporated into the restaurant. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  • I have been watching every day for the reservations to open … My daughter is 24 and the movie came out when she was the perfect age and we wacthed it 2 or 3 times a day for like a year ,I want to take her there just as a step back and time and enjoy that moment again with her !!!

    • Sounds like a great plan, Michelle. I was a big fan of Beauty & The Beast growing up as well. Should be an amazing experience!

  • Yes! I would love to make a reservation in August. I will have to wait and see if BOG is open during our trip in late November. These details are phenomenal. I just cannot get over how much thought goes into everything. WOW!

  • The amazing tiny details are just beautiful! I love that large window!

    I’m definitely ready to make reservations! There will only be ADRs available for dinner, correct?

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