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Caption This: Donald Duck Visits Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Well, this is one way to check in to a resort.


Donald Duck, pictured here in a pre-opening shot, shows a little too much enthusiasm at being one of the first guests to check in at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

What do you think was the cast member’s reaction? You tell us. Go ahead and Caption This!

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  • Now that we have the same hair stylist, let’s work on your tie!

  • “i don’t care if you’re Mickey Mouse himself…you WILL need a reservation Mr. Duck…”

  • Andy Griffith’s stunt double was none too pleased to learn he was the victim of “fowl” play.

  • “Excuse me Sir, would you mind putting some pants on before sitting on the front desk?”

  • Just trying to keep this egg warm for Daisy while she carries in our luggage.

  • Hey Daisy, didn’t you reverse us a room??

  • I know you’re excited to be here but let’s not do the hugging thing!

  • How close to the monorail station will my room be? Can I see the castle from my room? Daisy wants to eat at the Crystal Palace, can you make reservations for us?

  • Someone please remove this duck from my desk.

  • Donald stares amazed how life like the wax figure behind the counter is.

  • Oh Geez, Another Quack!

    • Ha!

  • I’m sorry sir, but there are no animals allowed in the hotel.

    • Nice one.

  • “I’m sorry sir, you WILL need to wear pants inside the resort!”

  • I’ll have a room by the pool!
    How do I tell him they are all booked!

    • 🙂

  • Where’s the monorail!?

  • Hey Mr Duck!Do you come here often?

  • Sorry Mr. Duck, you can jump on the front desk all you want, but Mickey got the last suite in the hotel.

  • After the first prototype of the computer “duck” failed, designers went back to the drawing board and created the “mouse”.

    • Good one!

  • I hope Donald doesn’t notice I’m not wearing my name tag

  • I wonder if this sort of thing happens at the Polynesian?

  • I’m sorry Mr. Duck, but the title of the restaurant is “Chef Mickey’s”. There is no changing it.

  • Bartender: “A Duck, thats not contemporary! Lets get those mice back they at least like chese.”

  • “Is our cocktail lounge open yet?”

  • I’m not the only one seeing this giant duck right?

  • Yes, Mr. Duck, I can put the breath mints on your bill.

  • No, Donald! No matter how many times you ask I will not give you Mickey’s room key!

  • “If he asks me one more time to put the cheese and quackers on his bill, I’m going to cry fowl.”

  • My back’s to the wall and there is a giant duck on the desk…sigh…all before my first cup of coffee…

  • I want to speak to the manager – have you seen the size of my bill?

  • “I’ve told you, Mr. Duck, your room won’t be ready for another hour, and that’s that–This sit-in protest of yours won’t do any good!”

  • “I’m sorry, Donald, but children are NOT allowed to sit on the counter top! Do you have a parent or guardian with you?”

  • Yes, Mr. Duck, we can put that on your bill.

    • Funny!

  • If I pretend I don’t see him maybe he’ll just go away…

  • I assure you Mr. Duck, we will never have duck on our menu here, now please get down.

  • Sorry, Donald! All our rooms are full. Try your luck at the Polynesian Resort.

  • Hey, will someone go tell the chef, his duck is here for his “Duck Under Glass” dish which he is serving tonite to the guests!

  • Stop me if you have heard this one. A duck walks into a hotel….

  • I understand why my friends call me a “Quack!” I can now talk to ducks!!

  • This is a deluxe resort, but I don’t think I’ve got a bed big enough for this duck.

    • Now that would be amazing guest service!

  • This poor cast member is suffering from anatidaephobia.

    • Wow, that’s definitely a fear I’ve NEVER heard of!

  • no name tag!

  • If we let ducks start staying here next thing you know we’ll be invaded by mice, dogs, chipmunks, and all their friends!

  • Donald wonders if it’s just him or can the other guests can see the duck too.

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